DigiCert is a leading provider of certificate management and security solutions for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and hosting companies. Founded in 2003, DigiCert operates globally with offices located in the United States, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa and Middle East.

The company offers products that enable customers to manage their certificates across multiple platforms and devices while ensuring secure communication between them. Through its comprehensive suite of tools and services, DigiCert provides organizations of all sizes the necessary resources to protect their data and maintain compliance standards.

This article will discuss how DigiCert delivers security solutions to MSPs and hosting companies as well as explore some of the advantages associated with using such services. It will also provide an overview of the various features offered by DigiCert’s technologies including Multi-Domain SSL Certificates, Domain Validation Wildcard Certificates and Extended Validation Certificates.

By leveraging these products and services, organizations can increase their online presence while reducing costs related to manual processes or code signing activities.

Finally, this article will examine how DigiCert’s innovative approach to certificate management helps organizations stay compliant with industry regulations like HIPAA or PCI DSS while providing a layer of protection against malicious attacks at the same time.

With its advanced solutions tailored towards web hosting professionals worldwide, DigiCert promises not only greater levels of security but also improved customer satisfaction due to faster deployment times and minimal downtime caused by system outages.


Overview Of Services

Digicert is a provider of certificate management and security solutions to MSPS (Managed Service Providers) and hosting companies. The company delivers products, services, and expertise needed for secure online communications, authentication, digital signatures, identity assurance, encryption, code signing, document signing and more.

Digicert helps businesses gain trust in the digital world by offering advanced technology that ensures their customers’ data is safe from malicious attacks.The company provides several different types of products and services to meet the specific needs of its clients.

These include: SSL/TLS certificates; Digital Signatures; Code Signing Certificates; Trust Services; Identity Assurance Solutions; Cloud-Based Security Services; Encryption Solutions; Web Application Firewall (WAF); Managed Certificate Services (MCS); Advanced Authentication & Authorization Management (AAM); Multi-Domain SSL Certificates; PKI Solutions; Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).

Additionally, Digicert offers comprehensive customer support with 24/7 access to technical assistance as well as training for certificate deployment and maintenance.


Benefits To Clients

Digicert provides a suite of comprehensive certificate management and security solutions for MSPs and hosting companies. Through the utilization of industry-leading technology, Digicert enables clients to manage all aspects of their digital certificates quickly and securely. The following are some key benefits that clients may experience as a result:

  1. Streamlined Workflow: Clients can streamline their workflow with an intuitive user interface, automated processes, and simplified order processing.
  2. Security Solutions: With Digicert’s advanced encryption protocols, organizations can rest assured that their data is secure from malicious actors. Additionally, robust authentication systems help protect against unwanted access to sensitive information or resources.
  3. Comprehensive Support: In addition to providing leading technologies, Digicert offers 24/7 support services such as technical assistance and customer service so organizations have peace of mind when it comes to maintaining their online operations.

Overall, by utilizing the services provided by Digicert, MSPs and hosting companies can benefit from improved efficiency in managing digital certificates while also protecting valuable data from potential threats.


Solutions For Msps And Hosting Companies

Digicert provides many different solutions for managed service providers (MSPs) and hosting companies. Its products enable MSPs to manage, secure, and scale their clients’ digital assets with ease. Digicert’s certificate management services help MSPs automate the SSL/TLS certification process while providing a single platform to track expiration dates and renewals.

With its integrated security features, MSPs can monitor all certificates in real-time and protect their clients from potential threats such as phishing attacks or malware. For hosting companies, Digicert offers an array of automated tools that simplify server deployment, configuration, monitoring, and scaling across multiple cloud platforms.

These include deploying certificates quickly without having to manually configure them on each server instance; setting up automation rules for validation and renewal processes; creating detailed reports about each website’s security health; and more. This ensures that customers are able to securely use their applications without disruption due to unsecured connections or expired certificates.

By delivering these comprehensive certificate management and security solutions, Digicert is helping both MSPs and hosting companies streamline operations while keeping their customers’ data safe.


