EPC Group, a leading provider of Microsoft Office and Productivity Solutions, has been serving customers for over a decade. Through product education tailored to the specific needs of each customer, EPC Group provides solutions that create value and satisfaction. This article will provide an overview of the services offered by EPC Group as well as the ways in which they are delivering value to their customers through their product education initiatives.

The range of services provided by EPC Group includes comprehensive on-site training sessions, online webinars, hands-on workshops, and one-on-one coaching. These offerings focus on helping users get up to speed quickly with how to use Microsoft Office products such as Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, SharePoint and more. Additionally, EPC Group also offers custom courses designed specifically around particular client needs or objectives.

By providing valuable content delivered via various methods of teaching and learning platforms, EPC Group is able to maximize efficiency while ensuring that its clients receive top quality instruction from certified experts who are knowledgeable about Microsoft Office toolsets. In this way, customers benefit from increased productivity due to improved understanding of how to effectively utilize these powerful software applications.


Overview Of Epc Group

EPC Group is a Microsoft Office and productivity solutions provider, offering customers value through product education. It is renowned for its expert training programs that teach users how to use the latest products from Microsoft. The company has been in operation since 1995 and has worked with thousands of clients across numerous industries.

The team at EPC Group consists of highly experienced professionals who are passionate about helping their clients unlock the potential of their business processes with the help of technology innovation. They provide comprehensive consulting services ranging from strategy development to implementation, as well as ongoing support and maintenance. Additionally, they offer an array of custom-built applications designed to meet specific needs within organizations. Their goal is to develop innovative solutions that make it easier for businesses to stay competitive in today’s digital landscape.


Services Offered

EPC Group provides a range of Microsoft Office and productivity solutions to customers. Our services are designed to help customers maximize their return on investment, while enabling them to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced business environment.

The following services are offered:

Product Education: We provide comprehensive product training, including tutorials, webinars, and videos that teach users how to utilize the full potential of Office 365 or other applications within the Microsoft suite.

  • Tutorials
  • Webinars
  • Videos

Implementation & Deployment Services: Our certified professionals assist clients with installation and deployment of Office 365 as well as any customizations needed for optimal use of the application.

  • Installation Support
  • Customization Assistance
  • User Provisioning Services

Office 365 Migration Solutions: EPC Group offers migration plans tailored to fit each customer’s unique requirements. This includes assistance with transferring user data from an existing solution into Office 365 without disruption of service or loss of data.

  • Data Backup Services
  • Migration Plans Tailored To Customer Requirements
  • Assisted User Onboarding Processes

With our expertise in Microsoft Office products and effective delivery methods, we strive to ensure successful adoption and utilization among our clients’ workforce. Ultimately, our goal is to create value through product education by providing cost savings and increasing employee engagement with technology initiatives.


Benefits Of Microsoft Office And Productivity Solutions

EPC Group provides comprehensive education and training to customers on Microsoft Office and productivity solutions. These solutions are designed to help businesses increase efficiency, reduce costs, streamline processes and maximize profits through improved collaboration, communication and information management.

The primary benefit of using these services from EPC Group is the ability to improve employee competency with MS Office applications like Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook. This includes developing proficiency in creating documents, forms, spreadsheets and presentations that can be shared easily among colleagues or clients.

Additionally, users gain a better understanding of how to use features such as conditional formatting tables in Excel or working remotely with SharePoint. By providing detailed tutorials for each application included in the suite of products offered by EPC Group, customers have access to all the resources necessary for successful adoption of their chosen solution.

Microsoft Office offers several advantages that make it beneficial for both personal and professional settings. Its user-friendly interface allows individuals to quickly become familiar with its various tools while also allowing them to customize their workspace according to individual preferences.

Furthermore, cloud storage makes collaborating on projects easier than ever before since files can now be accessed across multiple devices at any time without needing additional software downloads or installation. Finally, an array of templates helps users create visually pleasing documents more efficiently than if they had started from scratch.


How To Receive Product Education

EPC Group provides customers with product education to maximize the value of their Microsoft Office and productivity solutions. The training services are tailored to meet individual customer needs, ensuring that they receive the information, support, and guidance necessary for successful implementation and use of products.

Education can be delivered via online or in-person workshops, webinars and seminars designed to provide comprehensive understanding of each product’s features and functionality. Training is available at various levels, depending on a customer’s specific requirements.

In addition to providing educational materials such as user manuals, video tutorials, and white papers, EPC Group offers an array of resources through its ‘Learning Center’. Here customers can find helpful articles about using Microsoft Office products along with useful tips for getting started quickly and easily. Customers also have access to professional instructors who specialize in teaching best practices for working efficiently with these applications.


Types Of Training Available

EPC Group provides a variety of Microsoft Office and Productivity training solutions for customers, enabling them to maximize their software investments. Customers can choose from instructor-led courses, self-study eLearning modules, or custom onsite programs tailored to individual needs. The following table outlines the types of training available:

Training Type Description  Benefits 
 Instructor-Led Courses Live classes conducted by experienced trainers in an interactive environment.  Learners benefit from direct contact with the trainer and immediate feedback.

Online collaboration tools are also used to work together through projects, simulations and assessments.

Self-Study eLearning Modules Recorded video lectures accompanied by step-by-step instructions that learners watch at their own pace.  These provide flexibility as they can be accessed anytime and anywhere, allowing users to learn new skills quickly without having to attend live sessions.

Additionally, individuals have more control over when content is reviewed and how much time is spent reviewing it.

Onsite Custom Programs Tailored programs designed based on customer requirements, delivered at the organization’s premises by qualified trainers. This type of training allows organizations to maintain consistency across departments when deploying large scale changes or learning initiatives related to Office 365 migration or SharePoint development projects.

It also helps reduce costs associated with travel expenses for employees attending external trainings.


Overall, EPC Group offers a selection of comprehensive educational solutions that allow customers to make the most out of their current software investments while gaining valuable expertise in various Microsoft Office applications and productivity tools.


Examples Of Success Stories

EPC Group has provided Microsoft Office and Productivity Solutions to customers all over the world. Through their product education, they have been able to deliver value for those looking for training in the software.

One example of this is a customer who was using an outdated version of Excel that didn’t provide them with the features they needed. After taking EPC Group’s course on productivity solutions, they were able to upgrade to the latest version and start creating complex spreadsheets with ease. By understanding how to use macros and formulas, they could save time while increasing accuracy when completing tasks.

Another success story comes from a customer who was struggling with organization in Outlook. With EPC Group’s guidance, this user learned how to create contacts, manage emails efficiently, schedule meetings, and more. As a result, their workflow became much smoother and efficient than it had before—saving time while improving communication within their team.



EPC Group has demonstrated its commitment to providing superior customer service by offering Microsoft Office and productivity solutions. By leveraging their expertise in the field, they have created a comprehensive suite of products designed with the specific needs of customers in mind. Furthermore, they provide product education services that enable customers to get the most out of these offerings.

Through this training, customers are able to take advantage of all available features and benefit from increased efficiency and improved user experience. Finally, EPC Group also provides various success stories as proof of how beneficial their services can be for businesses looking to maximize productivity. With an emphasis on quality service and reliable performance, EPC Group is a trusted source for those seeking cost-effective solutions and support when it comes to maximizing technology investments.