The web hosting industry is a rapidly expanding market, with more and more businesses offering services to meet the needs of website owners. Two of these companies are JustHost and iPage, both providing comprehensive web hosting solutions that promise great service at competitive prices. This article examines how each provider stacks up against one another in terms of features, pricing structure and customer support.

JustHost is a widely known host providing excellent reliability for those who need dependable performance from their websites. They offer various packages including shared hosting plans, VPS servers and dedicated server options as well as domain registration services.

In addition, they provide unlimited disk space, bandwidth and email accounts plus several other useful features. Furthermore, customers have access to an easy-to-use control panel for managing their sites.

iPage has also been gaining popularity among small business owners looking for reliable web hosting without breaking the bank. The company provides similar features found on JustHost such as unlimited disk space, bandwidth and email accounts but offers additional extras like free marketing credits and security tools designed to protect your site from malicious attacks or data loss.

Additionally, the user interface provided by iPage makes it easy to set up domains, manage databases and install applications quickly.


Overview Of Web Hosting Services

Web hosting services are an integral part of the online world. These services allow individuals and businesses to store websites on a remote server accessed through the Internet. When choosing a web hosting service, it is important to compare different providers in order to determine which one best meets their needs. Two popular web hosting companies are Justhost and iPage.

Justhost offers many features including unlimited disk storage space, bandwidth, domains, email accounts, domain privacy protection and additional security measures such as SSL certification.

They also provide 99% uptime guarantee with 24/7 customer support by phone or chat. Additionally, they offer free setup and installation for customers who use WordPress or Joomla CMS systems.

iPage provides several features that can be beneficial for small business owners looking for an affordable web hosting solution. Their plans include unlimited disk storage space, unmetered data transfer, website builder tools and access to more than 150 applications like WordPress and Joomla CMS systems.

They also have daily backups as well as malware scanning technology for added security purposes. Furthermore, iPage offers a 30-day money back guarantee so customers can try out their services before committing long term.


Hosting Plans And Pricing Comparison

Having discussed the overview of web hosting services, it is important to compare the plans and prices offered by Justhost and iPage. The two companies have different offerings for their customers in terms of website hosting packages.

Justhost offers three shared hosting plans that range from $3.95/month up to $13.95/month depending on the features required for each plan. All plans include a free domain name, unlimited disk space, email accounts, MySQL databases and FTP access as well as a site builder with more than 150 templates included. Additionally, they offer dedicated server hosting which starts at $109 per month.

Meanwhile, iPage offers four VPS hosting plans starting at $19.99 per month going up to $119.99 per month while also providing an ‘Essential’ plan which includes all basic features such as unlimited storage, bandwidth and domains for only $1.99 per month plus a setup fee of around $30 dollars.. Additionally, they provide a merchant account service which allows customers to accept credit cards payments through their websites for an additional monthly fee of about 2%.

Overall both companies offer competitive rates for budget-conscious users looking for reliable web hosting solutions with good value for money spent. Additionally, when making comparisons between them is important to consider what kind of package best suits one’s individual needs taking into consideration available budgets and technical requirements.


Security And Reliability

When evaluating hosting services, security and reliability are two of the most important factors to consider. JustHost provides a variety of features that help ensure both security and reliability. Their servers utilize firewalls to protect against malicious attacks, while their data centers have physical and electronic surveillance systems in place for additional protection.

Additionally, they offer daily backups of all websites hosted on their servers which helps prevent loss of data due to server outages or other unexpected events.

iPage also offers reliable security measures with its hosting plans. They provide state-of-the-art anti-virus software as well as regular malware scans to keep sites safe from malicious threats.

Furthermore, iPage has implemented advanced encryption protocols for secure transactions and communications between users and their website. In addition, iPage utilizes redundant power supplies to ensure that customers’ websites remain online even in the event of an outage or other service disruption.


Website Design Tools And Features

Moving on from the discussion of security and reliability, this section will compare website design tools and features offered by Justhost vs iPage. Both hosting services provide a number of different web-building options for users to choose from. With Justhost, customers are able to use both cPanel-based sites as well as WordPress websites. In addition, they offer several free site templates that can be customized with drag-and-drop tools.

For those looking for more advanced design capabilities however, their Weebly platform provides an array of professional themes and plugins that enable users to create highly customized sites in minutes.

On the other hand, iPage offers its own exclusive site builder called SimpleSite which is designed specifically for beginners who may not have much experience creating websites. This easy-to-use system allows customers to quickly launch their own custom designs without any coding knowledge or technical expertise required.

Additionally, it also includes over 500 professionally-designed templates so that users can get started right away with minimal effort. Ultimately, each customer must decide which type of website design best suits their needs before making a final decision about which hosting service is most suitable for them.


Technical Support Options

Justhost and iPage both offer technical support options to their customers. Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via phone or email for Justhost customers. Customers may also access the Knowledge Base section of the website which contains an extensive collection of help articles covering common issues that arise with hosting plans.

iPage offers customer service by telephone and through live chat as well as by email. The company has also created its own Extensive Library of user guides and tutorials to assist customers in solving any problems they might encounter while using the company’s services. Additionally, there are many online forums where users can ask questions and get answers from other members of the community who have experienced similar issues.


Pros And Cons

Having discussed technical support options for JustHost and iPage in the previous section, this article will now explore the pros and cons of each web hosting provider.

To begin with, JustHost offers a number of advantages:

  1. Unlimited disk space at no additional cost;
  2. A free domain name registration when signing up;
  3. No hidden fees or contracts;
  4. Excellent customer service 24/7 worldwide.

In addition to these features, JustHost also provides users with access to cPanel control panel, shared SSL certificate, WordPress platform installation, and more than $500 worth of advertising credits to promote websites on search engines such as Google and Yahoo!.

On the other hand, iPage has its own set of benefits:

  1. Affordable monthly payment plans;
  2. Free website building tools;
  3. Money-back guarantee within 30 days;
  4. Access to cPanel control panel along with many other useful applications such as Drupal and Joomla!.

Moreover, it allows customers to host an unlimited number of domains from one account so that they can manage all their websites efficiently without having to switch between multiple accounts.

Overall, both providers offer great services but there are definite differences between them which should be taken into consideration before choosing a web host provider for your business needs. It is important to weigh carefully the pros and cons of each option based on what you need from your website in order to make an informed decision about which web hosting provider is right for you.



In conclusion, when considering web hosting services from justhost and ipage, there are a few factors to consider. These include pricing plans, security and reliability of service, website design tools and features, as well as the technical support options available. It is important to weigh up all these elements in order to make an informed decision about which provider best meets individual needs and preferences.

Taking into account each aspect carefully can help ensure that the right choice is made regarding web hosting services for any particular project or purpose. Ultimately it will be down to personal preference and budget; however making an educated selection based on comprehensive research should increase the chances of finding a suitable solution with both justhost and ipage being viable contenders in this regard.