There are differences between the key platforms for hosting websites. Today we will look at
HostPapa vs HostGator. Ultimately, you will have to decide for yourself which one is more advantageous.

HostPapa became a leader in the industry when they powered their company with renewable energy. HostGator doesn’t do this, but it has been around for about a decade.

If you are looking at cost, HostGator will cost more. It costs more than most of the platforms out there. Additionally, a person looking to host with HostGator will need more skills. This person should be adept in much of the technical applications of websites. On the other hand, HostPapa helps their customers learn to build with video guidance, drag/drop building, and a three page starter guide. These customers also get a dedicated site manager, which is the ultimate in support.

Best Pricing for HostPapa

HostPapa really is the papa when it comes to helping customers to learn to build great websites. Ultimately, this is what most people look for when it comes to building a new site.