Blesta is a comprehensive customer management, billing, and support platform designed specifically for hosting companies. It provides an efficient way to manage customers, invoices, payments, and other aspects of running a successful business.

With features such as automated billing cycles, client portals, and customizable invoice templates, Blesta makes it easy to provide excellent service while streamlining operations. This article will discuss the benefits of using Blesta in detail.

The first benefit that Blesta offers is efficiency. Automated billing cycles allow businesses to bill their clients quickly and accurately with built-in payment gateways providing secure online payment options.

Client portals give customers access to view information about their account or make changes without having to contact customer service representatives directly. The system also allows administrators to create custom reports based on specific criteria so they can easily track performance metrics over time.

Finally, Blesta has several customization options available which help tailor the experience for each customer. Invoice templates are fully adjustable allowing businesses to design them according to their needs and giving customers a more personalized experience when viewing bills or making payments.

Additionally, emails sent from the system can be customized by adding company logos or creating unique messages for different types of transactions.

In conclusion, Blesta is an ideal choice for any hosting company looking for a powerful yet user-friendly solution for managing customers, invoices, payments, and more. Its wide range of features make it easy to keep customers satisfied while optimizing operational processes at the same time.



Blesta is an open customer management, billing, and support platform designed specifically for hosting companies. It provides a comprehensive suite of features to help businesses manage their customers and services effectively while streamlining business processes.

Blesta includes tools such as invoicing, automated billing, client portals, domain registration, ticketing systems, knowledge bases, language translation capabilities, and more. The software also integrates with popular third-party applications like cPanel/WHM and Plesk control panels.

This platform offers highly customizable options for both the user interface and backend settings allowing users to tailor it to fit their individual needs. Additionally, Blesta offers integration with various payment gateways including PayPal Standard, AIM & SIM, Stripe Payments Pro & Elements APIs and several others.

Furthermore, this application’s modular architecture allows developers to develop custom modules that can extend its functionality even further.


Features And Benefits

Blesta is a comprehensive customer management, billing and support platform designed specifically for hosting companies. It offers an array of features that offer significant benefits to its users.

The first benefit comes in the form of automation. Blesta’s automated processes save time by automating common tasks like setting up customers, invoicing them, collecting payments and providing services to clients without manual intervention. The software also enables administrators to easily manage client accounts from within the control panel with just a few clicks.

This makes it easy to set up new services or upgrade existing ones quickly, as well as view all current plans and rates for each service type in one place. Additionally, the integration of 3rd party payment gateways such as PayPal and AuthorizeNet further streamlines transactions between businesses and their clients.

Another advantage of using Blesta is its ability to provide secure data storage through encrypted databases which help protect sensitive information from unauthorized access. Furthermore, the application provides user-friendly tools such as integrated shopping carts and product catalogs that make it easier for customers to purchase products online while benefiting from advanced security measures including fraud protection systems.

These features allow users to better market their offerings while ensuring maximum safety when handling financial transactions and confidential data related to their business operations.


Security And Reliability

Security and reliability are paramount when it comes to customer management, billing, and support platforms. Blesta is designed with this in mind, providing hosting companies with the highest level of security and reliability.

Data stored using Blesta is protected by a multi-layer encryption system that ensures users’ data remains safe, secure, and accessible only by authorized personnel. The platform also utilizes an advanced firewall protection system to keep out unauthorized access attempts.

Blesta’s server infrastructure is also highly reliable; its servers are housed in state-of-the-art datacenters with 24/7 monitoring and maintenance services ensuring availability at all times.

Furthermore, their software is regularly updated to stay ahead of potential threats or bugs that could affect performance. All these features make Blesta one of the most secure and reliable customer management systems available for hosting companies today.


Integration Possibilities

The security and reliability of Blesta can also be extended to support integration possibilities with other software solutions. The platform provides an extensive API that allows for many different types of integrations, from content management systems to ecommerce platforms.

This means hosting companies have the ability to integrate various features into their customer’s experience seamlessly without having to build custom code or make major changes to existing systems.

Blesta makes it easy for businesses to create automated processes between multiple applications so they don’t need manual intervention. For example, customers can opt-in for a subscription service that automatically renews when their billing cycle ends, or customers can accept payments through PayPal or Stripe directly within the platform.

All these options are enabled using APIs which allow developers to customize how each feature works and fits into their business model. Additionally, this creates fewer points of failure since data is passed securely via APIs instead of being stored in a database.


Pricing Plans

Blesta offers a variety of pricing plans to suit the needs and budget of hosting companies. The most basic plan, Essential Plan, is free for up to 25 customers. This plan includes all essential customer management features such as package configuration, order forms, invoicing, client portal access, and more.

For larger businesses or those that want additional features like support ticketing and domain registration options there are two paid plans available: Business Plan and Professional Plan. The Business Plan starts at $19/month while the Professional Plan starts at $49/month.

Both paid plans offer unlimited customer accounts along with some extra features such as automated billing cycles and payment gateways integration.

They also come with advanced reporting tools which make it easier to track important business metrics such as sales performance over time. Additionally, Blesta offers discounts on annual subscriptions making their services even more cost-effective for hosting companies.


Customer Reviews

Blesta is highly rated amongst customers for its customer management, billing, and support platform. Reviews note the ease of use in setting up accounts and managing user profiles along with integrated payment processing capabilities.

Customers have found it to be an effective tool for streamlining their business processes while providing superior levels of customer service. Additionally, Blesta allows customers to quickly access information on past invoices and payments as well as view upcoming subscription charges.

Overall, reviews from customers offer a positive outlook towards Blesta’s services through praise for its features and functionality that are tailored to host companies’ needs.

Furthermore, many users appreciate the scalability offered by the software in order to accommodate growing businesses without having to switch platforms or incur added costs. It appears that this open source platform has earned a favorable reputation among customers due to its comprehensive range of features.



The conclusion can be drawn from examining Blesta, an open customer management and billing platform designed specifically for hosting companies. It is evident that this software offers powerful features and benefits that make it a valuable asset to any hosting business.

Security and reliability are ensured through its use of the latest technologies, while integration possibilities allow businesses to customize their solutions based on their specific needs. Additionally, pricing plans offer different levels of service at various prices points so businesses can select the plan best suited for them.

Finally, customers have shared positive reviews regarding their experience with Blesta as they appreciate its ease of use and ability to manage all aspects of their hosting accounts in one place. All things considered, Blesta appears to be a terrific solution for any type of web hosting company looking to streamline processes and provide excellent customer service.