In today’s digital landscape, having a professional and eye-catching website has become a necessity for businesses and individuals alike. While numerous website builders are accessible on the market, finding one that offers a free domain name as part of the package is a definite plus. This feature simplifies the process of launching your site and can save you money on domain registration fees.

When considering the best website makers with included free domain names, it is essential to compare their features and capabilities to ensure that they match your needs and requirements. This article will discuss several popular and user-friendly website builders that provide free domain names as part of their service offerings. These tools will empower you to create and launch your website effortlessly while enjoying the benefits of a customized domain name at no additional cost.


Wix is a popular website builder that offers a free plan with a range of features. It is an ideal choice for beginners and experienced users alike because of its user-friendly interface and customizable templates. With Wix, you can create a professional-looking website without having to write a single line of code.

Although Wix’s free plan doesn’t include a custom domain name, it does offer a branded Wix domain, e.g., To connect your custom domain, you need to upgrade to a paid plan. However, when you do upgrade, Wix offers a free domain voucher for the first year, giving you access to a professional domain name.

Wix’s website builder comes with numerous essential features and tools, including:

  • Over 900 customizable templates
  • Drag-and-drop website builder
  • Mobile optimization
  • SEO tools
  • Social media integration
  • Wix App Market (free and paid apps)

Additionally, Wix offers an Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) feature, which can automatically create a website for you based on your preferences and needs. It simplifies the process further, giving you more time to focus on your content.

As you start growing your online presence, you might need more advanced features. Wix provides several premium plans that cater to different needs, such as unlimited bandwidth, more storage, and e-commerce functionality.


Weebly is a popular and user-friendly free website builder that allows users to create websites, blogs, and online stores. Weebly offers customizable templates and easy-to-use tools, making it an excellent choice for small businesses.

One of Weebly’s advantageous features is the ability to use a custom domain with their free plan. According to Making That Website, Weebly is among the top free website builders that offer this feature.

With Weebly, users have access to a wide range of pre-designed templates and a drag-and-drop editor, which makes website building simple and efficient. Weebly also offers website analytics and SEO tools, enabling users to optimize their sites for better search engine visibility.

For those looking to set up an online store, Weebly positions itself as an ideal choice. Weebly offers eCommerce features and supports multiple payment methods, including PayPal and Stripe.

In summary, Weebly stands out as a reliable free website builder that offers custom domain support, a user-friendly interface, and robust tools for creating websites, blogs, or online stores. Its features cater to the needs of small businesses and make it a popular choice among users. is a popular choice for creating free websites, and it offers the option of connecting to a custom domain for users who upgrade to a paid plan. While the free plan is limited, their premium plans provide more themes, customization options, and the ability to add custom plugins.

Some of the key features of include:

  • Large selection of professional and customizable themes.
  • Beginner-friendly website building experience.
  • Integrated blogging features with a great blogging platform.
  • Compatibility with any device, with responsive design.
  • Access to a wide variety of plugins and third-party tools (available in their paid plans).

Choosing a paid plan comes with additional advantages:

Feature Free Plan Paid Plan
Custom Domain Connection No Yes
Advanced Themes Limited selection Full access
Custom Plugins No Yes
Customer Support Community Support Priority Support

One potential drawback of is the learning curve associated with customizing the platform, especially for users who are new to website building. However, it remains a popular choice for both beginners and experienced users thanks to its versatility and powerful features.


SITE123 is a popular free website builder that is easy to use even for those with no design or coding skills. It is an attractive option, especially for people wanting to create portfolio websites, as it offers a free domain name for the first year when you upgrade to one of their premium plans.

Some of the features you can expect with SITE123 include responsive web design, which ensures your site looks great on all devices, an extensive selection of templates to choose from, and built-in SEO tools to help improve your site’s visibility in search results.

SITE123 also provides an e-commerce platform for those wanting to sell products or services online. The e-commerce platform enables you to accept various payment methods, manage your inventory, and track your sales.

Using PAGE123’s intuitive website editor, you can quickly customize the appearance of your site, add pages, insert multimedia, and embed widgets. Additionally, the platform offers 24/7 customer support to help you with any issues or questions you may have.

While the free plan comes with a branded domain and is limited in features, upgrading to a premium plan will remove ads, give you access to additional features, and provide you with a free domain name. If you’re interested in a simple, user-friendly solution for creating a professional-looking website with a free domain, SITE123 is a strong contender.


Jimdo is a popular website builder originating from Hamburg, Germany. It offers an all-in-one solution for small businesses, including websites, online stores, bookings, logos, SEO, analytics, domains, and hosting. One of its advantages is the availability of a free plan, which is specifically designed for beginners looking for extra help while setting up their online presence.

Being listed as one of the best free website builders and recommended by Forbes Advisor, Jimdo stands out for its AI-powered website creation feature that simplifies the process. Users can enjoy the benefits of a user-friendly interface and a set of essential features even with the free plan.

For those looking to establish a bigger online presence, Jimdo offers affordable paid plans that allow users to connect with their own domain. Here are some of its key features:

  • AI-driven website creation
  • Responsive design
  • SEO tools
  • eCommerce capabilities
  • Analytics and performance tracking

Although the free plan restricts some functionalities, such as premium templates and advanced SEO tools, it still remains a solid choice for individuals or small businesses interested in creating a professional-looking website with a free domain name.


In today’s competitive online market, it’s essential to have a strong web presence. Utilizing a website builder with a free domain name is an excellent way to start. Several options are available, but the key is to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Some popular choices like Wix and Hubspot offer a diverse range of templates and features that cater to different business types. It’s important to consider the ease of use, customization options, and support available when selecting a website builder.

Lastly, remember that the free domain name is typically limited to a subdomain, which may not convey the same level of professionalism as a custom domain. However, it can still be an effective starting point for new businesses, personal projects, or for testing out designs and content creation.

As you continue to grow and expand your online presence, consider investing in a premium domain name and additional features to further enhance your website’s credibility and user experience.