When it comes to choosing a web hosting service, there are many factors that one must consider. Two of the most popular services are A Small Orange and GoDaddy. Both offer various features and capabilities, so making an informed decision can be difficult. This article will discuss the different characteristics of these two services in order to aid readers in their decision-making process.

The first section of this article will compare the prices offered by each provider as well as any promotional offers they might have available. It will then move on to discussing their reliability and security measures before comparing customer support options and overall performance. Finally, readers will be able to draw conclusions based on all the information provided in order to decide which web hosting service is best suited for them according to their individual needs.

This comparison between A Small Orange vs. GoDaddy aims to provide readers with enough knowledge about both services so that they may make an educated decision when selecting a web host for their website or online business venture.


Overview Of Hosting Services

When selecting a hosting service, two popular providers are A Small Orange and GoDaddy. Both offer reliable hosting with features that vary depending on the customer’s needs. Each service provides shared hosting plans as well as packages for dedicated servers, virtual private servers (VPS), cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller accounts, and more.

A Small Orange offers three tiers of shared hosting services: basic, business and pro. All plans come with unlimited data transfer and storage space, automated backups every week or month depending on the plan chosen, free domain registration if needed; 24/7 customer support is also available in multiple languages including French Spanish German etc. For an additional fee they provide daily malware scans to protect against malicious software attacks from outside sources. GoDaddy provides four different types of web-hosting options:

Economy Basic Deluxe Ultimate which all include unlimited bandwidth and storage but do not come with any type of backup protection unless opted for separately at an extra cost. They have extensive technical support through a phone number email chat system in addition to offering up to 2X faster performance than other competitors’ services by using SSDs instead of traditional hard drives for their server setup. Additionally both companies offer monthly or yearly subscription periods with discounts given when signing up for longer terms such as a year or more upfront payments.


Comparison Of Features

A Small Orange and GoDaddy offer a variety of features for web hosting services. A Small Orange provides unlimited disk space, bandwidth, domain names, email accounts and databases with their hosting packages. With the ‘Business’ package they also provide additional features such as automated backups, SSL/TLS certificates and an enhanced control panel. They also have specialized support staff available 24/7 to assist customers with technical issues.

GoDaddy offers similar features but includes some unique advantages like one-click installation of 125+ applications through its cPanel Hosting Control Panel, free website migration and daily malware scans. Additionally, they guarantee 99% uptime on all plans while providing guaranteed security protection against malicious attacks and viruses. Both companies offer competitive prices for their services in comparison to other providers in the market.


Pricing Structures

Pricing structures for A Small Orange and GoDaddy are distinct from one another. Firstly, A Small Orange does not have a monthly pricing structure available – all of their plans require an annual commitment. The most basic plan for shared hosting starts at $7 per month if paid annually, while the highest tier is priced at $25 per month with an annual commitment. On the other hand, GoDaddy offers both monthly and yearly payment options. Their lowest tier starts out as low as $2.99 per month on a 12-month agreement or $4.99 per month without a contract; however, this plan only includes 10GB storage space which may be insufficient for some users’ needs.

GoDaddy also offers different tiers of VPS hosting:

  1. Economy – starting at $5/mo (renews at $10/mo)
  2. Value – starting at $15/mo (renews at $30/mo)
  3. Deluxe – starting at $29/mo (renews at$59/mo )
  4. Ultimate – starting at $44/ mo (renews at$89 /mo ).

For those looking to build large websites that need more resources than what shared hosting can provide, these types of packages offer substantially better value for money over time when compared to shared hosting plans by A Small Orange or others in the market.


Uptime And Performance

Both A Small Orange (ASO) and GoDaddy offer reliable hosting services with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. ASO offers Linux-based shared hosting plans along with VPS, managed WordPress and reseller accounts. Their servers are located in the US and Europe to optimize website performance for various geographical locations. This ensures that websites hosted on their platform will be up and running most of the time without any disruptions due to server downtime or latency issues.

GoDaddy has one of the largest web hosting infrastructures in the world, providing access to millions of customers around the world through its data centers located across five continents. While they also offer many different types of hosting solutions like virtual private servers, dedicated servers, domain registration, cloud storage etc., they focus more heavily on shared hosting than A Small Orange does. The company boasts an impressive uptime record which is backed by strong customer service support available 24×7 via phone, email and live chat.


Customer Support Services

Having explored the uptime and performance of A Small Orange and GoDaddy, we now turn to the customer support services they offer. In terms of customer service quality, the two companies have different approaches, as outlined in the table below:

Feature  A Small Orange GoDaddy
Live Chat Support? Yes (24/7) No (only 9am-5pm PST)
Phone Support? Yes (8am-12am EST) Yes (24/7)
Email Response Time? 1 hour or less 3 hours or more
Knowledge Base Articles? Extensive library available Limited selection available


From these features it is clear that A Small Orange provides a higher level of customer support than GoDaddy by offering 24/7 live chat support with an average response time of one hour or less for email inquiries. By contrast, GoDaddy only offers phone support around the clock but its knowledge base articles are limited compared to those offered by A Small Orange. As such, customers seeking immediate help will likely find better assistance from A Small Orange whereas those with more complex technical issues may benefit from speaking directly with a representative at GoDaddy due to their larger staff size and longer operating hours.



A Small Orange and GoDaddy are both reliable web hosting providers. In terms of features, A Small Orange offers a wide variety of services including unlimited bandwidth and disk space, free SSL certificates, website builder tools, and email accounts for an affordable price. GoDaddy also provide similar features but their plans can be more expensive than those offered by A Small Orange. Both companies offer great customer support with helpful staff available to assist customers whenever needed.

When considering which provider is the most suitable for your needs, it is important to compare the prices, features and other services offered by each company in order to make an informed decision. Additionally, it is advisable to read online reviews from existing customers who have used either service before making a commitment. Ultimately, both A Small Orange and GoDaddy have many benefits that could suit different types of businesses or individuals seeking quality web hosting solutions at reasonable rates.



It is evident that both a Small Orange and GoDaddy offer reliable hosting services. However, based on the features compared in this article, it appears that a Small Orange offers more comprehensive service packages than does GoDaddy. Considering its comparatively low pricing structure and uptime guarantee of 99.9%, as well as its superior customer support options, a Small Orange provides an overall better hosting experience for users seeking quality web hosting services at affordable prices. Thus, it can be said that a Small Orange is the most suitable option for those who require efficient and cost-effective web hosting solutions without sacrificing performance or reliability.