Some of the links below make me a commission if you click through and buy.  This will not cost you anything extra.  I don’t recommend things just for commissions, but because I have actually used and like them.

Our Top VPN Recommendation — NordVPN

Registration and Hosting — BlueHost

  • I’ve tried over 100 different hosting companies and BlueHost Hosting is the best I’ve found in the areas that matter the most.
  • You will find every feature that you need to make a good website there.
  • Their support is top notch

Content Management System (CMS) — WordPress

Excellent WordPress Plugins:

Hopefully, you can see at this point why WordPress comes so highly recommended — there are many free or inexpensive plugins that allow you to do things that 15 years ago would have cost you thousands of dollars to hire a developer if you could’ve even done it at all!

  • Less Popular CMS Alternatives: Joomla and Drupal
    • These are both less user friendly and offer less free or inexpensive plugins

Email Marketing — Exact pick coming soon

  • The Best Email marketing software I have used is Constant Contact, They have excellent support and are compatible with almost anything.

SEO Tools