Every Web host has the occasional issue, and HostMonster is no exception. It’s recommended that you read online reviews before trying out a Web host, so that you can get a feel for their reoccurring issues. One of the more common complaints about HostMonster is their customer support; apparently, they are sometimes difficult to reach by phone, and if you wish to live chat with them, the wait can take hours. Also, there uptime percentage can be a little shaky, and their page loading speed is often considered below average.

Here’s an example of a particularly negative review on HostMonster:

“Used Hostmonster for several years. When my account was due to expire, I used to receive an email notification allowing me to renew. When the company was bought out, I did not receive any messages. The only thing I saw was that there was a problem with my emails. In noticing that, I logged in to see what the problem was and noticed they deleted my entire account and want me to renew. But I would have to start over because all of my files and emails and website directory was gone. They provide no help and basically didn’t care they deleted my account. I will not do business with Hostmonster or any other company that’s affiliated with those owners (BlueHost, etc).” — (Venita Seward)

Again, the occasional horror story is normal for Web hosts, as everyone has different experiences. The key is finding a Web host that does a good job of minimizing/resolving these issues.