Platform9 is a software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based infrastructure management solution that provides operational agility to traditional hosting environments. It combines the scalability of cloud computing with existing on-premise solutions, allowing users to leverage their existing investments while utilizing modern technology.

Platform9 also simplifies IT operations by eliminating manual processes and streamlining administration tasks. This article will discuss how Platform9 can help deliver greater value for organizations in terms of cost savings, improved performance, security, and reliability.

The use of SaaS solutions such as Platform9 enables organizations to quickly deploy applications without additional hardware or complex setup procedures. Furthermore, Platform9’s comprehensive feature set helps businesses manage their technical assets more efficiently while providing enhanced visibility into underlying systems. As an added benefit, its unified platform reduces complexity in large scale deployments and facilitates easier scaling up or down depending on changing needs.

Overall, Platform9 offers many advantages over traditional hosting environments including increased efficiency and faster time-to-value through automated processes and reduced administrative burden. In addition to these benefits, it also provides enhanced security measures and greater control over enterprise data storage across multiple clouds for improved resource utilization and better return on investment.


Overview Of Platform9

Platform9 is a SaaS-based Infrastructure as a Service solution that provides operational agility and cost savings for traditional hosting environments. It enables organizations to quickly provision, manage, and scale IT infrastructure across multiple cloud environments with ease.

The platform leverages existing on-premises hardware investments, allowing users to automate the deployment of their applications in private or public clouds without any manual intervention. With Platform9’s intuitive user interface, it is easy to deploy, configure and monitor resources from one centralized location.

The platform supports a variety of solutions such as containers, virtual machines (VMs), bare metal servers, storage systems, network appliances and more. Additionally, Platform9 offers open source integrations like Kubernetes and Openstack which allow customers to take advantage of automation technologies at no extra cost.

Furthermore, Platform9 simplifies system configuration management by providing templates for popular workloads such as web applications and databases. This helps businesses save time during deployment process and reduces complexity associated with maintaining large deployments over long periods of time.


Advantages Of Saas-Based Infrastructure Management

The advantages of SaaS-based infrastructure management are numerous and can be categorized into two main categories: cost savings and operational agility.

Cost Savings

  • Reduced overhead costs – By utilizing a SaaS model, businesses no longer need to maintain the hardware necessary for traditional hosting environments. This eliminates the need for expensive maintenance contracts as well as other associated IT costs such as software licensing fees.
  • Improved efficiency – The use of a cloud platform allows customers to access their resources from anywhere at any time, thus eliminating the need for costly travel expenses related to onsite visits or remote support requests. Additionally, since all services are hosted in the cloud, there is less reliance on physical servers that require constant upkeep and upgrades.

Operational Agility

  • Scalability – A SaaS-based approach allows companies to quickly scale up or down their operations without investing in additional hardware resources. This makes it easy to adjust capacity according to changing market conditions or customer demands with minimal effort.
  • Automation – With automated processes, businesses can streamline tasks such as provisioning new users and deploying applications which would otherwise take significant amounts of manual labor and time. Furthermore, automation also helps reduce human errors caused by manual inputting of data which could lead to costly mistakes.

Using a SaaS model not only provides tangible financial benefits but also offers organizations greater flexibility when it comes to managing their infrastructure needs. Whether it’s scaling up quickly during peak times or automating mundane tasks for improved efficiency, this type of solution is an invaluable tool for businesses looking to maximize their performance while minimizing unnecessary costs.


Benefits Of Operational Agility

Operational agility is an increasingly important factor in today’s competitive business landscape. It enables organizations to quickly respond to changing conditions and take advantage of opportunities as they arise, while also reducing the risk associated with rapid decision-making.

Platform9’s saas-based infrastructure management solution facilitates operational agility by providing a single platform for managing all aspects of traditional hosting environments, from resource provisioning to monitoring and more.

This eliminates complexity that can slow down processes and reduces manual labor involved in system administration tasks such as patching and updating software versions. Additionally, since it is cloud-based, organizations are able to scale up or down based on their needs without having to purchase additional hardware or maintain multiple servers.

The ability to easily make changes within minutes instead of days allows organizations to be nimble in responding to customer demands and market shifts. Furthermore, its automated deployment capabilities enable teams to quickly deploy applications across multiple platforms at once with minimal time and effort invested. As a result, businesses can realize cost savings due to reduced staff hours spent performing complex updates as well as improved customer satisfaction through faster delivery times of new products and services.


Features For Traditional Hosting Environments

Platform9 offers a range of features to traditional hosting environments, enabling operational agility and improved efficiency. Platform9’s cloud-native management platform integrates with existing IT infrastructure and virtualization tools, allowing for rapid deployment of applications without the need for additional hardware or manual configuration. Additionally, its automation capabilities allow users to create repeatable workflows across multiple cloud providers and on-premise data centers. This provides administrators more control over their environment while reducing overhead costs associated with managing disparate systems.

The platform also supports containerized workloads such as Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift and Mesosphere DC/OS through an intuitive user interface. Furthermore, it uses machine learning algorithms to deliver proactive recommendations that improve performance and resource utilization in hosted applications.

In addition, Platform9’s support team is available 24/7 to help customers troubleshoot any issues they may encounter during implementation or operation of the system. Ultimately, these features enable organizations to gain better visibility into their infrastructures while saving time and money by streamlining operations.


Pricing And Packages

Platform9 offers a range of packages and pricing models designed to meet the needs of traditional hosting environments. The Enterprise plan is aimed at companies who need enterprise-grade support and features, while the Starter package provides an affordable solution for smaller businesses looking to get started with Platform9.

The prices are highly competitive and there are no hidden costs or additional fees. Additionally, customers can choose from hourly or monthly billing options depending on their specific needs. Customers also benefit from a wide variety of discounts including volume discounting, referral bonuses, and more. With these flexible payment options, it’s easy to find the perfect fit for any budget.


Deployment And Support Services

Platform9 provides comprehensive deployment and support services for its customers. Deployment is done using a simple, automated process that takes less than an hour to complete. The system can be installed on either physical or virtual machines running any of the major Linux distributions, as well as Windows Server 2012/2016/2019.

The company’s customer service team offers 24×7 technical assistance with any issues related to the platform. This includes troubleshooting hardware and software problems, setting up new users and accounts, configuring networks, and providing detailed tutorials on how to use the tools provided by Platform9. All requests are handled promptly and professionally.

Feature  Description 
Deployment Time Less than 1 hour
Supported OSs Linux & Windows Server 2012-2019
Technical Assistance 24×7 Support Services
Customization Options Troubleshooting & Tutorials


In addition to providing efficient deployment and support services, Platform9 also offers customization options tailored specifically to each customer’s needs. This allows businesses to tailor their infrastructure in ways that optimize cost efficiency while maximizing performance. In this way, companies can take advantage of the benefits offered by Platform9 without sacrificing flexibility or scalability.



The use of Platform9’s SaaS-based infrastructure management solution provides organizations with numerous advantages, the most important being operational agility. By allowing users to quickly deploy and manage their cloud environments through a single interface, they can increase efficiency and save time while still maintaining traditional hosting capabilities. Additionally, this platform offers advantageous pricing packages as well as comprehensive deployment and support services.

Platform9 is an effective tool for simplifying IT management processes in any organization. It facilitates quicker deployments, improved scalability, greater control over resources, and advanced security features.

Furthermore, its intuitive design enables easy integration with existing systems for seamless operations. As such, it has become an attractive option for those looking to upgrade their data center environment without significant investment or disruption of current operations.

Platform9 is an ideal solution for achieving operational agility in traditionally hosted environments. Its cost-effective pricing packages make it accessible to all types of businesses regardless of size or budget constraints. Along with its efficient deployment process and reliable customer service team that provide ongoing technical assistance when needed, Platform9 ensures maximum productivity at minimal costs.