Streamlined Certificate Management

Certificate management is an important part of safeguarding the digital infrastructure of hosting companies and MSPs. Digicert provides a comprehensive set of solutions designed to help organizations streamline certificate management processes in order to reduce risk, ensure compliance and maximize efficiency.

Digicert’s suite of automated tools helps simplify the process for managing certificates. It offers features that allow customers to automate tasks such as renewals, backup/restore functions, notifications and more. The platform also enables users to easily deploy their own public key infrastructure (PKI) with just a few clicks through its simple web-based interface.

This allows them to quickly configure their environment according to specific security requirements while avoiding costly manual setup steps or extensive coding knowledge. Additionally, it includes built-in reporting capabilities which can provide insight into any issues relating to certificate expiration or other areas where further attention may be needed.

By leveraging these powerful yet user friendly solutions provided by Digicert, MSPs and hosting companies are able to confidently manage their SSL/TLS certificates with ease.


Secure Infrastructure

Digicert provides a range of secure infrastructure solutions to MSPs and hosting companies. These solutions include the Digicert Certificate Manager platform, which helps organizations protect their digital assets with an automated certificate lifecycle management solution.

The platform also enables customers to request certificates, configure domain settings and centrally manage all SSL/TLS certificates, keys and other encrypted data across their entire network. Additionally, it allows users to monitor expiring certificates in real-time and control access rights for extra security purposes.

Additionally, Digicert offers its On-Demand TLS offering that can be used to quickly deploy both long-term and short-term TLS certificates on any application or device. This service is designed specifically for businesses that need immediate protection against cyber threats without having to manually install each certificate or purchase additional hardware.

Furthermore, the company’s Identity Protection Services help businesses register domain names securely while protecting them from unauthorized transfers or malicious takeovers. Finally, Digicert’s Advanced Site Security products provide enhanced protection through DNS authentication protocols and web application firewalls (WAF). All these services are designed to help businesses ensure the highest levels of security for their online operations.


Enhanced Security Practices

Building upon secure infrastructure, enhanced security practices are critical for MSPS and hosting companies to protect their systems from potential threats. Establishing certain protocols and procedures is essential in order to ensure that data remains safe and secure. The implementation of these policies should be based on the company’s individual risk assessment or an industry standard such as PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

The use of Digicert’s certificate management solutions can help manage certificates more efficiently while providing a higher level of control over authentication process. For example, automated renewals minimize the need to manually renew expiring certificates while reducing the chances of human error resulting in downtime or system vulnerabilities.

In addition, centralized access controls allow administrators to quickly identify misconfigurations and anomalies in order to take corrective action. Ultimately, this helps strengthen overall security posture by protecting against malicious attacks and unauthorized access attempts.



Digicert is a trusted provider of comprehensive certificate management and security solutions to MSPs and hosting companies. Its services provide clients with streamlined, secure infrastructure that enhances the security practices already in place within their organizations.

Digicert’s suite of offerings allows clients to quickly deploy certificates while managing associated tasks with ease; this helps them stay ahead of threats and protect sensitive data. Additionally, its advanced technologies offer real-time monitoring, risk assessment capabilities, and automated remediation steps for quick resolution of issues before they become costly or damaging.

By partnering with Digicert, MSPs and hosting companies can ensure that their customers’ information remains safeguarded against potential risks.

The benefits provided by Digicert are significant for any organization looking to maximize their IT security efforts without sacrificing efficiency or scalability. The company’s flexible platform ensures compliance across different devices and environments so that users have peace-of-mind knowing their valuable resources are protected at all times.

Furthermore, its managed service offering enables clients to outsource much of the complexities associated with certificate management which saves time and money when compared to traditional approaches. This makes it an ideal solution for those wishing to streamline operations as well as improve overall operational efficiencies.

In conclusion, Digicert provides a wide range of services designed to help MSPs and hosting companies protect their customer’s data from cyberthreats while ensuring regulatory compliance requirements are met.

With robust tools such as certificate deployment automation, real-time monitoring, automated remediation processes, and managed service options available, businesses benefit greatly from the enhanced security posture afforded through Digicert’s powerful solutions suite.