With so many web hosts out there, settling on one can be tough. Reading up on head-to-head hosting comparisons is a great way to help you make your decision. The following will compare Name.com and NameCheap. At the end, we’ll let you know which host we would recommend.


  • 24/7 customer support
  • Linux-based servers
  • Uptime guarantee

Major Differences:

  • Name.com’s security is questionable, as people have experienced multiple DDOS attacks
  • Name.com does not offer VPS or dedicated hosting plans
  • Name.com’s speed, uptime reliability, and customer support have all tested below average for a web host
  • NameCheap has both Linux & Windows-based servers
  • NameCheap has an unusually short 14 day money-back guarantee, while Name.com has the standard 30 day money-back guarantee
  • NameCheap does not offer phone support
  • NameCheap has many plan limitations, including caps across domains, disk space, databases and email addresses


Name.com hosting:
  • Shared
  • WordPress
NameCheap hosting:
  • Shared
  • VPS
  • Dedicated
  • Reseller
  • Private Email hosting
  • WordPress available for installation


NameCheap has some of the cheapest hosting available. Their shared hosting can cost as low as $9.88/year, which comes out to about $0.82/month! Meanwhile, shared plans with Name.com start at $4.99/month with a 1 year plan.


We prefer NameCheap in this matchup. First of all, they are significantly cheaper than Name.com. Next, Name.com performs very poorly in all the major categories when compared to other web hosts, making them a tough web host to ever recommend. Unfortunately, NameCheap has a very short money-back guarantee, and does not offer phone support. However, for how little they cost, they are a far better value option than Name.com.

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For more information on NameCheap and Name.com, check out the videos below: