The internet has revolutionized the way businesses operate. A key factor in this transformation is how companies create and manage their websites. Wix and Volusion are two of the leading website builders, offering an array of features to help entrepreneurs establish a successful online presence. In this article we will discuss ‘The Surprising Truth’ about these two services and compare them on critical factors such as cost, design options and customer support.

Both Wix and Volusion are suitable for businesses from all industries, however there is no one-size fits all solution when it comes to creating a website. It is important to understand the differences between these two popular platforms so that potential users can make an informed decision for their business needs.

We will explore both Wix and Volusion’s strengths and weaknesses in depth in order to identify which platform best meets individual requirements. By carefully examining each service we hope to uncover some surprising truths that may influence your choice of web builder going forward.


Overview Of Wix And Volusion

Wix and Volusion are two of the most popular ecommerce platforms available today. Both offer a range of features to help entrepreneurs create an effective online store. Wix is a cloud-based, drag-and-drop website builder that enables users to quickly design beautiful websites without coding or technical expertise. It offers a wide selection of customizable templates and easy integration with third party apps such as payment gateways and analytics tools.

Volusion is also a hosted solution for building an online store which provides customers with intuitive tools to customize their stores’ look and feel while offering powerful site management capabilities. Volusion includes built-in marketing options such as discounts, coupons, loyalty programs, email campaigns and product reviews. Additionally, it has excellent customer service support through phone and live chat.

Both Wix and Volusion have strong offerings in terms of creating aesthetically pleasing sites that can be easily managed by non-technical users. However, there are some significant differences between them when it comes to pricing plans, functionality, scalability and security – all of which will impact the success of any given business’s online presence. In light of this fact, it is important to understand how these two services compare in order to make an informed decision about which platform best suits one’s needs


Features Comparison

When comparing Wix and Volusion, it is important to take a look at the features that each platform provides. Both offer extensive hosting options for eCommerce stores and provide easy-to-use tools for those who are not experts in web design. However, there are some differences worth noting when it comes to the features provided by each service.

Wix offers an array of features designed to make creating stunning websites easier than ever. Its drag-and-drop website builder allows users to create professional looking sites without any coding knowledge or experience required. It also includes other helpful tools such as templates, SEO optimization, mobile compatibility, online payment processing support, and more. Additionally, its Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) feature can automatically generate a personalized website based on user input and preferences.

Volusion’s offerings include core eCommerce essentials like product catalogs with unlimited items and categories, secure checkout pages, customer accounts tracking capabilities, email marketing functionality, automated tax calculations and discounts engine customization options. Furthermore, they have several distinctive features including one-page checkout which makes purchasing from your store faster and simpler for customers; abandon cart recovery so you don’t lose potential sales; order fulfillment automation; advanced analytics reports; integration with Amazon Marketplace; multiple payment gateways support and much more. In comparison to Wix’s ADI tool, Volusion has no equivalent automated site building system although their intuitive dashboard gives store owners full control over every part of their shop’s setup process.

Overall both platforms provide comprehensive sets of features needed to launch successful ecommerce businesses but while Wix may be better suited for beginners due to its AI driven design capabilities, experienced operators might find more value in Volusion’s powerful suite of solutions tailored specifically for running an efficient online store.


Pricing And Plans

When it comes to pricing and plans, both Wix and Volusion offer a range of options. In terms of features included in the different plans, however, there are some notable differences.

For instance, with Wix all users get access to features such as mobile optimization, site search engines and contact forms regardless of the plan they choose. With Volusion however, only their Business Plus and Prime plans include these features. As for payment processing fees, Volusion charges 3% on top of the transaction cost while Wix does not charge any additional fees.

In addition, when comparing the two platforms’ feature sets side-by-side—including ecommerce tools like inventory management systems or product variations—Volusion offers more customization options than Wix does. The bottom line is that if you want to have complete control over your store’s design and functionality then Volusion might be the better choice for you.


Ease Of Use

When comparing Wix and Volusion from the perspective of ease of use, both platforms offer distinct advantages over one another.

Wix is a visual drag-and-drop platform that allows users to build sites with no coding or design experience required. This makes it easy for new website owners to quickly create a stunning site without any prior technical background:

  • Users can add content simply by dragging and dropping elements into their page layout.
  • Themes are highly customizable, allowing even more experienced techies to make quick changes that still look good.
  • Wix also offers great customer support options so users have an immediate resource if they get stuck while building their sites.

Volusion on the other hand has been around longer than Wix and its user interface reflects this maturity. It provides merchants with access to powerful features such as advanced inventory management, custom domain mapping, real-time shipping rates and payment processing capabilities right out of the box. However, all these features come at the cost of having some upfront learning curve before being able to fully utilize them:

  • With Volusion there is less flexibility in terms of customization compared to Wix which may be intimidating for those who aren’t comfortable developing websites using code.
  • The lack of ready made templates also require more creative effort when creating designs for stores built on Volusion but often times this payoff through increased store visibility and sales conversions due to unique template designs that stand out from competitors.
  • Although not as intuitive as Wix’s drag-and-drop system, Volusion does provide helpful tutorials and videos that explain how each feature works making it easier for first time ecommerce entrepreneurs learn how to properly manage their online stores .

Ultimately, deciding between Wix and Volusion comes down personal preference; with both offering distinct advantages depending on what type of website owner you are looking to become – novice or expert alike can find success either way.


Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, both Wix and Volusion offer a variety of options. Both companies provide phone assistance in addition to email and live chat. Wix also offers the ability for customers to book appointments with technical support directly from their website.

Volusion boasts an expansive knowledge base that is well organized into categories, which can help customers find answers quickly without having to contact customer service representatives. Furthermore, they have numerous tutorials available online for users who require further assistance.

Both platforms are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and offer various methods of obtaining support depending on user needs. They strive to ensure satisfaction by offering convenient solutions and quick response times.


Pros & Cons

Having discussed the customer support offered by Wix and Volusion, this section will focus on their respective pros and cons.
Both platforms offer a wide range of features to help businesses launch an online store. Wix is known for its highly customizable website templates as well as its integrated marketing tools such as email campaigns and social media integration. It also offers drag-and-drop page building capabilities that make it easy for users to create attractive websites without any coding experience.

Additionally, Wix provides hosting services and domain names at competitive prices. However, Wix does not integrate with third-party payment gateways or accounting software like Volusion’s platform does, making it more difficult to manage transactions and finances through the site.

In comparison, Volusion is known for its powerful eCommerce solutions, which include inventory tracking, order processing automation and data analysis capabilities. While these features are designed to streamline administrative processes, they may be too complex for some business owners who lack technical expertise in web development. Furthermore, while Volusion has a variety of design options available including free mobile versions of existing stores, some customers have found them limited compared to those provided by other competitors such as Shopify or Bigcommerce. Ultimately, when choosing between these two platforms, customers should consider their individual needs and budget before making a decision about which one best suits their unique situation.



The comparison of Wix and Volusion shows that both platforms offer unique features to create a successful e-commerce site. In terms of pricing, Wix offers an almost entry level price while Volusion is more expensive but has more advanced features. The ease of use considerations show that Wix is slightly easier to use than Volusion due to its user friendly drag and drop feature whereas Volusion requires some coding knowledge. Customer support for both products is good with dedicated customer service staff available around the clock.

After analyzing these factors, it can be concluded that each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on individual needs. For those looking for an affordable platform with basic features, then Wix would be ideal. On the other hand, if someone wants access to more advanced tools then they should consider investing in Volusion as it provides great value for money when compared to other solutions in this category. Moreover, the quality of customer service provided by both companies ensures users are well supported throughout their journey with either product.