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When it comes to choosing the right web hosting company for your business, it’s not that easy. Here you will find a comparison about Wix and One.com.

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Approximate Transcription of above video:
Hi, this video is about Wix hosting versus One.com hosting. Okay, these are two somewhat popular hosting. I think the Wix is significantly more popular. One, I think is a little bit less known, but still some people are looking for the differences between these two. I’ve used each one for about a year, and I actually think the One, is over a year and Wix is a little bit less than a year. So, let’s look at the features first of all, C-Panel. So, while Wix … I mean, One.com definitely, they call this a C-Panel, it is definitely not a C-Panel. It does have one click WordPress however, although, when I first bought this, they didn’t have that and or it wasn’t, either that or it wasn’t working at the time, so that’s good that they have the one click word press.
This is what the Wix back end looks like. It’s definitely not WordPress. You can’t do one click word press. It’s their own sort of WordPress like back end. I personally don’t prefer that. I like doing WordPress. I think there’s so many plug-ins and features and add-ons to WordPress that are inexpensive or free that make you able to do a whole lot more. Not only that, you can get a lot more developers for WordPress that add it at a smaller price. So, there is just a whole host of reason why I prefer WordPress.
Now, they do offset it with good support. Okay, so they do have good support. I’m gonna talk about that in a second, so we can mention that. I mean, this is one of their designs. Their designs are descent looking, so this is an example site. A basic design. Again, it kind of looks like WordPress. It’s nice looking and it’s modern and so I don’t think you need to worry about a design difference substantially. Except for the fact that if you do need kind of a custom design work, Wix is gonna be a lot more expensive that WordPress and there’s gonna be a lot more kind of paid themes. You pay $50, get a really high quality modern theme for WordPress.
Okay. Support. I would say that Wix has better support, but they’re more expensive, which I’m gonna talk about in a second. One.com has okay support. It’s not great, but it’s not bad, but they’re also much less expensive. So, let’s take a look at the pricing difference. So, hosting. Let’s actually see what at this time. I believe it’s very inexpensive at One.com, so search now. Okay. Select, so it’s free. Free with the 12 months. Domain fee. $25. Total of I think, we don’t need any of this stuff. Let’s see what the final calculation, I think it’s a little bit more.
$25. Okay, well Wix. Let’s go back to subscriptions. You do have to have a premium plan if you want to actually have a full website. I believe I have the combo to connect your domain, but you can also get the $5 a month, oh, but it displays that, so I don’t even count that. $11 a month, so this is pretty expensive. I believe I pay $120 a year, so you get a little bit of a discount to go yearly. I personally think that’s expensive and I would not recommend them. I would definitely prefer one at a good price, solid support. I do, there’s another company that I do like more that provides better support and a real C-Panel, so neither one of these would get my high recommendation now.
Neither one of theme is EIG. If you don’t know, this is a company that goes and buys hosting companies and then strips their support. So, neither one of them is on this list, so that means that it’s not completely bad if you go end up using them, but I’ll put a link below to my favorite hosting company that is a little bit more expensive that One.com, but I think you get a lot more, you get a lot or that extra bit and the C-Panel and the support is really important to me.
So, thanks for watching. Let me know if you have any questions and please like this video. Bye.

One.com hosting has shared hosting plan, which includes the site builder, one step WordPress blogging, email, and a few other tools that are very useful. Pricing depends on storage space, 15 GB is $1.89 per month to 2TB $180 per month.

Wix can offer you easy website builder with drag and drop feature. It has plenty of beautiful templates and themes. Wix will offer you five hosting plans to choose. Besides those five plans, there’s a free plan too. With this plan you will be displaying their brand ads.

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