Like every Web host, A2 is not problem-free. However, they are more problem-free than most! With fast speeds, incredible uptime percentage, and a myriad of plans to choose from, it’s difficult to find things not to like about the underrated A2. After some digging, though, we were able to find reviews where people¬†experienced some issues with this Web host.

Almost all of these negative reviews were in regards to the customer support (despite there being a large number of 5 star reviews that praised the support team). Everyone’s experience is different, though, and you won’t find a Web host out there that doesn’t have any negative feedback.

Specifically, people complained about slow response times and, at times, a lack of resolutions to their issues. Of course, unresponsive or unhelpful support can be very frustrating and time consuming, but all in all, A2 has one of the cleanest reputations out there.

For more information on A2 hosting, check out the videos below: