For nearly two decades, Blacknight Solutions has been providing end-to-end hosting and domain services to SMBs and enterprise-level organizations worldwide. They offer a comprehensive range of solutions for businesses of all sizes, from shared web hosting to fully managed dedicated servers, with an emphasis on quality customer service. In this article, we will look at the history of the company and their current offerings, including some key benefits that have helped them become one of the leading providers in the industry.

Blacknight Solutions was founded in 2003 by Michele Neylon and Paul Kelly. Based out of Carlow, Ireland they began as a small Web Hosting provider catering mainly to local customers but quickly grew into a major international player offering services around the world.

Over the years they have expanded their product portfolio; now offering Shared Web Hosting, VPS Servers, Dedicated Servers, Domain Names Registration Services and Cloud Server Management Solutions.

Their commitment to excellence is reflected in their many awards over the past 17 years such as Best Managed Service Provider (2017), Best Irish Cloud & Managed Hosting Company (2018) and Most Innovative Solution Award (2019).

These awards are not only testament to Blacknight’s commitment to delivering superior products but also highlight what sets them apart from other providers: exceptional customer service. All clients receive personalised assistance whenever needed via phone or email 24 hours a day; 7 days a week so technical issues can be dealt with quickly and efficiently no matter where you are located.


Company Overview

Blacknight Solutions is a leading provider of end-to-end hosting and domain services to both SMBs and enterprise-level organizations worldwide. Established in 2002, the company has grown exponentially over nearly two decades, offering reliable solutions for web hosting, cloud servers, email services, domains and more.

By leveraging cutting edge technologies such as AI, automation and virtualization, Blacknight’s goal is to deliver superior performance with maximum uptime. The company also provides secure data storage solutions as well as tailored managed service plans that cater specifically to each customer’s needs.

Blacknight’s commitment to excellence is evident in its success; their client base has continuously grown since their inception due to their world class support staff and dedication to delivering top quality products and services. This solid foundation allows them to remain at the forefront of technology while continuing to provide optimal solutions for businesses of all sizes across multiple industries.


Range Of Services Offered

Blacknight Solutions has been providing a range of hosting and domain services for nearly two decades. It offers comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of small-to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) as well as larger enterprise-level organizations.

This includes:

  • Quality Hosting Services – Blacknight provides reliable, stable and secure web hosting packages that are tailored specifically to each customer’s individual requirements. This includes an extensive portfolio of Linux, Windows, and cloud servers with integrated control panels such as cPanel, Plesk and Webmin plus addons like SSL certificates, DNS management and more.
  • Domain Management – Customers can register domains in 150+ TLDs including .com, .net., .co etc. The company also offer bulk domain registration services along with expert guidance on international domain name selection and transfer processes.
  • Expert Support – Blacknight Solutions’ highly experienced technical staff provide 24/7 support via phone or email along with full system admin services for those who require it.

The company’s website also features a vast library of knowledgebase articles about their products and services which customers can refer to at any time.

In addition to this core offering, Blacknight also specializes in server colocation and virtualization solutions as well as custom programming projects across various languages and platforms such as PHP, ASP/.NET or Java/J2EE. All these products are backed by quality assurance guarantees designed to protect the interests of its clients worldwide.


Benefits Of Working With Blacknight Solutions

The range of services offered by Blacknight Solutions is impressive, and their commitment to the success of customers extends far beyond those offerings. Working with Blacknight solutions provides several benefits that can prove invaluable for businesses in need of reliable hosting and domain services.

Benefit  Description  Value
Reliability Blacknight’s servers are monitored 24/7 to ensure maximum uptime and reliability.

They also offer a 99.9% guaranteed service-level agreement (SLA) for their clients’ peace of mind.

This ensures smooth performance without disruption, allowing businesses to focus on their operations instead of worrying about server downtime or other technical issues.
Security & Compliance Blacknight offers secure Linux hosting packages with dedicated firewalls, malware scanning, and DDoS protection built into every plan – ensuring customer data remains safe from malicious threats online.

