Before you can get going on building the website of your dreams, you need to choose a web host. There are many options out there, which is why comparing their offerings can be a great way to put hosts head to head and discover which service will be best for your website in the end.

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Comparing Their Web Hosting Plans

Both web hosting services offer three web hosting packages. Hostinger calls these Single, Premium, and Business. HostPapa calls their packages Starter, Business, and Business Pro.

On their most economical package, Hostinger’s Single plan lets you have one domain. They offer 10 GB of disk space, 100 GB of bandwidth, and one email account.

Hostpapa’s Starter package offers two domains, 100 GB of disk space, unmetered (also known as unlimited) bandwidth, and 100 email accounts. The higher level packages on Hostinger offer 20 GB of disk space on Premium and 30 GB of disk space on Business. Both plans offer an unlimited number of websites, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited email accounts.

On HostPapa, the two higher level packages, Business and Business Pro, offer unlimited disk space, an unlimited number of websites, unlimited bandwidth usage, and unlimited email accounts. The primary difference on HostPapa between their Business and Business Pro plans is that the Pro means your account is hosted on their fastest, premium servers. You are placed on a server with fewer accounts on it. You have more resources allocated for your account. All of this means your website has a higher level performance important for some business websites that have high levels of traffic.

Both services offer easy one-click installation for WordPress. Hostpapa also offers one-click installation for Drupal and Joomla. Both Hostinger and HostPapa offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Which Web Host To Choose

Both services offer a lot of the functionality a great web host needs to offer. When it comes down to comparing HostPapa vs Hostinger, HostPapa noticeably offers a little something extra.

The biggest differences in their three plans are between the top level offerings and their most affordable packages. The most affordable package on HostPapa, meant for running one or two websites, still offers unlimited bandwidth (to keep your site running fast) and unlimited email. The single package on Hostinger was more limited, with only allowing you to run one website and with restrictions on bandwidth and email accounts.

Best Pricing for HostPapa

The highest level package on HostPapa is an option for websites wanting to expand and run faster. If a website that began on the Starter Package grew large enough, having the option to easily upgrade on the same web host to a faster running premium server would be a nice bonus down the road.