In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, it is essential for insurance agencies to stay ahead of their competitors. ITC’s Insurance Website Builder provides an effective solution that allows agencies to compete and sell online in a hands-on design experience.

This article will discuss the features and benefits of utilizing this platform, including its user-friendly interface, customizability options, and ability to provide data insights into customer behavior.

ITC has developed a comprehensive website builder designed specifically for insurance agencies. The software features easy drag-and-drop customization capabilities as well as prebuilt templates to help simplify the process.

Users can also access detailed analytics regarding visitor engagement on their websites which can be used to inform decisions about marketing strategies or product improvements. Additionally, customers are able to take advantage of integrated platforms such as email automation tools and payment processing services.

The use of ITC’s Insurance Website Builder offers numerous benefits for agency owners looking to enhance their presence in the digital landscape. It provides an intuitive way for them to create professional websites without relying on extensive technical knowledge or resources from outside organizations.

Furthermore, by leveraging powerful analytics, users are able to gain valuable insight into how customers interact with their site which could lead to improved conversions and sales figures over time.


Overview Of Itc’S Insurance Website Builder

ITC’s Insurance Website Builder (IWB) is an online platform that provides agencies with a hands-on design experience. Through this intuitive and user-friendly interface, businesses can create customized websites tailored to their specific needs. IWB’s website designs are modern and professional, equipped with powerful features including custom webpages, contact forms, SSL security certificates, and email hosting plans.

With its intuitive drag-and-drop builder tools, users can quickly customize the look of their sites without any coding knowledge or programming skills. Additionally, IWB also offers comprehensive support services such as technical assistance and customer service representatives who can help answer questions about the platform.

Furthermore, IWB has several pricing options available so businesses can find the best plan for their budget. Ultimately, ITC’s Insurance Website Builder allows agencies to not only compete but sell directly through their own personalized website with ease.


Benefits For Agencies

ITC’s Insurance Website Builder offers a hands-on design experience for agencies looking to compete and sell online. With this platform, users are able to customize their website with ease, creating an interactive environment that is tailored for the insurance industry.

The user friendly interface allows agents to create custom landing pages, product selection screens, and checkout systems that can be easily integrated into existing websites or hosted on ITC’s secure servers. Furthermore, the system provides access to hundreds of ready-made templates, so users don’t have to worry about coding from scratch.

Additionally, ITC’s site builder supports multiple languages and currencies – ensuring maximum reach across global markets.

The website also includes advanced security measures such as two factor authentication, strong encryption algorithms and firewall protection. This ensures safe transactions between customers and agencies while protecting sensitive information at all times.

Moreover, the software comes with extensive reporting tools which allow agencies to track customer activity in real time. It also enables them to gain insightful analytics into visitor behaviour patterns which can be used to improve website performance over time. Overall, ITC’s Insurance Website Builder provides comprehensive benefits for agencies looking to build an effective online presence and boost sales conversions.


Customization Options

ITC’s Insurance Website Builder provides agencies with a hands-on design experience. Customization options enable users to create an online presence that matches their brand identity, while simultaneously appealing to potential customers. Users are able to customize multiple aspects of the website including font size, colors, navigation menus and images.

Additionally, insurance agents can add unique content such as industry specific information or business related news articles. They also have access to various marketing tools like email campaigns and search engine optimization features which help optimize visibility for their website on popular search engines.

With these customization options, ITC allows users to craft an attractive web page that is tailored to their individual needs and target audience. Furthermore, the user friendly platform makes it easy for even those without any coding knowledge to make changes quickly and easily in minutes.


Integration With Third-Party Platforms

Furthermore, ITC’s Insurance Website Builder provides agencies with the ability to integrate third-party software into their website. This includes applications such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems and marketing automation platforms.

With this feature, businesses can create a fully integrated system that allows them to manage customer relationships more effectively and automate their marketing efforts. Through integration with these popular services, companies are able to save time on manual tasks while engaging customers in an efficient manner.

Additionally, they can take advantage of specialized features like email campaigns or sales tracking that would otherwise require additional investments for implementation. Furthermore, integrating third-party software also enables agencies to maintain control over data security through secure protocols that ensure no unauthorized access is allowed from outside sources.

In sum, ITC’s Insurance Website Builder offers powerful integration capabilities that enable companies to build robust websites quickly and easily by taking full advantage of the latest technology available.


Security Features

ITC’s Insurance Website Builder provides agencies with a secure platform for their online presence. It offers high-level security features such as:

  • Secure server hosting
  • Data encryption
  • SSL certification
  • Firewall protection
  • User authentication protocols

These powerful security solutions ensure that all customer data and communication is fully protected from cyber threats, ensuring the safety of clients’ personal information. In addition to its state-of-the-art security measures, ITC also provides an intuitive user interface which allows users to easily update content on their website without needing any technical knowledge or expertise.

This makes it easier for agencies to quickly build a modern and professional looking website without having to worry about potential threats. With ITC’s insurance website builder, agencies have access to the latest tools and technologies required to effectively compete in today’s digital marketplace.


Pricing Model

ITC’s Insurance Website Builder provides an efficient and cost-effective pricing model for agencies looking to compete and sell online. The base package includes all the necessary features needed to create a professional website, such as hosting and domain registration fees, website design templates, page editing tools, SEO optimization, analytics reporting capabilities, and more.

Agencies can choose additional add-ons depending on their requirements at an extra fee. Furthermore, ITC offers flexible payment options that allow agencies to pay per month or in one annual lump sum amount.

The prices of these services vary according to the agency’s individual needs and budget. Additionally, ITC offers specialized packages tailored specifically for insurance agents with existing websites who prefer not to start from scratch but instead upgrade their current sites for better performance. With this comprehensive website builder solution available at competitive rates, agencies are sure to find the best solutions for their eCommerce needs.



In conclusion, ITC’s Insurance Website Builder is a comprehensive solution for agencies looking to create an online presence quickly and with ease. It provides the tools needed to build customized websites that are secure, reliable, and easy to use.

Additionally, its integration capabilities allow it to be effortlessly connected with third-party platforms and services. Lastly, its pricing model is tailored to fit any budget or need. All in all, ITC’s Insurance Website Builder offers a wealth of features for agencies seeking to compete and sell insurance products online.

The website builder’s intuitive design allows users to take command of their web development process from start to finish – giving them complete control over the look and feel of their site. Its flexible customization options enable businesses to create unique sites that stand out among the competition. Furthermore, its multi-layered security features provide peace of mind by safeguarding user data against malicious attacks.

Overall, this tool empowers agents by providing them with an array of robust features designed specifically for building modern insurance websites.

By leveraging these resources, they can construct stunning digital properties capable of driving higher levels of traffic while simultaneously increasing conversions rates at lower costs than traditional marketing methods.