I’ve spent 10 years working with hundreds of different hosting companies. Which one(s) are the best?

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Approximate transcription of above video:
David: Hi, this video is a Siteground hosting review. My name’s David with mybesthostingreview.com and let’s get right into it.
So, I’ve used them for about two years now. It’s January of 2018. I’ve used them for about two years now and so I do feel like I understand what they’ve got to offer and have interacted with their support on multiple occasions.
The first question, and one of the most important ones, is do they have a c-panel? A real c-panel and not a fake, made up one that ends up not having all the features you need. Now, the skin doesn’t look like the typical c-panel. In fact, they’ve integrated it with their regular support and billing, which isn’t too bad of a thing. When I first saw it, I thought, “Oh, great, another one of those.” But it does look like they’ve actually … functionally, it is exactly like every c-panel.
It has every single feature that I want out of a c-panel, and I think it is actually c-panel, just with a skin that they’ve put on for branding purposes. So, you know, you’ve got subdomains, add-on domains. You got WordPress, WordPress installer, email, email forwarders, file manager, the database manager. It’s everything I would expect and want out of a c-panel.
So, that’s a yes to that, which is really important. I mean, all this information you get right here is really common among a c-panel. Again, I think they’re just displaying it a little bit differently.
So, that’s good. That’s important. All the hosts that I think are the best have this c-panel. All the features that are needed. I don’t even use all these features. So, WordPress compatibility. This is the nice thing about having the traditional c-panel and all the functions. Yes, it is 100% WordPress compatible. WordPress is by far and away the best, easiest, and most efficient content management system in my humble opinion and my experience dealing with hundreds, if not thousands, of websites.
Your costs are lower and everything is more efficient with a WordPress site. And on top of it, you can have a WordPress site be secured despite what most people say. But that’s outside the scope of this video.
Okay, so, Siteground support … how good is their support? This is a really important question as well because nothing is more frustrating than really, really bad support that sometimes responds, or when they respond, it’s a really canned answer that doesn’t really address what you’re talking about. Which leads me to believe that they outsource it and don’t train their people very well.
But Siteground has very good support. They’re definitely in the top … in or near the top category of support. So, I really like them.
Okay, so what kind of pricing? If you go to the website, this is what you’ll see, at least right now. The regular … that’s pretty expensive, $10 a month or $120 a year. But the first year or however many years you want to sign up, you can get for basically $4 a month. So, if you actually go in and sign up for it … So, one of the downsides is that most hosts when you buy at least a year of hosting, they’ll give you a registration for free.
They do not and $16 for registration is a little bit expensive. And domain privacy at $12 per year is a little bit on the high end as well. It’s not like wildly expensive, but it’s more than most. And so what it ends up coming out to is $75. If you already have registered your domain, knock $18 off of that, so that would be $57-ish. Which is a decent price. Now, it more than doubles after the first year. Maybe you can figure out a way to keep that, I bet if you contacted them and said, “Hey, we’re thinking about switching, is there anyway you can get me a good price?” I’d be willing to bet that they would work with you.
So, are they EIG? And according to this, they’re not and if they were EIG, then I would rate their support significantly less. It doesn’t mean they won’t be bought by EIG at some point. Obviously can’t guarantee that, but definitely no, not EIG thankfully. And I already talked about their support. Their support is quite good and on the high end of what you would expect. Very prompt responses. Never had any issues with significant downtime. All the ways they have things set up is pretty simple. And you don’t need to be an expert at hosting to figure it out.
So, I do have a strong yes recommendation for Siteground. They’re one of my favorite hosts and even among my colleagues, a lot of people I know really like them. So, I do recommend them highly. So, thanks for watching. Let me know if you have any questions and have a great day. Bye.