Synacor’s Zimbra is a scalable open-core email collaboration platform that allows for multiple integration options. It provides users with the flexibility to work the way they want, allowing them to customize their workflow as needed. This article will provide an overview of Synacor’s Zimbra and explore its features in depth, including scalability, security, architecture, user experience, and more.

The major benefit of using Synacor’s Zimbra is its ability to be customized according to individual preferences and needs. Its open-core codebase enables users to build on existing functionalities while also having access to hundreds of add-ons through the Zimlets Marketplace. Furthermore, it offers secure file sharing capabilities along with high levels of data protection.

Finally, Synacor’s Zimbra caters to organizations of all sizes by providing both cloud solutions and self-hosted installations. With this comprehensive range of features and services offered at various price points, businesses can easily find the solution that best fits their budget and requirements. These aspects will be discussed thoroughly throughout the article.


Overview Of Zimbra

Synacor’s Zimbra is an open-core email collaboration platform that offers scalability and multiple integration options. It enables users to access their emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, and documents from any device with internet connection.

With the help of its server software, businesses can create a secure environment for communications while managing user accounts in real time. Zimbra’s architecture allows organizations to easily customize features such as authentication methods, document storage capacity limits, file size limitations and other security measures.

Moreover, it provides an extensible development framework with APIs for integrating third-party applications into the platform. The flexible set up helps companies maintain compliance with industry standards and regulations. In addition, its powerful search algorithm helps locate messages quickly and accurately.

Furthermore, users have control over how they want to work through customizable filters which allow them to organize their inboxes efficiently. As a result, Synacor’s Zimbra provides a comprehensive solution for email collaboration that meets various organizational needs.


Benefits Of Open-Core Email Collaboration

Open-core email collaboration solutions have been gaining traction in recent years, particularly with organizations that prioritize scalability and integration. Synacor’s Zimbra is a scalable open-core email collaboration platform that leverages its core technology to offer multiple integration options. These options provide greater flexibility for users while extending the functionality of the system.

Integration can be based on user needs or organizational objectives. For example, if an organization requires secure messaging capabilities, Zimbra provides integrations that enable this. Additionally, there are various other integrations available such as calendars, contact management systems and task lists.

This enables teams to collaborate more effectively by having access to data from different applications within one platform. With these features in place, users can work how they want without compromising security or performance.


Features And Customizations

Synacor’s Zimbra is an open-core email collaboration platform that offers a range of features and customizations for users. It provides scalability with multiple integration options to meet the needs of businesses and organizations.

The core feature set of Synacor’s Zimbra includes:

  • Mail services such as inboxes, calendars, address books, task lists, shared folders, attachments, notifications, spam filtering and more.
  • Collaboration tools including presence detection, document sharing, web conferencing and instant messaging.
  • Security protocols such as data encryption and authentication methods.
  • Authentication mechanisms include two-factor authentication (2FA) utilizing one-time passwords (OTP).
  • Data encryption is available through Transport Layer Security (TLS) or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

In addition to these features, users can customize their experience by integrating third-party applications into the system via APIs. This allows them to use other services like Salesforce or Dropbox in conjunction with Zimbra to extend its functionality even further.

The access control system also allows administrators to assign privileges based on roles or user groups for additional flexibility. These customization capabilities give organizations greater control over their operations while maximizing efficiency.


Security Protocols

Synacor’s Zimbra provides reliable security protocols for its email collaboration platform. Advanced encryption technologies are used to protect user data, ensuring it is kept secure and confidential throughout the entire process.

All communications between clients and servers are encrypted via Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. This allows users to trust that their sensitive information will remain protected at all times when using Synacor’s Zimbra. In addition, two-factor authentication can be enabled on any account for an extra layer of protection from hackers or other malicious actors.

For ultimate privacy protection, Zimbra also offers support for IP whitelisting as well as domain whitelisting so only authorized individuals can access certain accounts or services within the system. These measures ensure that no unauthorized third parties have access to confidential emails sent through the platform.

By offering these robust security protocols, Synacor’s Zimbra ensures a safe environment for users to collaborate with ease knowing their data and conversations are secure at all times.


Integrations Available

Synacor’s Zimbra provides a range of integrations that can be used to customize the email collaboration platform. These integrations include third-party software and services designed to enhance user experience, increase security, and expand features available for users.

Integration  Description 
Google Integrate with G Suite Calendar and Contacts
Microsoft Connect Outlook Email & Calendars
Dropbox Sync emails across multiple devices
Slack Easily connect Zimbra to Slack
Salesforce Automatically sync contacts between systems


The integration options provide added flexibility when customizing the platform for specific use cases. This allows users to create an ecosystem that works best for their business needs while ensuring all data is secure, private, and accessible from any device. With these integrations, organizations are able to maximize productivity without sacrificing important security protocols or compromising on workflow efficiency.


Advantages For Businesses

Synacor’s Zimbra provides numerous advantages for businesses. It is an open-core email collaboration platform with a range of integrations, making it scalable and secure. The features included offer many benefits:

Improved Collaboration:

  • Streamlines communication between departments by enabling multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously.
  • Documents can be easily shared in real time, and messages are sent instantly.

Increased Productivity:

  • Automates processes such as scheduling meetings or tasks, reducing manual labor.
  • Integrates easily with existing applications to reduce complexity.

The flexibility of Synacor’s Zimbra allows businesses to customize their own environment without sacrificing security and reliability. By utilizing this platform, businesses have access to tools that facilitate seamless collaboration across teams, increasing productivity while maintaining data confidentiality. This makes it easy for organizations to stay organized and efficient when managing projects and tasks.



It is clear that Synacor’s Zimbra provides businesses with a powerful and reliable open-core email collaboration system. The features and customizations allow for the platform to be tailored to individual needs, while the security protocols ensure data safety and privacy.

Additionally, integrations provide further options for users to integrate the platform into their existing infrastructure. With these robust capabilities, businesses can expect improved efficiency in communication processes within their organization, as well as increased productivity when collaborating on tasks.

Overall, Zimbra presents an attractive solution for businesses looking to upgrade or change their current email collaboration system. By leveraging its unique features such as scalability and customizable workflows, organizations are able to better meet customer demand without sacrificing quality or performance.

Companies also benefit from enhanced security measures which protect confidential information from unauthorized access or misuse. Finally, integrating other systems with Zimbra allows companies to maximize efficiency by streamlining different processes across multiple platforms.

Synacor’s Zimbra offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed specifically for business use that helps organizations meet their goals efficiently and securely at scale. It is not only capable of providing high levels of customization but also ensures data protection through established security protocols.

In addition, integration options make it possible for teams to collaborate more effectively while maximizing efficiency through automated processes across multiple applications and services simultaneously.