The emergence of technology has made the task of developing an application much easier. Agora’s Unbundled APIs allows developers to add voice and video streaming capabilities to their applications. This article will examine this new technology, its features, how it works, and its potential benefits for both developers and users alike.

Agora is a communications platform that provides real-time communication services such as voice and video streaming over the internet. The company offers various products including SDKs (software development kits) to enable developers to create interactive applications with rich audio and video features. Among these products are Unbundled APIs which allow developers to integrate voice and video streaming into existing or custom-built apps without having to reinvent the wheel.

The Unbundled APIs make use of cutting edge technologies such as WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication), STUN/TURN Protocols, NAT Traversal techniques, encryption protocols, etc., enabling secure transmission of data between parties even in low bandwidth situations.

Furthermore, they also provide scalability options so that high quality calls can be established across a large number of participants simultaneously. In addition, other features such as real-time analytics help track user behaviour on the app during calls thus providing valuable insights for further improvement.

All these features makes Agora’s Unbundled APIs a powerful tool for developers who want to quickly embed voice and video streaming functionalities into their applications at minimal effort.


Overview Of Agora’s Services

Agora is a communications platform that provides developers with access to real-time voice and video streaming capabilities for their applications. It offers several APIs, including the Media, Signaling, Recording and Messaging API, each of which enables different features such as data transmission over low latency networks or recording audio/video streams from sessions.

Agora’s services are designed to help create interactive experiences across multiple platforms while ensuring quality of service and scalability. This allows developers to easily integrate communication functions into their apps without having to build them from scratch.

Furthermore, Agora’s architecture has been designed to ensure maximum performance even in high load situations. The stability and reliability of its services make it an ideal choice for developing voice and video enabled applications.


Benefits Of Unbundled Apis

Agora’s unbundled APIs allow developers to expand the capabilities of their applications by integrating voice and video streaming. These APIs provide a comprehensive set of features for creating real-time audio and video communication experiences, allowing users to engage in conversations regardless of geographic location or device type. Additionally, Agora’s APIs are designed specifically to address challenges related to scalability, latency, and interoperability.

Unbundling these services creates an opportunity for developers to create custom solutions tailored to meet specific project requirements that would be difficult or impossible with traditional bundled services.

By using Agora’s APIs, developers can build innovative applications without having to worry about infrastructure complexity or maintenance costs associated with managing multiple components themselves. This allows them to focus on delivering high quality user experiences while reducing development time and operational overhead.


Technical Requirements For Integration

Integrating Agora’s voice and video streaming APIs into applications requires developers to meet certain technical requirements. These include: ensuring that the operating systems, hardware platforms, and devices used are compatible with the SDKs provided; having adequate network bandwidth for real-time communication; configuring firewalls or proxies properly; verifying audio/video recording quality is sufficient; managing user access control of streams; and maintaining a secure environment by using encryption protocols such as SSL/TLS.

In addition, application architects should be familiar with the Agora platform architecture components including signaling servers, media servers, gateways, and analytics modules.

A thorough understanding of these components helps ensure successful integration of the Agora APIs in an app. Such knowledge also assists in anticipating any potential issues during development, testing, and deployment phases.


Steps To Add Voice And Video Streaming

Agora’s unbundled APIs provide developers with the resources to integrate voice and video streaming into their applications. The process of doing so follows a few simple steps.

To begin, create an Agora account by submitting basic information such as your name and email address. After registering for the service, proceed to generate an App ID from the dashboard portal. This unique identifier will be used in all subsequent requests to access Agora’s APIs.

Next, obtain the SDK package that corresponds to whichever language you are using for development (e.g., Java or JavaScript). Once downloaded, install it onto your local machine and configure its settings according to your needs. Lastly, write code which implements these APIs into your application while referencing the previously generated App ID whenever necessary. Doing this allows users to join a channel via audio/video communication within your app seamlessly.

In summary:

  • Create an Agora account
  • Generate an App ID
  • Download and install relevant SDK packages
  • Configure appropriate settings
  • Implement API calls referencing App ID

By following these steps, developers can easily add voice and video streaming capabilities to their apps utilizing Agora’s unbundled APIs.


Security And Reliability Considerations

Agora’s unbundled APIs offer developers the ability to add voice and video streaming conveniently into their applications. It is important, however, that security and reliability considerations be taken when implementation of these functions occurs. This section outlines a few of these factors for consideration.

Security Consideration   Reliability Consideration
Data Encryption Network Quality
Access Control Media Streams Stability
 User Authentication Recording durablity
Identity Verification Audio/Video Synchronized


Data encryption ensures that the data transmitted through Agora’s API remains secure from malicious intent or third party access.

Additionally, access control should be implemented so that only authorized users are able to make use of the API features. Furthermore, user authentication helps verify a user’s identity in order to protect against unauthorized access while identity verification can help ensure accurate identification of participants involved with the call or stream.

With regards to reliability, network quality plays an integral role as it affects both audio and video quality as well as overall latency within an application powered by Agora’s APIs.

Further, media streams must remain stable for uninterrupted communication between parties on either side of a call or stream session. In addition, recording durability is also key in ensuring proper storage of data captured during any given session using Agora’s APIs while audio/video synchronization prepares multimedia recordings for seamless playback across multiple devices worldwide.

To summarize, security and reliability considerations should not be overlooked when implementing voice and video streaming via Agora’s APIs in mobile applications or web services alike.


Case Study Examples

Agora’s unbundled APIs have been successfully implemented in various applications. For example, a mobile-based social networking platform used Agora’s voice and video streaming API to enable users to interact with each other through live audio and video conversations.

Additionally, an eLearning platform utilized the same API for their virtual classrooms, allowing students and teachers to communicate more effectively without any latency issues. Furthermore, a popular online gaming service added real-time voice and video capabilities using Agora’s API suite, making it easier for players from different locations to collaborate with each other seamlessly during gameplay.

These are just some of the many cases where developers were able to leverage Agora’s voice and video streaming technology to add extra value and functionality to their apps. This demonstrates how powerful yet easy-to-implement these APIs can be when integrated into existing solutions.



Agora’s unbundled APIs offer a cost-effective solution for developers looking to add voice and video streaming capabilities to their applications. The streamlined integration process, combined with the robust security measures in place, ensure reliable performance that can be tailored to meet specific user needs.

This makes it easy for developers to quickly create feature-rich apps without sacrificing quality or reliability. Moreover, case study examples demonstrate how Agora’s services can help companies gain an edge in today’s competitive market by leveraging cutting-edge technology. Overall, Agora’s unbundled API suite provides an ideal platform for businesses of all sizes looking to incorporate voice and video streaming into their existing products or services.

The advantages of using Agora are numerous and include low latency streaming, scalability across multiple platforms, support for custom codecs, secure key exchange protocols, and more. For example, Agora allows developers to easily customize audio/video streams based on individual customer requirements while maintaining high levels of performance throughout the entire session.

Furthermore, the company offers comprehensive documentation and tutorials as well as technical support when needed so customers never have difficulty getting started or troubleshooting any issues they may encounter down the line.

In conclusion, Agora is a great choice for those who need to implement voice and video streaming solutions with minimal effort but maximum results. Its state-of-the-art features provide users with reliable performance regardless of usage environment while its flexible pricing options make it affordable even for smaller businesses or startups just beginning to explore these technologies. With such an impressive list of benefits available at one’s fingertips, no wonder so many developers have chosen Agora’s unbundled APIs over other competitors in the market.