Weebly and Bluehost are two of the most popular hosting companies on the internet. They also couldn’t be more different from one another.

Which one is best for you?

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Approximate Video Transcription:
Hi David here from mybesthostingreview.com, this video is about Weebly versus Bluehost Hosting. I’ve used Bluehost for about ten years now, they’re one of the first hosts I’ve used. I’ve gone through their ownership transitions, I’m very familiar with how they work. I’ve used Weebly for about two and a half years as well, I’ve used over 100 different hosting companies, so I know all the different things that I want and the typical things that hosts do or don’t do.
The number one feature I look for is what I call a “c panel” and there’s sort of faux c panels and then there’s the standard real c panel. Bluehost has a faux c panel which is why I don’t like it a whole lot, but it’s still better than what Weebly has. So this is kind of what their c panel looks like, so it’s very close to what I would see with a real c panel. Just has like a different scan and slightly different features. I don’t like when they do that it just seems kind of unnecessary.
This is what a backend of Weebly looks like. It’s more like a drag and drop type feature, which in order to like get started and put up the website really quick, like if you have no experience on how to set up a website this is probably going to get you up a little bit quicker. At the same time ultimately it’s going to cost you time and energy because it’s just more work and really it’d be closer to compare this backend to WordPress, which as you can see right here you can easily install with Bluehost. WordPress is going to be much more efficient from a lot of different standpoints than Weebly.
I’d say it’s a better comparison to compare Weebly to WordPress, while Weebly is a hosting company, for the most part I think what they sell is their content management system or CMS which is much more closely aligned with WordPress which is very easy to install with Bluehost which is why I like it. In terms of getting advanced things installed, or getting help from a website technician, WordPress is going to be much easier than Weebly. At the same time Weebly does have pretty good support, so they’re going to be able to help you with that, but I think overall you’re going to be able to do more for less energy, resources with WordPress and Bluehost than you’re going to be able to do with Weebly.
So, WordPress compatibility … Obviously Bluehost, you can’t install WordPress on Weebly, it’s pointless. There’s no point to even consider that. WordPress is definitely the best content management system, it has it’s flaws, but they can be easily offset and by in large it has the most amount of support that you can find among someone like a professional. There’s things you can do with WordPress that maybe takes you five minutes to set up that you might have to hire a web designer, or technician and pay them many hours to get done.
The support is better for Weebly, I’ll mention it’s because Bluehost was bought by EIG. EIG is a company that … And I was actually a customer of theirs before they were bought, and after they were bought. They’re a company that comes in and they buy hosting companies and they strip their support, or streamline their support to where it’s definitely worse. You get longer wait times. Their support isn’t like terrible, but it’s definitely not good. It used to be really good and they also find ways to add on to the pricing. To ding you in different ways and to find ways to increase the amount of money they could get. But by in large they just strip their support and they take extra profit from it. So the support of Weebly’s definitely going to be a lot better.
Pricing offers, Bluehost I’d say it has a slight advantage. The first year’s $59 and it’s $108 every year after that. So if you go to Bluehost, this is Bluehost’s shared web hosting … So you go hosting, excuse me, shared hosting, you see 3.95 times 12 … You think you could get it for $47 in a year, but that’s not true. It’s only if you order it for three years, or more, your first year’s more like $71 after … I don’t think my calculation is actually, this used to be lower so they’ve raised this price. I used to be able to get it for $59 and it’s going to be more expensive after that and … Weebly, sorry, is $96 per year, let’s take a look at that. So you’ve got $8 paid annually, so that’s 8 times 12 is 96.
I can’t remember if they still allow you to do monthly, I don’t think they allow that anymore, but their lowest paid level if you do anything lower than that they’ll put their ads on there. Displays Weebly ads which you definitely don’t want. If you have a website of any seriousness you definitely don’t want ads. It should come with a free domain … There it is, free domain, so that means the first year you register the domain it’s going to cost … So you get free domain, you get tie. Because they both basically get free domain.
Overall, I think that the pricing here, assuming that this doesn’t just jack up in the second year which sometimes they … I would not be surprised if they do it … Slight edge to Bluehost for pricing. Okay EIG, Weebly is not owned by EIG last I checked, so that’s good. I don’t like EIG. Their whole business model is to buy hosting companies that are profitable and make them more profitable by stripping their support and by, in some cases, increasing their pricing.
So who do I recommend? I’d recommend neither. I’m not a big fan of either one of these companies, I will put a link in the description below of my favorite company why I think they’re my favorite company if you follow that follow through on that link. I definitely recommend you do that. I don’t have a lot of big needs here, in terms of what I think needs to be there in order for a hosting company to provide the kind of support that you need and it’s not just about support, it’s about the features as well and neither one of these has a true c panel like I like it and I definitely would never recommend a company owned by Bluehost and I’m not a big fan of companies that are kind of like this.
Like I had done their [inaudible] Squarespace, Squarespace is a lot like this they’re hosting and a content management system. I don’t like that. It leaves a lot of features on the table, there’s certain things you just can’t do with that. Ultimately, I think it will cost you more money, more energy, more resources to be able to do that, even though you might be able to get up a website much sooner.
So click the link below and we’ll talk about the hosting company that I actually do recommend and why and go from there, thanks for watching. Let me know what you think.