Established in 2008, TechnoBuffalo is a rapidly growing digital media company founded by Jon Rettinger. The mission of the organization is to entertain and inform consumers while providing businesses with valuable insights to help them make better purchasing decisions. This article will discuss how TechnoBuffalo achieves this goal through its various platforms and services.

TechnoBuffalo offers content that caters to tech enthusiasts and consumer electronics buyers alike. By providing an array of video reviews, product comparisons, industry news coverage, shopping deals and more, the organization has become one of the most trusted sources for technology-focused content on the web. Through its expansive network of social media channels, including YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, TechnoBuffalo reaches millions of viewers each month from around the world.

The success of TechnoBuffalo can be attributed largely to founder Jon Rettinger’s vision for creating an engaging platform where users can get relevant information about new products and trends in the tech sector. In this article we will explore how Rettinger’s innovative approach has enabled TechnoBuffalo to become a go-to source for reliable product reviews and insightful commentary on the latest developments in consumer technology.


History Of Technobuffalo

Founded in 2008, TechnoBuffalo is an online platform dedicated to providing technology news and reviews. Created by Jon Rettinger, the website was created with a mission to entertain and inform people about the latest trends in tech. Initially starting out as a YouTube channel featuring product reviews, it eventually grew into one of the most popular destinations for up-to-date information on gadgets, electronics, gaming consoles and more.

Over the years, Technobuffalo has evolved into a trusted source of guidance for consumers and businesses looking to make informed decisions when buying new products or services. The website offers comprehensive coverage of all aspects of technology including hardware specs and software features that are important for purchasing decisions. It also provides helpful analysis from experts in order to give readers insights into what they should consider before making an investment. Additionally, Technobuffalo’s goal is to remain unbiased while helping users decide which products best suit their needs with easy-to-understand reviews and recommendations.


Jon Rettinger’s Vision For The Company

Jon Rettinger founded TechnoBuffalo in 2008 with a mission to entertain and inform consumers on the latest technology products. His vision for the company is threefold:

  1. Provide unbiased reviews of the latest tech so that people can make informed decisions when purchasing electronics
  2. Create content that educates viewers about the newest trends in technology
  3. Help businesses create better strategies around their marketing efforts, product releases, and launch campaigns

Rettinger strives to deliver this message through his popular YouTube channel where he shares videos that explain complex topics in an easy-to-understand manner. He also has a podcast called ‘The Tech Bar’ which interviews experts and professionals from various industries who share valuable advice and insights about technology investments and usage. Additionally, Rettinger publishes blog articles on relevant news stories related to consumer electronics, allowing readers to stay up-to-date with emerging technologies without having to spend hours searching online. Through these platforms, Rettinger hopes to continue providing trustworthy information so everyone—from individuals looking for tips on buying new gadgets to companies seeking help optimizing their marketing plan—can benefit from TechnoBuffalo’s resources.


Products & Services Offered

Technobuffalo provides a wide range of products and services to help consumers make informed decisions when purchasing electronics. They offer an extensive library of videos that review the latest gadgets, as well as articles with detailed analyses about technology trends. In addition, Technobuffalo has developed its own app which gives users access to all their content on-the-go. Furthermore, they host podcasts featuring in-depth interviews with industry experts and provide quick news updates through social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

The company also offers consulting services which cover topics such as product promotion and marketing strategy. This can be beneficial for businesses looking to reach out to potential customers or gain insight into emerging tech trends. Additionally, Technobuffalo organizes events where attendees have the opportunity to network with innovators across various industries while gaining valuable insights into the current state of technology.


Benefits For Consumers & Businesses

Technobuffalo provides a unique service to its viewers and followers by providing honest reviews of technology products. This helps consumers make more informed decisions about their purchases, offering them the ability to get an unbiased opinion before making any major investments in technology. The videos also provide detailed insights into different products which can help users better understand the features that are available and how they might fit their own personal needs.

For businesses, Technobuffalo offers a platform for advertising and product promotion that is both engaging and effective. Through informative content and entertaining delivery, the site attracts many eyes from potential customers who may have otherwise overlooked the product or services being offered. By building trust with its audience, the company has created a loyal following that looks to it when considering new tech options, ultimately driving sales for advertisers.


Strategies For Making Smart Purchasing Decisions

Making smart purchasing decisions requires an understanding of the product and its features, as well as an evaluation of one’s own needs. To make informed choices, consumers must take into consideration their budget, lifestyle, and preferences. One strategy for making smart purchases is to create a list that identifies what characteristics are important in a potential purchase.

Feature  Necessary? Desirable?
Price Yes No
Quality Yes Yes
Design No Yes


Additionally, it can be beneficial to research options by reading customer reviews or visiting review websites such as TechnoBuffalo. This will help to ensure that one receives value for money spent on items that meet individual requirements. Researching also allows consumers access to information about warranties and return policies which may be applicable if something goes wrong. In addition, businesses should evaluate products from different perspectives to ensure they make responsible investments with minimal risk exposure. By taking the time to conduct thorough research prior to any purchase decision, both consumers and businesses can find the best available option at the most reasonable cost.


Impact On The Marketplace

Having established a mission to entertain and inform, Technobuffalo has had an impact on the marketplace. Through its reviews of tech products and services, it has helped consumers make better purchasing decisions by providing unbiased advice that is based on real-world experience. For businesses, Technobuffalo provides a platform for them to showcase their offerings and build relationships with customers who are looking for reliable information within the fast-paced world of technology.

The company’s presence in online media also allows business owners to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in consumer behavior so they can adjust their strategies accordingly. This helps ensure that companies remain competitive while still meeting customer needs. As such, Technobuffalo has become an invaluable resource for both individuals and businesses when making informed purchase decisions.



The success of TechnoBuffalo is a testament to the vision and leadership of its founder, Jon Rettinger. By providing comprehensive reviews, news articles, and videos covering a wide range of consumer electronics products and services, TechnoBuffalo has helped both consumers and businesses make better purchasing decisions. Through their mission to entertain and inform, they have created an online destination for those seeking reliable advice on technology-related topics.

Their commitment to accuracy and impartiality ensures that consumers are able to evaluate the pros and cons of different products before making a purchase decision. This approach has enabled them to become a trusted source in the industry. Furthermore, through collaborations with established brands such as ASUS, LG, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony & more; they are able to offer exclusive deals not available anywhere else.

In short, TechnoBuffalo provides valuable resources for both consumers and businesses alike when it comes to understanding current trends in consumer electronics purchases. As demonstrated by their rapid growth since inception in 2006, this media platform has had an undeniable impact on the marketplace – proving itself as one of the most influential sources when it comes to making smart buying decisions.