In today’s digital age, many businesses and entrepreneurs rely on website building platforms such as Wix to create professional looking websites. However, sometimes it is necessary to delete a site in order to make changes or end the business venture. This article will provide an overview of how to delete a Wix site successfully, including information about payments, content, and domains related to deleting a Wix site.

The process of deleting a Wix website can be complex depending on various factors such as payment plans connected with the account or other services associated with the website. Understanding different aspects related to deleting a Wix site allows users to ensure that all details are addressed before completing the deletion process.

This article aims to discuss important areas for consideration when attempting to delete a Wix site. It will provide helpful resources for those considering the removal of their existing Wix website by providing insight into payments, content, and domain issues linked with this task.


Cancellation Process

Cancelling a Wix site is a straightforward process, but the exact steps can vary depending on several factors. If the user has purchased a domain name for their website, it must be cancelled separately from the actual website subscription. Cancelling content and payment plans will require users to access the relevant sections of their dashboard. In addition, personal data stored in Wix may need to be deleted or exported prior to cancellation.

For all paid subscriptions, users should ensure that they have downloaded any necessary files before cancelling as this cannot be done after termination. For free accounts, no action needs to be taken; however, if users wish to delete their account entirely then they must contact customer service directly. It is important to note that once an account is terminated there is no way of recovering its contents or accessing it again.


Payment Refunds

Once the cancellation process for a Wix site is complete, refunds may be available depending on their payment plan and whether it’s within the refund period. Refunds are usually applied to the same method of payment used for the original purchase. If a user has paid with an e-wallet or credit card, they will receive the funds in 1-2 business days after processing. If a user has paid by bank transfer, then they should expect to see the funds in 5-7 business days from when processing begins. It’s important to note that any fees associated with purchases (such as transaction fees) aren’t eligible for refunds even if the purchase itself is canceled within 48 hours. Additionally, no partial refunds can be issued once payments have been made; only full refunds are permitted.


Removing Content

When deleting a Wix site, it is important to remove all content from the site. This includes any images, videos, and text that were added while creating or editing the website. To delete all of the content on the page, open each section and click “Delete” at the bottom right corner. It is possible to select multiple items by holding down “Shift” before clicking each item. Once everything has been selected, press “Delete” again in order to confirm deletion.

It is also possible to restore deleted items if they are still stored within the account’s Trash folder. Items remain in this folder until manually removed or after 30 days have passed since deletion. To access this folder, go to Media Manager and select “Trash” from the drop-down menu on the left side of the screen. Selecting an item will show options for restoring it back into its original location or permanently deleting it from existence.


Disconnecting Domains

When disconnecting a domain from a Wix site, it is important to understand that the process differs depending on the type of domain. For domains purchased through Wix, users will need to go into their account and delete the specific domain name. This action cannot be undone and all services associated with this domain (such as emails) will also be removed.

For external domains, users must contact their hosting service provider in order for them to update the relevant settings. Any fees charged by the host are responsibility of the user. Depending on the hosting company, changes can take up to 48 hours before they become active. It is essential that these steps are followed correctly or else there could be issues connecting the domain back at any point in time.


Deactivating Accounts

Deactivating accounts on Wix can be done through the account settings page. To deactivate an account, go to the ‘Account Details’ section of your site and click the ‘Deactivate Account’ button. This will remove all content, payments, and domains associated with that account from Wix’s servers. It is important to note that once an account has been deactivated, it cannot be reactivated without going through a reinstatement process.

Before you decide to deactivate your account, it is recommended that you backup any data or content stored in your Wix account as this may not be possible after the deactivation process is complete. Additionally, you should ensure that any active payments are canceled before proceeding with deactivation as these will still be charged if they remain active when the account is closed.


Finalizing Cancellation

In order to completely delete a Wix site, there are several important steps that need to be taken. First and foremost, any payments associated with the website must be cancelled. This can be done by visiting the Account Settings page and selecting “Cancel Subscription” from the Payment Options menu. After this has been completed, all content associated with the website should also be removed before submitting a request for cancellation of services. In addition, any domain names registered through Wix for use on the website should also be removed prior to submission of the cancellation request.

The following items will help ensure complete deletion of a Wix site:

  • Cancel any subscriptions or payments associated with the account
  • Remove all content from the website
  • Unregister any domain names connected to it
  • Submit a request for service cancellation
  • Monitor your email inbox for final confirmation emails

Once these five simple steps have been completed, you can rest assured knowing that your former Wix site is now completely deleted.



The cancellation process for a Wix site involves several steps. It is important to ensure that all payments are refunded, content removed, and domains disconnected before finalizing the cancellation. Upon completion of these steps, users can deactivate their accounts.

Before cancelling a Wix account, it is essential to go through payment refunds in order to receive any money back from any unused plans and services. Content should be deleted or transferred to another platform if desired. Users must also disconnect any domain names connected with the Wix website in order to avoid any hosting fees going forward.

Once all payments have been refunded, content cleared, and domains disconnected, users may proceed with deactivating their accounts by contacting customer service directly or using the self-service portal on the Wix website. After this step has been completed successfully, users can then consider themselves fully cancelled from the service. This allows them to move away from the platform without being tied down by hidden fees or issues related to lingering user information.