Additionally, they have achieved GDPR compliance across their entire suite of services.

Businesses will be able to rest easy knowing that their sensitive information is being kept secure at all times.

Furthermore, GDPR compliance allows them to conduct business within the European Union while adhering to its strict privacy policies protecting user data.

Affordability For small businesses looking for hosting plans that fit within their budget, Blacknight has competitively priced plans available in both shared and cloud configurations as well as premium managed hosting options tailored specifically for larger enterprises requiring additional support and resources. Price points vary depending on specific needs but regardless customers can expect high quality service at an affordable cost which makes it ideal for companies who want reliable performance without breaking the bank.


In addition to these advantages, users benefit from access to expert staff ready to provide assistance whenever needed via live chat or phone calls during working hours – offering unparalleled levels of customer care not found elsewhere in the industry today.

Moreover, this level of expertise combined with comprehensive security measures allows even novice users the confidence necessary when managing websites securely and efficiently no matter how complex their requirements may be.


Customer Testimonials

Blacknight Solutions has been providing hosting and domain services to businesses of all sizes for nearly two decades. Customer testimonials demonstrate the company’s commitment to excellence:

  1. Secure, reliable solutions – Customers consistently report that Blacknight Solutions provides secure, reliable solutions with a focus on customer service.
  2. Cost effective – Businesses also appreciate the cost effectiveness of Blacknight Solutions’ products and services.
  3. High performance – Many customers have praised the high performance levels they experience when using Blacknight Solutions’ products and services.
  4. Flexible – Finally, clients point out how flexible their options are when working with Blacknight Solutions, noting that they can scale up their plans as needed without any disruption in service or quality issues.

Based on available evidence, it is clear that customers highly value their experiences with Blacknight Solutions, citing its secure, reliable solutions; cost-effectiveness; high performance; and flexibility as major factors for satisfaction.


Security And Reliability Measures

Customer testimonials demonstrate exceptional customer service and satisfaction, but they also illustrate the importance of providing secure and reliable hosting services.

Blacknight Solutions has dedicated itself to upholding these standards for nearly two decades. The company offers an array of security and reliability measures that ensure customers remain connected without interruption or data loss due to malicious attacks or server outages.

To combat cyber threats, Blacknight employs industry-leading firewalls and antivirus software as well as intrusion detection systems for added protection. In addition, the organization utilizes data encryption techniques to protect sensitive information from being accessed by unauthorized parties. Security is further enhanced with 24/7 monitoring of network traffic and resources in order to identify any potential risks before they become a problem.

In terms of system reliability, Blacknight maintains high uptime levels through its use of redundant servers located in multiple data centers around the globe. The redundancy ensures that if one server fails another can take over quickly so there is no disruption in service delivery.

Additionally, backup plans are available which enable users to restore their websites should any disaster occur onsite or offsite. These features provide peace of mind knowing that customers’ businesses will stay up even when unexpected events arise.


Future Plans And Expansion

Blacknight Solutions has been a leader in providing end-to-end hosting and domain services for nearly two decades. With the growth of technology, Blacknight is looking to expand its offerings even further. The company is aiming to increase their range of products, with an emphasis on high quality cloud solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of both small businesses and large enterprises.

In addition, Blacknight plans to grow its customer base by offering competitive pricing models and a wide variety of packages to suit different budgets. They also plan to improve their technical support system so that customers can get help more quickly when they need it. Finally, Blacknight will continue to invest in research and development activities, making sure that they remain at the cutting edge of web hosting technologies.



Of this article regarding Blacknight Solutions can be summarized in three key areas. Firstly, the services offered by the company are a testament to their commitment to providing end-to-end hosting and domain solutions for small businesses as well as large enterprises.

Secondly, the company’s security measures and reliability record have helped them become one of the most trusted providers in the industry over nearly two decades of operations.

Finally, with plans for expansion into new markets, it is clear that Blacknight Solutions has established itself as a leader in its field and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. In total, these aspects demonstrate why Blacknight Solutions is an ideal choice for many companies looking for reliable hosting and domain solutions.