Every host experiences its fair share of issues, and JustHost is no exception. The most common complaints include frequent downtime and unhelpful or unresponsive customer support. Here’s an example of one of the negative reviews about JustHost:

“I was happy with JustHost in the past, but the more and more I start doing my own web projects. The more I realize of how much of a downtime there is, and how there server crashes. My last experience was last month when my website was down for a full 24 hours! Thats is completely unacceptable for a web hosting company. At the end of the day they said it was a plugin that was causing my site not to appear, but it was there sever who end up crashing while it was working before. I was on Chat support about this issue the lady was rude and closed the chat down while the issue was not yet resolved. I called 3x that same day and yes Customer service was nice, BUT did not figure out how to fix the problem. Sometimes cheap is not the way to go. Experience so many downtimes, server crashing… just unreliable for my needs. Will not be renewing my hosting account with JustHost.” –(Sarouen Sim)

It is certainly frustrating to use an unreliable Web host, especially when customer support is unable to provide resolutions for the issues. The complaints about frequent downtime are not a good sign, and people are saying that many of the things that JustHost advertises are simply untrue. Of course, reviews vary, and many people have nothing but good things to say about JustHost. They do offer cheap plans with a money-back guarantee, and possess some great features. We suggest fishing through some reviews and weighing out the pros and cons before deciding if JustHost is right for you.

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