Like any web host, is not perfect. First of all, it should be noted that does not offer VPS and dedicated hosting. Furthermore, if you’d like to use WordPress, you will need to install it. Aside from the hosting limitations,’s web chat support has received several complaints, and has been deemed unreliable and/or unhelpful. Check out this review that lays out many of the common issues associated with

“Holy crap I’d give them 0 stars for support if I could. I really can’t wrap my head around how a modern hosting provider can be a leader in yesterdays technology. Seriously outdated abilities with regard to customer support.

The short story. Pick anyone else. ANYONE……

1) Can’t update billing information in the customer portal.
2) Can’t add or modify services in the customer portal.
3) Can’t do jack squat other than add or delete an email in the customer portal.
4) Domain cost? They wan’t nearly $40 to renew what anyone else charges under $15 for.

The long story.

Annual domain registration came up for renewal. I should have set my own reminder but never did. My fault because they NEVER sent a notice until AFTER the site expired. Log into the web portal to renew which should take about two minutes with ANY other hosting company but find that option isn’t there. You have to call into their billing department which is CLOSED!

So a domain that could be renewed online in three minutes is down over a holiday weekend having to wait for their billing department to open and renew it by phone.

Ten calls and another 24 hours later the domain isn’t renewed and the site is still down because they are having issues with their billing system. This seems to be the case EVERY time I call in. Update your credit card? Call in and spend a half hour on the phone with them. Change your billing address? Call in and spend a half hour on the hone with them. I can’t even transfer the domain out to a working host because their system is fubar’d beyond function on most days. They are a total waste of time and resources.” — Christopher Hiatt

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