TechTerms and Sharpened Productions Inc. Founder Per Christensson has made a lasting impression on the tech industry with his work in giving digestible definitions to technical topics.

As an innovator, he is dedicated to helping people understand technology better by providing clear explanations of difficult concepts. His contributions are invaluable for those seeking a greater understanding of the digital world.

Per Christensson’s career began as a software engineer back in 2006 at Amazon Web Services (AWS) before moving onto other prominent positions within the tech sector.

He eventually founded both TechTerms and Sharpened Productions Inc., two companies devoted to making complex topics easier to comprehend. Through these organizations, he strives to educate others about all things related to technology, from coding languages to computer hardware components.

With his extensive experience and expertise, Per Christensson offers valuable insights that help readers easily grasp even the most challenging technological terms.

He is committed to breaking down complicated concepts into simple language so that anyone can understand them without confusion or difficulty. This article will explore further how Per Christensson has revolutionized the way we learn about technology today.


Overview Of Company

Techterms and Sharpened Productions Inc. is a technology-focused company founded by Per Christensson in 2013. The organization’s primary mission is to provide users with clear, digestible definitions of technical topics that can help them navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape. Their offerings include an array of databases, glossaries, tutorials, videos, and other materials for learners of all levels.

The company works to ensure their content remains up-to-date so that readers are provided with the most relevant information possible.

They also strive to create engaging experiences that make learning fun and easy. Through these efforts, Techterms and Sharpened Productions Inc. strives to play an integral role in educating people about the latest technological developments and trends.


Background Of Per Christensson

Moving on from the overview of techterms & sharpened productions inc., this section will provide a brief look into the background and career of Per Christensson, its founder. Christensson has extensive experience in design and development for both digital products and services.

He began his career as an IT consultant at IBM Stockholm before moving to Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington where he held several senior positions focusing on product strategy. After leaving Microsoft, Christensson founded techterms & sharpened productions with the goal of making complex technical topics accessible by providing concise definitions that are easy to understand.

Christensson is also a board member of Swedish-based software company Scrive AB and serves as an advisor to various technology startups worldwide.

He holds a master’s degree in Computer Science and Human Factors from Umeå University, Sweden and is frequently invited to speak at international conferences about UX Design, Product Management, Information Architecture, Content Strategy and more.


History Of Techterms

TechTerms, a project of Sharpened Productions Inc., was founded by Per Christensson in 1995. The goal of TechTerms is to provide definitions for technical terms and topics in an understandable manner.

Initially, the website only featured short descriptions written by Christensson himself. As the site grew in popularity, more contributors joined and began providing their own explanations.

Today, TechTerms features thousands of entries on a wide range of subjects such as software engineering, computer networking, web development, programming languages, operating systems, hardware components and much more. It also includes articles from industry experts on up-to-date technology trends and news.

In addition to its online presence, TechTerms has published several books that are used worldwide for teaching or reference purposes.


Goals And Mission Of Sharpened Productions Inc.

Sharpened Productions Inc. was founded by Per Christensson with the goal of making technical topics and terms more accessible to a broad range of audiences. Through their use of simplified definitions, they strive to bridge the gap between those who understand technology and those who do not.

The mission of Sharpened Productions is twofold; firstly, to provide simple yet comprehensive explanations for complex concepts in order to make them easier to comprehend.

Secondly, they seek to create an environment where anyone can learn about technology without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated by its complexity. They want all users to feel comfortable engaging with tech topics on their own terms.


Services Offered And Benefits Of Working With Per Christensson

Per Christensson, founder of techterms and Sharpened Productions Inc., offers a range of services to help make complex technical topics more digestible. Through his expertise in creating definitions for difficult concepts, he can provide clarity on any given subject. His online presence through blogs and articles allows readers to access his work from anywhere with internet connection.

The services offered by Per Christensson include:

  • Technical Writing: He provides clear, concise explanations for complicated topics so that even the most novice reader can understand them quickly. This makes it easier for people to learn about new technology without needing extensive instruction or research.
  • Editing & Proofreading: With his experience in copywriting and editing, Per helps clients review their content before publication to ensure accuracy and consistency across different platforms. He also ensures each text adheres to the desired style guide.
  • Consulting & Training: Through lectures and workshops, Per shares valuable insights into how best to communicate effectively with an audience while maintaining brand messaging. Additionally, he is available for one-on-one consulting sessions where he can address specific challenges faced by organizations when tackling technical topics within their marketing strategy.

Working with Per Christensson has many benefits; these include gaining access to specialized knowledge on technical subjects which would otherwise be unavailable as well as receiving professional advice tailored specifically for your company’s needs.

Furthermore, taking advantage of his expertise will result in increased engagement with your target market due to improved communication methods employed in your content writing process.


Examples Of Technical Topics And Definitions Provided

With a wealth of experience and knowledge, Per Christensson provides digestible definitions for technical topics. Examples of these topics include artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), big data analytics, natural language processing (NLP) and software engineering.

AI is often used to describe machines that are capable of completing tasks usually associated with human intelligence such as speech recognition or decision making while ML focuses on algorithms that can “learn” from patterns in data without requiring explicit programming instructions.

Big Data Analytics involves the use of advanced technologies and techniques to collect, process, analyze large volumes of unstructured data which can be utilized by organizations for better decisions-making. NLP is a subfield of computer science dealing with how computers interact with humans through natural languages like English.

Finally, Software Engineering focuses on designing and developing reliable software systems using well-defined scientific principles, methods and procedures. With his vast expertise in technology, Per Christensson strives to provide clear definitions to complex concepts so anyone can understand them.



Sharpened Productions Inc. and TechTerms, founded by Per Christensson offer a wide range of services to those who seek to understand technical topics in an easy-to-digest manner. With the goal of making complex concepts more accessible, they have crafted definitions for numerous terms that are often used but rarely understood within the tech community.

Through providing such information, Sharpened Productions Inc. is actively pushing for better education around technology and its related subject matter among all age groups and experience levels.

The ability to provide clear explanations on subjects from artificial intelligence to cybersecurity has been essential in helping many people gain knowledge without having to invest too much time or energy into researching it themselves.

As a result, Sharpened Productions Inc. has become increasingly popular with both businesses and individuals looking for understandable answers about technologies and their respective applications.

Per Christensson’s work with Sharpened Productions Inc. and TechTerms demonstrates his commitment to breaking down barriers between tech jargon and everyday language users can comprehend easily. His dedication towards this mission not only helps others learn quickly but also provides valuable insight into how different technologies interact with one another as well as what potential opportunities exist when these tools are properly leveraged together.