Today, there are billions of websites on the internet and all of them rely on one thing: hosting.  Every website needs a hosting service, but how do you as a business owner, blogger, or whatever find the right one?  Looking on a search engine will show tons of results that you’d have to filter through. This site is designed to give useful feedback on different web hosting platforms to help you with your endeavors.

Not all web hosting companies are created equally; some require a bit of experience with setting up servers, while others are much easier to add your website to.  We can help you filter through the thousands of results and find a hosting company that best fits for your needs.

Whether you need a dedicated server for your high traffic site, or just a shared hosting for your small business website, we can help you find the right hosting for you.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Check out this quick and fun video below that explains the basics of Web hosting: