What are my picks for the top hosting companies for 2019?

My picks are unorthodox because I look at things from a very practical perspective. For example, a lot of hosting reviews talk about “uptime” — which is ridiculous. There’s no effective difference between 99.95% and 99.92% uptime, but they will rate companies on this. As long as their uptime is reasonable, it is all the same.

Approximate Transcription:

Hello, David at mybesthostingreview.com. This video’s about the top three hosting companies for 2019. I have used over 100 hosting companies and this is my culmination of all that testing after building thousands of websites. The right hosting company can make your life so much smoother, to where you pretty much don’t know that they’re there. And when you do have to interact with them, it goes easy. And even with bad hosting companies, a lot of times, you don’t have to interact with them very often but when you do, it can be a huge pain. I have, with the wrong hosting company, I have lost over $50,000, a big, big client because they messed up really big, and it made me look really, really bad. Big lesson learned there. So here are my judgment criteria.
Number one, and if you’ve seen my other videos, which I recommend you check out, not owned by EIG. This is Endurance International Group. Okay, this is a company that they buy other hosting companies and then they strip their support in order to be more profitable, and as a result the quality of the hosting goes down. It’s not just the support but that’s the most obvious example. For example, I was a long time Bluehost customer many years ago before EIG bought them. And they were bought by EIG and immediately the support just fell off of a cliff. Not only that, but the quality of the product, I was paying for really expensive, like dedicated server which I thought was like, “Oh this is safe to use for a big client.” And it just wasn’t. And the support was just terrible once I switched over, and doing more research I found out, oh this a common thing. And so you can come here and if they’re on here. I’m not sure this is a completely full list but it is a list and I try to avoid them. Although sometimes I still test these out.
There can be some differences. It’s not like they merge every single company into one. So there can be some differences but if they’re on here, I would definitely avoid them. There’s plenty of other good hosting companies now owned by this company that I do not like. I do not make a moral judgment on them, it’s more just from a consumer standpoint, I would never recommend them. Okay so they also need what I would call a true cPanel. I don’t know why companies do this and especially a lot of companies that had cPanels, true cPanels that moved to sort of their own version of the cPanel, and they call it a cPanel. But this is a critical factor to quickly and easily moving forward with the things that you need to do from a hosting standpoint. A really good cPanel makes it so that you don’t need like a high level of technical experience to do some really important technical things from a hosting and website standpoint. So this is what a true cPanel looks like. This is a more up-to-date skin. There are some older skins, let me see if I can find one for you.
This is the most modern one. Here’s what an older one looks like and it’s really the same exact thing, they just made it look a little prettier and more modern. This is totally fine, this has everything you need, it’s very quick and easy to use. It means that it’s easier to hire someone to make changes to your hosting account and a lot of times, there’s some really simple things that you’d be surprised you can do with a good true cPanel. And one thing that you typically get when you have a company with a true cPanel is you get one or more SQL databases and then a quick WordPress install. You need to have at least one SQL database in order to install WordPress. And then there’s just like one click, you fill out a couple of things, you basically give a title to your site and give some access information and then you can install WordPress very quickly, which I highly recommend. All of these companies will have excellent support and not be massively overpriced.
Actually I want to go back to the support thing, this is something that is one of the biggest problems with the EIG. Their support, it’s just the difference between, with Bluehost, with before and after, and the difference with other companies is … It’s just very noticeable. And not only that, but EIG also raises the prices, that they really try to squeeze every dollar out of all the customers they currently have. And I don’t like that. I mean, there’s so many hosting companies out there that you can get for a reasonable price. That to pay a lot of the EIG companies that try to charge you about $180 a year which is outrageous, that the posting better be awesome. It would be one thing if that $180 dollars provided excellent support and was awesome in so many other ways. Even then, I wouldn’t want to pay for it, the most I’d want to pay it. For really good hosting, it’s probably about 100-$120. While you can get it cheaper, it’s not always about getting it cheaper. That’s per year so that’s still pretty inexpensive.
Okay so let’s move into number three: Namecheap. So I really like Namecheap, I use them a lot. They’re one of my favorites and have been for a long time. They’re not owned by EIG, they have a classic true cPanel, they have databases in WordPress and they’re actually the least expensive of these. But while their support is good, I don’t like the way they have their support set up. They don’t use a ticketing system, at least not in the way that I like it. It’s more either chat or phone, and I prefer to be a little like submit a ticket and come back to it later. I don’t really like doing chat and I also don’t like making a phone call. And so that is my problem with them. But at the same time if you’re looking for a really cheap host, that has all the things you really need, go with Namecheap. They’re quite excellent, I just can’t complain about them. Other than using their support, which I don’t usually have to.
Number two is SiteGround. I really like SiteGround; they’re not owned by EIG, last I checked at the shooting of this video. They have a cPanel, they have databases, they have WordPress, they have excellent support, they’re gonna be a bit more expensive than Namecheap. But I think it’s worth it. Again this is a pretty close call I think. They’re kind of different. I do prefer SiteGround if it’s a really important website, I would choose SiteGround over them; I prefer their support system. Again, it’s not like you’re gonna get really horrible support with Namecheap and really great support with SiteGround. They’re both gonna have responsive support, I just prefer the way that SiteGround support is set up.
And for my top hosting company for 2019, a drum roll please. We have A2 Hosting. They check off all the boxes. I even created a nice fancy icon for this. They’re not owned by EIG, they have the cPanel, they have the databases in WordPress and quick install, they have top notch support. I have no complaints about them, every time I use them I’m totally happy. It’s fast, they check off all the boxes and then some and I have not found any downsides to them. Any issue that anybody has ever complained about with them, they have been very fast in responding to them. And I haven’t personally experienced that, any serious issues with them. So they are my number one recommendation for 2019. Let me know what company you like the most for hosting. Put it in the comments and if I haven’t checked them out, I’ll check them out. If I have, then I’ll let you know what my experiences are with them. Thanks for watching, and have a great day. Make sure to click the like or subscribe if you enjoyed this video. Thanks, bye.