PostgreSQL is an open source object-relational database system that provides powerful functionality and scalability. It has been used by many organizations to support mission critical applications due to its reliability and robust feature set. With the increasing demand for PostgreSQL hosting, a variety of options are available in the market today. This article will provide an overview of some of the best free PostgreSQL hosting services available.

The objective of this article is to compare features such as storage capacity, backup capabilities, security measures, performance levels, customer service availability, ease-of-use and cost associated with different free PostgreSQL hosting solutions. Additionally, it will discuss pros and cons related to each option so readers can make informed decisions when selecting an appropriate solution for their needs.

In conclusion, this article aims to help readers identify the most suitable free PostgreSQL hosting platform based on their requirements while considering performance criteria, technical specifications and pricing models. The information provided would be useful for those looking for reliable yet economical solutions for deploying web applications or managing databases with PostgreSQL environment.

Overview Of Postgresql Hosting

PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system. It has been developed by the PostgreSQL Global Development Group since 1996 and is widely used in enterprise applications. There are many hosting services available for PostgreSQL, some of which offer free plans with basic features. The best free PostgreSQL hosting solutions provide reliable performance, scalability, security, and support while allowing users to manage their databases without any cost or technical expertise.

Free PostgreSQL hosting typically offers shared servers that run on virtual machines (VMs). This type of server allows multiple customers to share resources as if they were running their own dedicated physical hardware. Additionally, VMs often come with several layers of isolation and protection from other tenants on the same host machine. Furthermore, free PostgreSQL hosting services can be configured to match specific needs such as storage size, RAM capacity, CPU cores, I/O throughputs, etc., providing a flexible solution for different types of workloads.

Benefits Of Free Postgresql Hosting

Free PostgreSQL hosting offers a number of advantages for users, including:

  1. Cost savings – Free PostgreSQL hosting enables users to save money without compromising on features or quality. By eliminating the need to purchase expensive software licenses and hardware, companies can reduce their overall expenses while still enjoying all the benefits of an enterprise-level database management system.
  2. Scalability – With free PostgreSQL hosting, businesses can easily scale up as needed by increasing storage capacity or adding more resources with minimal effort. This allows them to accommodate changing business needs quickly and efficiently.
  3. Security – Free PostgreSQL hosting provides high levels of security for data stored in databases, protecting it against malicious attacks and unauthorized access. Additionally, users can set up automated backups to ensure that their important information is safe from accidental deletion or damage caused by viruses and other malicious programs.

Overall, free PostgreSQL hosting can provide organizations with a cost-effective solution for managing large amounts of data without sacrificing performance or reliability. It also ensures that sensitive information is kept secure while allowing easy scalability when required. As such, this kind of service is becoming increasingly popular among businesses looking to maximize efficiency at minimal costs.

Popular Free Postgresql Hosting Options

When it comes to free PostgreSQL hosting, there are a few popular options available. ElephantSQL is an easy-to-use cloud database service provider for developers and startups that offers free plans with limited connections, storage space, and queries per hour. It also provides managed databases in the cloud at competitive rates. Another option is OpenShift, which allows users to deploy applications quickly on their own instances of PostgreSQL while providing backup services as well as remote access. Finally, Heroku is a platform designed specifically for deploying web apps using various languages including Ruby, Java, Node.js, Python, and PHP. This platform also features a free tier plan which includes one instance of PostgreSQL running on shared infrastructure along with other add-ons such as analytics or monitoring tools. Each of these platforms offer different features depending on what type of development requirements you have so it’s important to compare them carefully before making a decision.

How To Select A Free Postgresql Host

When selecting a free PostgreSQL hosting provider, it is important to consider several factors. These may include the type of database offered (e.g., single user or multi-user), disk space and bandwidth allocated, customer support options provided, and security features available. Additionally, scalability should be considered when choosing a host – this allows for the system to grow with increasing usage. It is beneficial to research the different companies offering free PostgreSQL hosting plans in order to decide which best meets one’s needs.

It is also advisable to read reviews from other users who have experience with specific providers as they can provide valuable insight into their services. Looking at technical specifications such as server load time and uptime guarantees are useful for evaluating performance capabilities of hosts as well. In addition, some hosts offer additional services such as automated backups that can protect data in case of any issues or disasters. Taking all these points into consideration will help ensure an optimal selection of a free PostgreSQL host.

Setting Up A Postgresql Database With A Free Host

PostgreSQL databases are powerful and versatile, making them popular among developers. Setting up a PostgreSQL database with a free host is an attractive option for those who want to save money while still having access to reliable hosting services. There are several considerations when selecting a free postgresql hosting provider.

Feature Considerations
Uptime Guarantee How often will the server be available? Is there any downtime expected?
Storage Limits What type of storage (e.g., RAM) limits are imposed by the provider? Does this limit the size of your database?
Security Features Are security measures such as firewalls, malware detection and encryption provided? Can files be backed up easily in case disaster strikes?
Support Services What kind of customer support does the provider offer? Do they provide detailed tutorials on setting up databases or troubleshooting issues that may arise during setup/operation?

Considerations For Using A Free Postgresql Host

When looking for a free PostgreSQL hosting provider, there are several considerations to keep in mind. Firstly, the bandwidth and storage capacity should be sufficient for the user’s needs. It is important to ensure that any limitations or restrictions imposed by the host can be managed within those parameters. Additionally, if the user intends to use their own hardware or software, they should check whether such resources are compatible with the host’s system requirements.

The security of data stored on the server also needs to be taken into account when selecting a service provider. The user must assess how secure their data will be from unauthorized access as well as what measures are taken by the host to protect it. Furthermore, features like automatic backups and monitoring tools may be necessary depending on the size and criticality of hosted applications. Thus, researching available options beforehand will help make an informed decision about which free PostgreSQL hosting provider best suits one’s needs.


PostgreSQL hosting provides a reliable platform for businesses to store and manage their data. Free PostgreSQL hosting services offer the same features as paid versions, thus enabling individuals or organizations with limited budgets to access the benefits of using this powerful database management system. When selecting an appropriate free PostgreSQL host, it is important to consider factors such as scalability and availability options along with ease of use. Additionally, ensuring that suitable security measures are in place prior to setting up a PostgreSQL database can help protect valuable information from malicious actors. In conclusion, free PostgreSQL hosting offers both advantages and drawbacks when compared to paid alternatives; however, by carefully evaluating user needs and available resources, users can find a solution which meets their requirements. By leveraging the capabilities offered through free PostgreSQL hosting solutions, individuals and organizations alike can benefit from increased cost savings while still obtaining the necessary performance levels for their operations.