SiteGround and A2 are both excellent hosting companies. See which I think is the best in the video and link below:

I’ve spent 10 years working with hundreds of different hosting companies. Which one(s) are the best?

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Approximate transcription of above video:

David: Hi, this video is about A2 hosting versus Siteground hosting. Hi, my name is David and I’m with So, let’s get right into it.
So, how long have I used it? I’ve used Siteground for about two years and A2 for about one year. So, I do know how they work and I have experienced their uptime/downtime if that’s the case and their support.
So, first of all, let’s check out their features. So, c-panel, one of the most important features. Do they have a real c-panel? And this is what A2 hosting c-panel looks like. It’s the classic c-panel exactly everything you want. Siteground looks different, but as far as I can tell, it just has a different skin and it has all of the features of a regular c-panel. So, maybe a slight edge to c-panel because I do like how it looks better. I don’t like putting the extra skin on there, but from an overall account standpoint, this is actually a little bit better. So, I’d give a slight edge to A2, but let’s just say tie.
Because ultimately functionally they provide the same. They’re the same. So, WordPress compatibility, this is definitely a tie. Since they both have all the functionality of a full c-panel, then that means they have the databases, they have the one-click WordPress installer, which means that they’re both gonna be just as easy. You can install WordPress in five minutes or less on either one of them. No problem.
Support winner. Man, these are two of the best companies for support. They both have excellent support. You can expect an almost immediate response. My experience with both of these is that you never have to wait more than 24 hours and oftentimes it’s within an hour. So, they have excellent, excellent support.
And again, also one of the biggest pet peeves with support is getting really weird answers or answers that don’t really address … basically lazy support people. A lot of times they’ll give you a link to a support file that is kind of related, but doesn’t exactly address it. And so that wastes a lot of time, which my time is valuable, so I don’t like that. But overall, I would say that this is pretty much a wash. They both have excellent support.
Okay, let’s look at the pricing. So, let’s actually go to the shopping cart. So, web hosting. Most of the time, I presume you’re gonna get a domain … you know, if you’re gonna buy hosting, you might as well buy the registration there because usually you get a deal on it. Unfortunately, you don’t get it with Siteground. So, if we were to take this away, it’s about $57. Let’s just evaluate it on just the hosting and then it is $120 a year after that. So, let’s actually, let’s write this down in here.
So, I went ahead and wrote it down right here and we’ve got A2 is $52 per year at this discount and then after that, it’s $107. So, $107 is still a little bit higher than I would typically want to pay, but I’m willing to pay the extra 40 or 50 bucks. First of all, it’s a year into the future, so if you still have the website, and it’s actually doing something for you … Oops, let me actually … Sorry, I just realized I’m off the screen here.
If it’s actually doing something for you, then that is fine. On top of the fact that the features and the support of both these companies are really excellent. And so this is an edge to A2, I would say. This is a clear A2. Okay, because A2 does have … So, this is with … I put in a domain. Okay, and this is where I say I already have a domain. The price is exactly the same.
Now, I don’t think that includes privacy, but at least you get the registration for free, so you’re saving a little bit more money. So, overall, this is the one category where there is a clear winner, I think, and it is A2 hosting.
But you know, it’s not like a wild difference, but saving $20 here and there, you might as well if you can. EIG, no, neither one is owned by EIG, which is why they have very good support.
So, my recommendation is … I do recommend A2. I like them a little bit more, but you won’t go wrong, can’t go wrong with Siteground essentially. So, I mean, A2, slight edge to A2, but either one is gonna do you right and you’re gonna not have any issues and you’re gonna be able to do all the things that you really wanna do with just about any website.
So, thanks for watching. Let me know if you have any questions. Please like this video. Have a great day. Bye.