, like any web host, has had its fair share of issues. The main complaint is in regards to their customer support. Many people have had some pretty terrible experiences, including lengthy response times, misunderstandings, and a lack of helpful resolutions. There have also been issues with their refund policy, and some people have complained about having difficulty canceling their plans. Here’s an example of a particularly negative review:

“As I wait on hold for the umpteenth time, I am regretting my choice to go with Closing my email account as it is taking days and days and days for them to transfer to google mail. Was going to edit my website this morning, but that is down as well. No one ever answer your questions in a way that makes any sense – either via email or when you do actually get to talk to someone. My clients were completely frustrated as they were emailing me but getting NO bounce back as I was not receiving. STAY AWAY. If they had 0 stars as an option below – I would choose that.” – Sheryl Brown

Again, no¬†web host is perfect, so it’s a good idea to get a feel for the potential reoccurring issues before choosing a hosting plan. For more information on, check out the following videos: