For those who want to make a lasting impression with their online photo galleries, jAlbum software is the way to go. Developed by David Ekholm, this program allows designers, developers and web hosts to create impressive galleries quickly and easily. In an exclusive interview, Mr. Ekholm discusses how his invention has helped people from all walks of life bring their visions for digital media into reality.

Since its launch in 2002, jAlbum has been used by millions of users across the globe. This simple yet powerful tool provides users with limitless possibilities when it comes to creating custom albums that feature images, audio files and videos.

With its unique ability to customize every aspect of a gallery’s design while providing full control over branding and content management tools, jAlbum stands out among other programs on the market today.

Mr. Ekholm explains why he created jAlbum as well as some tips on how beginner and experienced photographers can use its features to get more than they bargained for. He also shares insights into what sets jAlbum apart from competitors – making it one of the most popular programs available for creating stunning online photo galleries today.


Overview Of Jalbum

It provides a convenient platform for designing and hosting digital photo galleries on websites, as well as enabling developers to create custom albums for their projects.

The program was designed with ease of use in mind and does not require any coding or technical knowledge. jAlbum’s features include powerful customization options, advanced metadata tagging capabilities, interactive slideshows and lightboxes, integration with third-party services such as Google Drive and Dropbox, support for multiple languages, and more.

Additionally, it allows users to share photos across social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. With its intuitive interface and wide range of functions, jAlbum has become a popular choice among web hosts, designers, photographers, bloggers and other users who need to present images professionally in the digital environment.


Benefits Of Using Jalbum

JAlbum offers a range of benefits for designers, developers, and web hosts. It is simple to use with no coding experience required; users have the ability to quickly generate professional-looking photo galleries using drag-and-drop functions. The software also provides extensive customizations options allowing for full control over appearance, including font type and size, color schemes, page layouts, and more.

Additionally, jAlbum’s automated optimization feature ensures that photographs are resized and compressed efficiently in order to improve loading times while preserving image quality. This can be beneficial when hosting multiple galleries on one site as it reduces strain on bandwidth costs.

Furthermore, jAlbum includes built-in features such as album sharing capabilities via social networks or email links as well as embedded HTML code to easily integrate galleries into existing websites. Ultimately, jAlbum simplifies the process of creating online photo galleries while providing many useful features that help designers, developers, and web hosts make their sites look great.


History And Development Of The Software

David Ekholm founded jAlbum in 2002 as a solution for designers, developers, and web hosts who wanted to create online photo galleries. He developed the software using Java technology, making it accessible across multiple platforms. In its early stages, jAlbum provided users with tools to upload and manage their own photos and design custom templates.

As the platform gained popularity among professionals and amateur photographers alike, Ekholm added more features such as support for various file formats, integration of external services like Google Maps, and advanced image processing options.

With the introduction of the Skin Editor tool in 2006, users were able to further customize their albums by selecting from a range of ready-made skins or creating their own designs from scratch.

Since then jAlbum has continued to evolve over time with new features being regularly released based on feedback from its users. Today there are versions available for Windows, MacOS X, Linux and other popular operating systems enabling people around the world to share their pictures with ease.


Features For Designers, Developers, And Web Hosts

JAlbum provides features designed to meet the needs of designers, developers, and web hosts. It allows for customizable photo galleries that can be integrated into any website design. Users have control over the size, quality, color scheme, layout, and transition effects in their online galleries.

The software also includes a wide range of themes and skins that are available with just one click. Additionally, users have access to advanced editing tools like cropping, resizing, sharpening images; applying frames, borders or captions; and creating slideshows.

The software is compatible with all major browsers and devices including mobile phones and tablets. For developers, JAlbum offers flexibility with integration using HTML5/CSS3 code which makes it easy to embed custom content such as text descriptions on each image gallery page.

This feature helps maximize SEO performance by helping search engines index individual pages more quickly than if they were hosted on multiple domains or subdomains. Furthermore, automated FTP uploads allow web hosts to save time when transferring files from local storage to remote servers.


Interview With David Ekholm

David Ekholm, the founder of JAlbum, is an experienced software developer and entrepreneur. He built his first web page with HTML in 1996, and has since created a range of applications for image presentation, video streaming and other services on the internet. In this interview, he discusses how his software helps designers, developers, and web hosts create stunning online photo galleries that are both easy to use and reliable:

  • His application provides many features which makes it easier for users to upload photos from their computers or mobiles devices quickly and easily.
  • The software also allows users to customize the look of their gallery with different themes or skins while providing access control options like password protection.
  • Lastly, JAlbum includes several helpful tools such as verified hosting partners and automated maintenance solutions so users can keep their galleries up-to-date without any technical knowledge.

Ekholm’s experience as a programmer gives him insight into what makes great user experiences on the web. According to him, “My goal was always to make something simple enough for anyone to use but powerful enough for professionals”.

As evidenced by its ubiquity among professional photographers, JAlbum appears to have achieved that goal. Its combination of intuitive interface design and robust feature set has made it one of the most popular programs available today for creating online photo galleries.


Future Plans For Jalbum

David Ekholm has big plans for jAlbum’s future. He intends to continue refining the software and make sure it appeals to a broad range of users, including designers, developers, photographers, and web hosts.

Ekholm is planning on introducing several new features in upcoming releases. These include improved image editing capabilities, more options for customizing photo galleries, better support for mobile devices, and enhanced privacy settings. To further enhance user experience he aims to improve performance speeds when creating thumbnails or slideshows from large sets of photos.

The following table outlines Ekholm’s short-term vision for jAlbum:

Feature  Status 
Image Editing In Development
Customization Planned Release
Mobile Support Planned Release
Privacy Settings Planned Release
Performance In Development


These enhancements will provide users with an even more intuitive and enjoyable experience while using jAlbum to create online photo galleries. Furthermore, these changes are expected to attract more people who may be interested in using this type of software but have not yet done so due to lack of certain features they need or want.



The jAlbum software offers a unique solution for users looking to create online photo galleries. It is designed with the needs of designers, developers and web hosts in mind, allowing them to easily customize their projects according to specific preferences.

Through its comprehensive features and years of development, jAlbum has become one of the leading solutions on the market today. With David Ekholm at the helm as founder and CEO, this software continues to be actively improved upon.

David shared his plans for future developments that will help further enhance user experience and design capabilities within the application. His commitment to providing customers with quality services is evident through his dedication towards constantly improving jAlbum’s resources and tools.

This provides users with an ever-evolving platform that keeps up with current trends while staying ahead of competitors in terms of efficiency and innovation.

In conclusion, jAlbum proves itself to be an invaluable resource for creating high-quality online photo galleries thanks largely in part due to its comprehensive set of features tailored specifically towards photographers, designers, developers and web hosts alike. With David Ekholm’s leadership at the helm, it will no doubt continue to remain one of the top choices when it comes to digital image gallery creation platforms.