GoDaddy is creeping up there in popularity. There are commercials on TV encouraging people to sign up. But when we get down to the brass tacks of it all, who comes out the winner in a HostPapa vs GoDaddy contest?

The business plan with HostPapa is cheaper, even though the other categories are less expensive with GoDaddy. Let’s face it though, most people will be signing up for business plans. HostPapa also offers one on one video training sessions with their experts. With GoDaddy, people have to call in, like that guy in the commercial.

Additionally, there is a drag and drop website builder on HostPapa that makes building that much easier. With GoDaddy, you get free site building with most plans. This is alright if you want someone else to do it. However, you can’t be guaranteed that you will love the result as much as being able to do it yourself. You get a domain for free with a 12 month plan on HostPapa, but you have to pay for one with GoDaddy.

Best Pricing for HostPapa

All in all, you will find that HostPapa is a more interactive experience. If you are looking to feel good about creating your own custom site easily, then this is the hosting platform for you.