Backup solutions are essential for businesses and individuals to maintain safe copies of their data in case of system failure. 2BrightSparks’ Founder Michael Leaver has been building custom backup solutions that don’t sacrifice system performance since 2003, when he founded the company with his business partner David Polak.

In this article, we discuss how Leaver’s team at 2BrightSpark aims to provide secure backups for users without impacting on the performance of their systems.

The success of 2BrightSparks over the past decade is largely attributed to its flagship product SyncBackPro – a comprehensive backup solution designed by Leaver himself. This software allows users to customize their backup settings based on their specific needs while still providing an efficient level of protection against potential losses due to hardware or software failures.

Furthermore, SyncBackPro can work with multiple operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS X, making it a viable option for both home users and businesses alike.

Leaver’s commitment to creating reliable backup solutions has resulted in accolades from industry experts who have praised him for his dedication and ingenuity.

By understanding user requirements first-hand, he has been able to develop products that not only perform well but also offer peace of mind through effective security measures. The rest of this article will look into how Leaver’s team at 2BrightSparks strives to build robust yet unobtrusive backup solutions for customers around the world.


History Of 2brightsparks

2BrightSparks was founded in 2003 by Michael Leaver, a software engineer who had previously worked for several large companies. Its mission is to provide users with effective and reliable backup solutions that don’t compromise system performance. The company has grown from its humble beginnings as a single-person operation into an international team of developers and support staff located around the world.

The flagship product of 2BrightSparks is SyncBackPro, a professional grade online backup solution designed to protect data while providing maximum flexibility and customization options. It supports multiple cloud storage providers, including Amazon S3 and Dropbox, as well as FTP servers and local networks.

With its comprehensive feature set, it is suitable for both personal and small business use cases alike. In addition to this core offering, 2BrightSparks provides other related tools such as FileFort Backup Software and SearchMyFiles utility software to further optimize user experience.

Since its launch in 2003, 2BrightSparks has continually evolved its products and services to meet customer needs and stay ahead of industry trends. The company has consistently invested in research and development to ensure their solutions remain cutting edge in terms of features, reliability, ease of use, scalability, security compliance, customer service excellence etc., making them top choices among professionals worldwide.


Overview Of Syncbackpro

Building on the foundation of 2BrightSparks, founder Michael Leaver has designed SyncBackPro. This backup solution offers a number of features that help users customize their backups without sacrificing system performance. The program is able to run multiple profiles simultaneously and supports a wide range of file formats from various source locations including local disks, FTP sites, and cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

It also provides compression options for faster backups and reliable scheduling capabilities so that automatic backups can be set up easily. Additionally, there are several advanced settings such as email notifications and encryption support which provide increased security for sensitive data. With all these features combined, SyncBackPro makes it easy to create secure backups with minimal effort while maintaining optimal system performance.


Benefits Of Custom Backup Solutions

Custom backup solutions offer a variety of benefits that cannot be achieved through traditional methods. These include increased storage capacity, improved system performance, and enhanced security measures.
Storage capacity is often limited with traditional backups due to their reliance on physical media such as hard drives or tapes.

Custom backup solutions allow for greater flexibility in terms of storage space by offering users the ability to store data across multiple servers and cloud-based systems. This allows organizations to maintain larger amounts of data without having to worry about managing disparate storage devices and locations.

System performance can also benefit from custom backup solutions when compared to more traditional methods. By utilizing automated processes, redundant files are identified and removed prior to backing up which reduces both the duration and frequency of backups while still ensuring all important data is preserved.

Additionally, these automated processes significantly reduce bandwidth usage since only newly added or modified files need to be transferred rather than full replications of entire databases or file structures being required each time a backup takes place.

Finally, custom backup solutions provide additional layers of security measures not available through other approaches. Through encryption techniques specifically tailored for an organization’s needs, confidential information is protected from unauthorized access even during transmission over external networks or between different servers within the same location. Moreover, secure protocols prevent accidental overwrites that could potentially lead to lost data or corruption of existing records.


