Flywheel is slick and easy to use. It is arguably the best option for WordPress hosting. If you need to access the dashboard on a daily basis, Flywheel is right for you. It offers five plans with varying prices. Options include plans from $15/month all the way up to $250/month.

Check out the list of features that Flywheel has to offer:

  • Free migrations
  • CDN
  • Create and restore backups
  • Add collaborators
  • Cache flushing
  • Add password protection
  • Enable WP_DEBUG from the dashboard
  • Enable/disable the cache
  • Site cloning
  • Demo sites
  • Export and view logs

It’s actually difficult to find any negative reviews on Flywheel. On average, it is rated about 4.5 out of 5 stars (which, for a web hosting company, is incredible). People seem to enjoy its appealing interface and easily accessible settings. Furthermore, it is one of the faster page loading hosts out there; many reviews acknowledge how noticeably quicker their pages load after switching to Flywheel from another host.

However, the most commonly complimented aspect of Flywheel Hosting is its customer support, which, apparently, is second to none. The support team is generally quick to reply, even on weekends. It also sports a highly impressive lifetime uptime score of 99.99%, meaning it is one of the more reliable Web hosts.

Click here to get started with Flywheel for free. 

To learn more about Flywheel Hosting, take a look at the videos below: