Picking a hosting company for your website can have far reaching consequences. Selecting the right one is important because you will likely live with them for years.

Hi, my name is David and I’ve used well over a hundred different hosting companies. I’ve discovered that there are many bad hosts out there. There are also a lot of poor reviews missing the important points about a company or selling you the one that makes them the most money and not the best host.

So, I decided to create this website to help people find excellent hosting companies and avoid the nightmare situations I regularly hear about.

Today, there are billions of websites on the internet and all of them rely on one thing: hosting. Every website needs a hosting service, but how do you as a business owner, blogger, or whatever find the right one? Looking on a search engine will show tons of results that you’d have to filter through. This site is designed to give useful feedback on different web hosting platforms to help you with your endeavors.

Not all web hosting companies are created equally; some require a bit of experience with setting up servers, while others are much easier to add your website to. We can help you filter through the thousands of results and find a hosting company that best fits for your needs.

Whether you need a dedicated server for your high traffic site, or just a shared hosting for your small business website, we can help you find the right hosting for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Approximate transcription of above video:
David: Hi, David at MyBestHostingReview.com. And, this video is about me. I do most of the work for this site, I do all of the reviews. And first of all, what makes me an expert? But also, why do I do this?
Number one, I saw a lot of bad hosts and poor review sites. Companies that just, I saw the reviews and I said, “I’ve experienced that host and that is just not accurate.” I have an internet business that causes me regularly use many different hosts. This is why I definitely know what I’m talking about here. At least I have an educated experience. I have experienced many, over a hundred hosts. Maybe probably closer to actually 200 different hosts that I have tried out, and I’m always trying out new ones regularly. If there’s one that you want me to try out, feel free to shoot me an email and I will make sure that I add that to me queue.
There are lots of bad hosts. Be it hosts that are way overpriced or hosts that have really poor support or there’s a whole lot of reasons why a host can be bad. And there’s only really in my experience, a few good ones and sometimes this can change. So, I do recommend you stay up to date and I’ll try to help you keep up to date.
I’m always looking for the best deals. What are the best hosts? Which ones provide the most value for the cost while meeting some minimum requirements that a lot of hosts don’t end up meeting?
I do like WordPress. If you’ve heard about WordPress, it’s a content management system, or a CMS that makes it really easy to design a website. Okay. there’s also two different other content management systems. I think WordPress is hands down the best, which is why it is the most popular by far. Now, the downside to that is it’s like Windows. The Windows got my viruses because it was the most popular, and so most of the viruses were in for it.
Now with WordPress, it’s actually pretty easy to make it secure. It’s a little bit outside the scope of this video, but the biggest argument against WordPress is that, “Oh, it’s insecure and it can be hacked.” Well, just a few quick upgrades, free or very inexpensive plug ins that you can install in just a few minutes can totally flip that and make it extremely secure.
It’s very low cost from hiring a developer to you can buy nice, modern looking prebuilt themes for like 50 or 100 bucks. It’s very flexible. There’s a lot of things that you can do with WordPress in five minutes that you might have to hire a web development team to do for two weeks on other platforms or more website set ups. So, having a host be very capable with WordPress is really important to me.
And then, here’s another thing that it just drives me … This is my biggest pet peeve with hosts. Where they have a cPanel versus a “cPanel”. So, the real cPanel, which is on maybe about 50% of the hosts and this is the cPanel that’s good. It has all the needs, it has everything that you would need and it’s already there and it’s exactly as you would expect it to be. And, it’s very intuitive and there’s not any extra silliness to it.
Now, there’s a lot of hosts that make their own version on cPanel. I’m not sure why they spend the money on it. I suspect it has to do with, it enables them to be able to sell to you easier and to keep you within their sales funnel. And, this is just really annoying. And, a lot of times their cPanel doesn’t have all the things that you need. It’s a lot harder to navigate than the very clean, classic cPanel.
I will always look at cost. Cost is important to me that it not be that expensive. Okay? That’s because you can find good hosting for very inexpensive. And then, you can also find bad hosting or okay hosting for very expensive. And so, that’s what I try to cover in the content.
Now, there is a big, bad parent company and I suspect that there’s other ones like this, but this is a big one. It snatches up good hosts and turns them into bad hosts. Basically, they strip a lot of their funding to make them more profitable for their support. So, they’ll buy a company that has a reputation for good support and they’ll take advantage of that reputation and lower it’s costs and increase it’s profits. And so, this is a big thing that I’m looking for. If a company is owned by EIG and each of the individual ones I’m gonna go through one at a time and explore that, then it is automatically not a recommendation.
And, I do have a few favorites, which I will discuss. A lot of times I’ll put something in the side bar or at the bottom of each video or post. It’ll say, “Here’s my favorite right now. Go check them out.”
So, please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for watching and have a great day! Bye.