No Web host is perfect. The following will go over some of the problems that BlueHost has has in the past.

At one time, BlueHost had some problems with cPanel; it would sometimes block a port. However, this problem is easily fixable if you allow this port through Firewall.

If you read reviews on BlueHost, you may also find quite a few complaints on the website loading speed. This can be due to a spike in traffic, internal service errors, or other issues. Page loading speed can have a significant impact the popularity of a website.

Lastly, there have been customer support complaints. However, it should be noted that you won’t find a Web host out there that has satisfied all of their customers. The fact is, sometimes people have issues or frustrations that are unfixable, but end up blaming the support team. Also, it only takes one poor support thread to receive a negative review — even if the other 1,000 went smoothly.

In conclusion, BlueHost has had its issues in the past. However, as we touched on above, every Web host will be disappointing at times; the trick is to find the one that is the most reliable and works best for your needs/price range.

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