Features Of Syncbackpro

SyncBackPro is a custom backup solution designed and developed by the Brightsparks team. It aims to provide users with an effective yet efficient method of backing up their data, without compromising system performance. The software is programmed with advanced features that make it user-friendly and reliable for various kinds of backups.

The program allows users to choose from different types of backups such as full, incremental or differential. Each type offers distinct advantages depending on individual needs; for instance, full backups offer complete copies of files while incremental backups only back up changed files since the last full backup was made.

SyncBackPro also enables scheduling options which can be set either manually or automatically according to specific criteria like time intervals and days of week. Compression and encryption are supported too, providing extra security measures in order to protect confidential information stored on computers. Furthermore, the program provides real-time synchronization between two folders located on different storage devices—this ensures that both versions remain consistent even when changes occur in one folder due to its automatic updating process triggered by every change detected in any directory being monitored.

Advanced filters enable further customization so that only desired items will be backed up or synchronized accordingly. Such features demonstrate how SyncBackPro has been engineered to meet varied requirements of customers who need secure yet fast backup solutions tailored specifically toward their particular usage scenarios.


System Performance Considerations

The development team of SyncBackPro understands the importance of system performance when creating custom backup solutions for its users. To ensure that the user’s experience remains seamless and uninterrupted, they prioritize optimizing their software to work efficiently with different hardware resources available on computers.

This includes monitoring CPU use, memory usage, disk access speed, and other critical elements that affect overall system performance while running the program. Additionally, they strive to reduce any latency by utilizing techniques such as caching data in order to provide a smoother experience without sacrificing reliability or accuracy during operations.

Syncbackpro also takes into account external factors which may impact the user’s computer performance levels. These include network connections between two systems and possible internet throttling due to heavy traffic. The development team is constantly working hard to find new ways to improve their product so it can continue meeting customer expectations in terms of smoothness and responsiveness even under unfavorable conditions.


Future Plans For 2brightsparks

Moving forward, 2BrightSparks has plans to continue developing their custom backup solutions. The team aims to expand the use of SyncBackPro across multiple operating systems and platforms so that users can engage in a seamless experience regardless of their environment.

They also intend to further optimize system performance with additional processor-specific instructions while maintaining compatibility with current versions of Windows and Mac OS. In addition, they plan on introducing new features such as quick backups and cloud storage integration.

Furthermore, 2BrightSparks is exploring opportunities for closer partnerships with industry leaders such as Microsoft and Apple in order to better serve customers. These efforts will help them ensure that their products remain up-to-date with ever-changing technology advancements and customer demands. As part of this initiative, the company intends to invest more resources into research and development to explore cutting edge technologies and develop efficient software solutions for the future.



TwoBrightSparks has established itself as a premier provider of backup solutions with SyncBackPro. This innovative software enables users to create custom backups that can be tailored to the specific needs of their system, without sacrificing performance.

It features an array of powerful tools and settings for both novice and advanced users, making it one of the most comprehensive backup programs available today. With its intuitive interface, robust feature set, and strong focus on system performance, 2BrightSparks has been able to provide customers with reliable backing up options for all types of systems.

The company is committed to continuously improving SyncBackPro in order to keep up with the changing demands of modern computing environments. For example, they are currently developing a version specifically designed for businesses so that companies can better protect their valuable data.

Additionally, they plan to introduce more efficient algorithms into future releases in order to reduce overall resource utilization while still providing optimal protection against data loss or corruption.

2BrightSpark’s commitment towards creating secure yet effective backup solutions is evident in their development efforts over the years. From offering comprehensive customization capabilities in SyncBackPro to continually refining existing algorithms and introducing new ones, this team looks forward to continue delivering quality products well into the future.

Their dedication will no doubt help ensure that people around the world have access to safe and reliable ways of protecting their important information.