In the modern web hosting industry, there are numerous providers offering a range of services and features. Among them is Nexcess, a company that provides managed cloud hosting solutions for businesses. One question many potential customers ask is whether or not their service represents good value for money; this article will explore the reviews associated with Nexcess to better understand how it compares to other web hosts and answer this question.

To begin, an overview of the types of services offered by Nexcess will be provided in order to contextualize its place within the web hosting market. This will be followed by an analysis of both customer feedback and expert opinion on the performance and reliability of their offerings. Finally, comparisons between Nexcess and similar companies will be presented in order to draw conclusions about its overall quality as a provider.

Overall, while Nexcess has received some positive reviews from users, it still remains unclear if they offer sufficient advantages over competitors when considering price and features. By examining existing critiques, readers should gain insight into whether or not using Nexcess would represent a sound investment for their business needs.

Overview Of Nexcess

Nexcess is a web hosting company that has been offering services since 2000. It provides shared, managed WordPress, cloud and enterprise-level eCommerce hosting solutions to customers in over 130 countries around the world. The company offers high performance hardware, secure data centers, 24/7 customer support and a wide range of other features to its clients. Nexcess also provides tools such as SiteWorx control panel, Cloudways console and custom plugins for easy management of websites hosted on their servers.

Nexcess prides itself on having fast loading times with its advanced caching technology and low latency server locations. It also offers several security features such as DDoS protection, malware scanning and SSL certificates to protect client’s websites from any malicious activity or threats. With all these features combined, it looks like an ideal choice for businesses looking to host their website with reliable service provider.

Features And Services Offered

Nexcess is a web hosting company offering a variety of features and services to meet the needs of customers. Their shared hosting plans provide support for popular content management systems, including WordPress and Magento. Additionally, they offer cloud hosting solutions as well as managed virtual private servers (VPS).

The following are some notable features and services Nexcess provides:

  • Free SSL Certificates with all plans
  • 24/7 U.S.-based customer service team available via phone or live chat
  • Proactive security and malware scanning on their servers

Their shared hosting packages include automatic daily backups, unlimited email accounts, website builder tools, and an intuitive control panel. Furthermore, their cloud hosting options are built to handle spikes in traffic and can be easily scaled up or down depending on usage requirements. They also include enhanced performance monitoring tools that allow users to track site speeds from multiple locations around the world. The VPS packages offered by Nexcess come with root access privileges for full server level configuration capabilities. All of these features combine to make Nexcess one of the most comprehensive web hosts available today.

Customer Support

Nexcess provides a wide range of customer support options to meet the needs of its customers. The three main types of support offered are email, chat, and phone support. A comparison table is presented below for an overview of each type of customer service:

Support Type Availability Response Time
Email 24/7 2-4 hours
Chat Mon-Fri 8am – 5pm EST 15 minutes
Phone Mon-Fri 9am – 7 pm EST Immediately


Customers can also access help from their library of video tutorials and FAQs in the knowledge base section. All these methods ensure that customers get prompt assistance when they need it. Additionally, Nexcess offers personalized onboarding services and technical account management to assist with any special requests or complex setup requirements. Overall, this host provider ensures that it meets every customer’s individual needs through its comprehensive customer service options.

Pricing And Plan Options

Nexcess offers a range of pricing and plan options for their web hosting services. Plans are divided into managed WordPress, Magento Commerce, and Nexcess Standard plans. All plans come with 24/7 customer support through phone or email. Customers can also upgrade to higher-level plans at any time to suit their business needs.

Managed WordPress plans offer an optimized platform specifically tailored for WordPress websites and provide access to hundreds of themes as well as premium plugins. Pricing starts at $19/month billed annually, which includes 10GB storage space, 20GB bandwidth, 1 MySQL database, and 50k monthly visitors. These features significantly increase the scalability of customers’ sites so they can handle more traffic without crashing or slowing down unexpectedly. Additionally, managed WordPress plans include automated backups and updates that keep customers’ sites running smoothly.

Magento Commerce (formerly known as Enterprise Edition) is an ecommerce solution designed for larger businesses with annual revenue over $1 million USD. It provides advanced tools such as analytics integration and content staging capabilities along with unlimited products, carts, orders per hour, API calls per hour, catalogs rules & promotions, etc., making it ideal for high volume stores that need extra security measures in place for sensitive data protection. Pricing starts from $99/month billed annually which includes 25GB storage space plus all the other features mentioned above.

All plans come with a 30 day money back guarantee and access to additional resources like Knowledgebase articles and video tutorials on how to use their control panel interface effectively. Furthermore, Nexcess provides regular promotional discounts throughout the year enabling customers to save even further on their purchases by taking advantage of these offers when available

Pros And Cons

Turning to the pros and cons of Nexcess as a web host, there are several points worth considering. On the positive side, Nexcess offers excellent customer support that is available 24/7 via chat or email. This can be beneficial for those who require assistance with their website quickly. In addition, they provide SSL certificates free of charge on select plans which helps protect data from malicious attacks and boosts search engine rankings. Furthermore, customers benefit from highly reliable hosting services due to its large-scale infrastructure and use of premium hardware.

On the other hand, Nexcess does not offer shared hosting plans or have any type of money back guarantee in place for dissatisfied customers. Additionally, customers may find their prices to be higher than some competitors offering similar features and benefits. The lack of discounts when renewing an existing plan can also lead to increased costs over time. Despite these drawbacks, overall feedback about Nexcess has been mostly favorable with many users expressing satisfaction with their service offerings.

Final Word On Nexcess

Nexcess is widely recognized as a web host with many features and benefits. It provides an easy-to-use control panel, reliable customer service, fast server speeds, and high levels of security. The following are some notable highlights:

  • Fast setup times – clients can be up and running in minutes
  • DDoS protection – keeps sites safe from malicious attacks
  • 24/7 customer support – knowledgeable staff available to help at any time
  • Scalable plans – upgrade or downgrade as needed

Overall, Nexcess offers a solid product for its customers. Its user friendly interface makes it easy to deploy websites quickly, while the security measures ensure that data remains secure. Additionally, the scalability options allow users to adjust their package according to their needs. In short, Nexcess is well equipped to meet the demands of today’s modern web hosting environment.


Nexcess is a web hosting provider that offers many services and features, as well as competitive pricing plans. The customer support team at Nexcess provides quick response times and helpful solutions to any inquiries or problems customers encounter. Their plan options allow users to customize their packages according to their needs and budget, making them an ideal choice for both small businesses and larger enterprises alike.

Overall, Nexcess appears to be a reliable service with plenty of features and benefits available. Its experienced customer service staff ensures swift assistance whenever needed. Furthermore, their wide range of plan options allows customers flexibility in choosing the package most suitable for them. All these factors make it an attractive option for those looking for quality web hosting services.