Cobalt is a security firm providing customers with fast application security pentesting as a service. This process of penetration testing is designed to provide actionable results in real time and ensure the safety and security of customer applications. In this article, we will discuss how Cobalt’s services can benefit organizations by ensuring their applications are safe from potential exploits or vulnerabilities.

Organizations may not have the resources or experience necessary to properly test their own applications for potential weaknesses. Such tests require technical knowledge that many businesses do not possess in-house. By utilizing Cobalt’s expertise and automated technology, organizations can be sure they are receiving comprehensive testing quickly and accurately.

Cobalt’s offerings allow companies to focus on other important aspects of their business while still having peace of mind that their applications are secure from attack vectors both known and unknown. This article will examine the details of Cobalt’s services and explain why it is an ideal solution for modern businesses looking for effective application security solutions.


Overview Of Security Solutions

Security is a primary concern for any organization. As organizations become increasingly digital and interconnected, the need to protect their data from malicious actors becomes even more important.

Cobalt provides fast application security pentesting as a service to help identify potential vulnerabilities in an organization’s systems and applications. This helps ensure that organizations are able to take action before they experience costly attacks or breaches of confidential information.

Cobalt’s application security solution offers comprehensive coverage, delivering results quickly and enabling organizations to act on them immediately.

It utilizes both automated scanning technology and experienced human analysts who work together to provide clients with detailed reports outlining issues identified during testing, along with recommendations on how to address them.Furthermore, the platform allows users to monitor performance over time and track progress towards improving overall security posture.


Benefits Of Cobalt’s Service

Cobalt’s security pentesting service offers a range of benefits for companies seeking to secure their applications. One major benefit is the speed with which results can be obtained. Cobalt uses machine learning and automation to deliver fast assessments that provide actionable insights in real time, allowing organizations to quickly identify areas where further work is needed.

Additionally, Cobalt provides access to experienced security professionals who are available 24/7 for any questions or assistance that may arise.

The use of automated tools also allows Cobalt to offer scalability when it comes to testing large numbers of applications at once. Companies have the option of selecting from various packages depending on their specific needs, such as multiple application testing, regular scanning services and customized solutions designed around particular requirements.

This flexibility makes Cobalt’s service an attractive choice for businesses looking for an effective way to protect their data and systems against cyber-attacks.


Technical Specifications

Cobalt’s application security pentesting service offers a comprehensive suite of technical specifications. It enables clients to identify potential vulnerabilities and prioritize mitigation efforts in real time, with actionable results.

The platform uses an automated engine that scans web applications for known threats and weaknesses in code or configuration settings. It also provides manual testing capabilities for custom tests and deep analysis of specific areas within the application. Cobalt’s reports include detailed information about each vulnerability, including its severity level, impact on the system, steps required to remediate it, and more.

Additionally, the platform can be tailored by customers according to their needs, allowing them to customize reports as well as add additional features such as advanced analytics and reporting tools. All these features make Cobalt an ideal solution for companies seeking fast and reliable application security assessments.


How Pentesting Works

Pentesting is a method used to assess the security of an organization’s networks and applications. It involves using various techniques, such as port scanning, vulnerability scanning, social engineering, and manual testing techniques in order to identify any potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious actors.

This process helps organizations understand their current security posture and take appropriate measures to secure their systems against future attack attempts.

Cobalt’s pentesting service leverages automated tools and experienced security analysts to provide comprehensive insight into your application’s security posture.

Cobalt provides customers with actionable results in real-time, enabling them to quickly address identified issues before they become major problems.In addition, Cobalt offers custom reporting capabilities so customers can easily track progress on remediation activities over time.


Advantages Of Real-Time Results

The advantages of real-time results for application security pentesting are considerable. Real-time results provide the ability to identify and address threats as they arise, allowing organizations to respond quickly and effectively. This is especially important in today’s digital environment where applications must be constantly monitored and updated to remain secure.

Real-time results also enable organizations to proactively address potential issues before they become a problem. By being aware of emerging vulnerabilities, companies can take steps to mitigate risk while still maintaining operational efficiency.

Additionally, real-time testing allows teams to uncover weak areas that may not have been identified through traditional static tests. This helps ensure proactive protection against malicious actors that could otherwise exploit an organization’s systems or data.

Cobalt’s fast application security pentesting service provides actionable results in real time so organizations can stay ahead of evolving threats and protect their assets from any potential harm.


Pricing And Availability

Cobalt provides fast application security pentesting as a service for actionable results in real time. Pricing and availability of the service depend on several factors, such as volume, scope, duration and complexity.

Cobalt offers flexible pricing plans designed to accommodate customers’ specific needs with no long-term contracts or commitments required. Customers can choose from hourly, monthly or annual subscription options that are tailored to their requirements.

The service is available 24/7 worldwide via web browser or mobile app. It has built-in redundancy and scalability to ensure maximum uptime even during peak usage times.

The platform also includes an online portal where clients can track progress, review results and manage access control settings. Customer support is provided through email, chat and phone channels for any queries related to pricing and availability of the services offered by Cobalt.



In conclusion, Cobalt’s application security pentesting as a service provides organizations with fast and actionable results in real time. This solution is advantageous to businesses that have limited resources or need to quickly identify potential vulnerabilities. The technical specifications of the service allow for realistic tests to be conducted without disruption to normal operations.

Furthermore, the availability of this service makes it highly accessible to any organization requiring such services due to its affordability. Given these factors, Cobalt’s service appears to be a viable option for those seeking comprehensive application security testing solutions.