In order to have a successful website, you’re going to need efficient and reliable web hosting. Luckily, there are many WordPress hosts on the market and you get to personally choose which one is perfect for you and your website. Two of the more popular companies for WordPress hosting are WP Engine and SiteGround. Both have extensive track records of providing excellent customer service, rank high in the list of hosts, and offer all the tools and help needed, in order to prosper.

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What Is WP Engine And What Benefits Do They Offer?

WP Engine is a company that was founded in 2010 and has their headquarters in Austin, Texas. They are staffed by a very knowledgeable team who have done the research and know exactly what it takes to have a successful website and keep it up and running. They have plans to fit your personalized needs and provide all of the tools desired by site owners. Pricing for their plans starts around $35 per month and goes up to $290. These plans include 24 hour, 7 days a week, and 365 days per year, support. There are daily security measures taken to ensure your site won’t be hacked and everything is always backed up automatically, in case of any site failure. With 36 themes available that each include built in SEO, your site will not only stand out and look professional but it will also have all the proper keywords to be further up on the search engine. They offer content that is specific to the location of your audience, have a fast load time, and can handle heavy traffic, with ease. To top it off, they have had big name customers like FourSquare, MyFitnessPal, Yelp, and SoundCloud, to name a few.

What Is SiteGround And What Benefits Do They Offer?

SiteGround was founded in 2004 and is based in Bulgaria but has data centers in a few other countries. This company has been around longer than the competitoin but is slightly less popular. While they do service over 1 million domains, they don’t have the popular customer list as it’s competitor. Aside from numbers, SiteGround offers a great uptime percentage, decent load speeds, and lower monthly plans than WP Engine. Plans regularly start around $4 and go up to about $12 per month.

Which Site To Choose?

In the end, it comes down to your needs for your website and your funds. WP Engine’s monthly plans are higher than SiteGround but they have the reviews and reputation, to justify that. Both offer free SSL, cloud hosting, up to date technology, and 24 hour customer support. Though SiteGround is a great option, they don’t fully compare to the innovative and experienced team at WP Engine. In a shorter amount of time, WP Engine has reached a higher level of popularity, has created custom plans aimed to fit around your website, and offer an ability to test drive/preview the changes made to your site before it is up for everyone else to see. Their site speed, server times, and overall performance, makes them the better choice of the two. That being said, we have to highly recommend WP Engine.