Despite being pretty well-reviewed,, like any web host, does have its issues. One of the problems with hosting is that their money-back guarantee is shorter than average — you only have 15 days to file for a refund. Also, although’s plans are cheap and easy-to-use, they are very limited. does not offer VPS or dedicated hosting. is highly recommended for new users, but pros may get frustrated with their limitations. Other complaints include problems with uptime and customer support. Check out the following review as an example:

“If you seriously need to have solid customer support, then you need to seriously reconsider if you choose this web hosting company. Most of the people on chat have absolutely no clue about basic questions and seem to be incapable of helping you at the most simple level. Furthermore, sometimes your website may go offline without any warning, due to ‘migrating to a new server’, clearly not good for any business.” – Darren Hein

For more information on hosting, check out the following videos: