AccuWebHosting provides web hosting services to thousands of customers across the globe. This review will explore whether these services are good or bad by looking at customer feedback, features offered, and performance. It is important to understand how a particular web host performs in order to determine if it can meet the needs of potential customers.

AccuWebHosting has been providing service since 2003 and has become one of the most popular web hosts around. The company offers different levels of plans for their customers depending on what they need from their website hosting experience. Some plans come with unlimited bandwidth, storage space, email accounts, and more while other plans may offer fewer features but still provide reliable service. Additionally, AccuWebHosting also offers domain name registrations as well as dedicated servers.

The reviews of this web host vary significantly ranging from excellent ratings to poor ones. In order to accurately evaluate AccuWebHosting’s services, it is essential to look closely at all aspects of its offerings including customer feedback, features provided, pricing structure, and technical support options available. By doing so, potential customers can make an informed decision about which web host best meets their individual requirements and expectations.


Overview Of Accuwebhosting

AccuWebHosting is an Indian web hosting provider, founded in 2004. It offers a variety of services such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS and reseller plans for different types of customers. The company also provides domain registration and other related services. In terms of features and prices, AccuWebHosting is one of the most competitive providers in the industry. Its packages come with numerous features including unlimited bandwidth, MySQL databases and free SSL certificates. Additionally, it has 24/7 customer support service available through phone, email or live chat.

Furthermore, its uptime guarantee ensures that websites remain online at all times. With these features combined with competitive pricing structures, AccuWebHosting is well-equipped to meet the demands of both small businesses and enterprises alike. All things considered, AccuWebHosting appears to be a reliable option for anyone looking for a quality web host.


Features And Services Offered

AccuWebHosting offers a variety of features and services that make it an attractive web host for businesses or individuals looking to build their online presence. Their hosting plans come with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, and MySQL databases. They also offer one-click WordPress installation which allows customers to start building their website quickly without any technical knowledge. Additionally, they provide SSH access as well as daily backups so customers can feel secure knowing their data is protected.

Their customer support team is available 24/7 via phone, chat, or ticket system in case users need help setting up their websites or troubleshooting issues. Furthermore, AccuWebHosting has reliable uptime and fast page loading times which are essential for search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. They have various security measures such as DDoS protection to keep the site safe from malicious attacks and a built-in firewall to detect suspicious activity on the network. All these features combined make them a great option for anyone looking for quality hosting solutions at affordable prices.


Pricing Plans

AccuWebHosting offers different pricing plans for both shared hosting and VPS services. The most basic shared hosting plan starts from $2.99 per month, while the more advanced plans can cost up to $14.49 per month. For VPS services, customers have various options in terms of CPU cores, RAM, storage space and bandwidth that range from $7.95 to $299 per month depending on their needs. All of these plans include a free domain name registration with an SSL certificate included in some packages.

Customers also benefit from round-the-clock customer support and 24/7 server monitoring service which ensures the security and protection of their websites’ data. In addition, AccuWebHosting provides users with easy setup wizards so they can get started quickly without having to worry about technical issues or coding knowledge. Overall, this web host’s pricing schemes are competitive and suitable for businesses of all sizes as well as individuals who need reliable website hosting services at an affordable price point.


Uptime & Performance

AccuWebHosting is highly regarded for its excellent uptime and performance. It has consistently achieved an impressive 99.9% uptime since the company’s inception in 2004. This means that customers can rely on their websites to be up and running most of the time, with minimal downtime. In addition, AccuWebHosting also offers a variety of hosting plans which come with different levels of performance; from shared hosting to dedicated servers, customers have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a plan that will meet their needs.

Furthermore, AccuWebHosting utilizes top-of-the-line hardware and software technologies such as SSDs, Raid 10 Storage Arrays, LiteSpeed Web Server and CloudLinux OS to ensure reliability and speed across all its hosting plans. These features make sure that websites receive fast loading speeds even during peak traffic periods or times when there are many visitors accessing the site simultaneously. With these reliable services at competitive prices, AccuWebHosting is certainly worth considering for anyone looking for a web host provider.


Customer Support

Accuwebhosting provides 24/7 customer support via telephone and live chat. The company also offers email, ticket-based help desk system, and a comprehensive knowledgebase of technical information. Customers can contact their experienced staff members who are available to answer questions related to web hosting services. In addition, they provide tutorials on all aspects of website development, from setting up domains to using cPanel for managing websites.

The customer service team is highly knowledgeable and responds promptly when customers have queries or need assistance with any issue associated with the hosting services. They take the time to understand each request thoroughly before providing solutions that meet individual needs. Furthermore, Accuwebhosting has an extensive network of partner companies which it uses to address more complex issues such as server maintenance or coding problems. This allows them to quickly resolve customer issues in order for them to get back online without any delays.


Pros & Cons

AccuWebHosting has been providing web hosting services for over two decades, and their reviews are generally positive. The company offers a variety of plans that fit different budgets, making them accessible to businesses or individuals with limited funds. Additionally, they have an extensive knowledge base and customer support team available 24/7 to answer questions and provide assistance if needed.

On the flip side, AccuWebHosting’s pricing structure is not very transparent which can make it difficult to compare options when selecting a plan. Furthermore, there have been mixed reports from customers on uptime reliability and speed performance. While some clients report fast speeds and reliable service, others claim to experience frequent downtime issues as well as slow loading times.



AccuWebHosting is a reliable web hosting provider offering an array of features and services. It provides users with multiple pricing plans, allowing them to select the one that best fits their needs. The company has excellent uptime and performance records as well as good customer service options. However, it also has some drawbacks such as its lack of free domain name registration or SSL certificates on certain plans.