Monthly prices for DreamHost hosting vary depending on which plan you get, as well as how long you get them for. We’ll list the general prices below:

Shared hosting plans:

  • Choose from a monthly plan ($10.95/month), a 1 year plan ($9.95/month), or a 3 year plan ($7.95/month).

VPS hosting plans:

  • Choose from 4 different plans, ranging from $15/month to $120/month. The plans vary in RAM and storage. For example, the $15/month plan offers 1GB of RAM and 30GB SSD storage while the $120/month plan offers 8GB of RAM and 240GB SSD storage. All four plans have unlimited bandwidth and unlimited domains.

Dedicated server hosting plans:

  • Prices start out at $149/month. Monthly prices fluctuate depending on how much RAM and storage you need, as well as the duration of the plan you choose.

WordPress hosting plans:

  • Shared WordPress hosting plans start at $7.95/month, while DreamPress plans start at $16.95/month.

For more information on DreamHost, check out the videos below: