HostingCon is an event that brings together providers of hosting services, ISPs, Telcos and VARs. It provides a platform for these professionals to showcase their expertise in the latest trends in the industry. The purpose of this article is to provide readers with an insight into what happens behind the scenes at this prestigious convention.

The article will examine how energy circulates among the organizing team as they anticipate a broader networking pool for hosts, ISPs, Telcos and VARs. Participants will have access to top-notch resources from both established companies as well as upstart firms who seek opportunities on the cutting edge of technology. Further analysis will reveal details about the events planned during HostingCon such as keynote speeches, panel discussions and exclusive workshops created by leading experts in the field.

Finally, readers can expect to learn more about how participants benefit from attending HostingCon through increased exposure to new contacts, business ideas and potential partnerships that could help them maximize profits in today’s competitive market space. Thus, it stands to reason that anyone interested in getting ahead of industry trends should pay close attention to this informative piece of literature which sheds light on ‘HostingCon Behind the Scenes’.


Overview Of Hostingcon

HostingCon is an annual conference and trade show that has been bringing together the hosting, cloud, data center, telecoms and related industries since 2003. It provides a platform for industry professionals to network with peers while gaining exposure to new products, services and technologies. The event features keynote speakers, panel discussions, exhibitors and workshops designed to help attendees better understand their roles in the industry. HostingCon brings together hosters, ISPs (Internet Service Providers), telcos (telecommunication companies) and VARs (Value Added Resellers).

The event offers valuable insights into current trends and changes within the hosting community. Attendees gain access to thought leaders from across the globe who are making groundbreaking advancements in the field of technology and telecommunications. By attending HostingCon events, participants can learn how to navigate these rapidly evolving markets as well as stay informed about best practices for deploying innovative solutions. Additionally, it serves as a great place for networking opportunities for those looking to strengthen or expand partnerships among leading vendors.


Benefits Of Attending

HostingCon provides a unique opportunity for hosts, ISPs, telcos and VARs to come together in one place. By attending the conference, attendees can expect a range of benefits:

  1. Networking – Participants have an opportunity to meet industry peers from around the world, create valuable contacts and build relationships that may prove advantageous in the long run.
  2. Industry Insights – Attendees will be exposed to up-to-date information on trends and developments in hosting services and related technology. They can gain insights into emerging technologies as well as exchange ideas with other professionals about innovative solutions for their business needs.
  3. Education – HostingCon offers educational seminars led by experienced professionals who provide invaluable advice on topics such as cloud computing, security practices, software development and more.
  4. Fun Activities – The event also includes fun activities like keynote speakers, panel discussions, receptions, team building events and social gatherings which help foster camaraderie among participants while strengthening professional networks.

With its comprehensive agenda of networking opportunities combined with informative sessions and exciting social activities, HostingCon is sure to be an enriching experience for all involved.


Who Attends Hostingcon

HostingCon attracts a wide range of professionals from the digital infrastructure and hosting industry. This includes hosts, ISPs, telcos, VARs as well as other technology vendors and service providers. In addition to these organizations, representatives from government agencies also attend in order to learn more about the digital infrastructure landscape.

Attendees include executives, directors, managers, IT staff and engineers who are keen to learn more about best practices for ensuring secure and reliable web hosting services. The networking opportunities at HostingCon allow attendees to connect with potential partners and customers while learning new technologies that could help them better manage their operations. As such, participants leave feeling informed and inspired by what they have learned during their time at the conference.


Expected Outcomes From Hostingcon

At HostingCon, the energy is palpable as people from a variety of backgrounds look forward to connecting with potential partners. It’s an opportunity for hosts, ISPs, telcos, and VARs to expand their network by meeting new contacts in the industry. The expected outcomes from this event are vast and varied depending on who attends.

Outcomes  Hosts  ISPs  Telcos  VARs
Increase visibility
Make new business connections
Find product solutions
Learn about trends & challenges


Attending such events provides attendees with valuable information ranging from industry news and current trends, to the latest products available in the market. Participants can also meet like-minded peers with whom they can form partnerships or collaborations while exploring different opportunities that may arise during conversations at these conventions. Ultimately, HostingCon offers an avenue where participants can make meaningful connections which could potentially lead to better business prospects down the line.


Technology Showcase

At the HostingCon ‘Behind The Scenes’ event, a technology showcase featured cutting-edge equipment from some of the industry’s top vendors. Attendees had access to hands-on demonstrations and technical experts for further discussion about their products.

The array of exhibitors included a variety of:

  1. Cloud hosting providers.
  2. Telcos with integrated voice solutions.
  3. And value added resellers showcasing high quality servers and storage systems.

Organizers provided an educational environment where attendees could explore new technologies while networking with knowledgeable individuals in the field. There was also time set aside for networking throughout the day so that guests could build relationships with other industry professionals in attendance. This enabled participants to gain insight into trends and developments within their sector, as well as share ideas on how best to leverage upcoming opportunities in the marketplace.


Connections & Opportunities

As the Technology Showcase concluded, energy began to circulate around the team as they anticipated a broader networking pool for hosts, ISPs, telcos, and VARS. The hostingcon was about to go “behind the scenes” and the team felt ready for this new journey.

The connections made at hostingcon were invaluable in creating opportunities that could not be found elsewhere. These included educational sessions with industry experts, specialized vendors offering innovative services tailored towards web hosting companies, one-on-one meetings with investors or potential business partners, marketing resources and strategies from leading providers of niche products and services, access to cutting edge technologies available only on site, and countless other possibilities.

Hosts ISPs Telcos & VARs
1 Educations Sessions Innovative Services Cutting Edge Technologies
2 Investors/Partnerships Marketing Resources Exclusive Products & Services
3 Professional Networking Opportunities Specialized Vendors Business Strategies & Solutions
4 Access to Expertise & Knowledgebase Advancements in Web Hosting Industry
5 Leadership Development Program

At hostingcon there was an abundance of knowledge exchange taking place between participants who had varying degrees of expertise. This allowed attendees to expand their understanding of current technologies within the web hosting space by connecting with professionals who possessed advanced skillsets and experience. Furthermore, those interested in leadership development programs benefited from attending events such as roundtable discussions where they formed meaningful relationships with existing executives while learning how to effectively lead a business. By exploring these multiple avenues of opportunity together at hostingcon, individuals got unparalleled insights into areas which would have otherwise been inaccessible outside of the event’s infrastructure.



HostingCon is a great event for anyone in the hosting, ISP, telco and VAR industries to attend. It provides attendees with numerous benefits such as access to cutting-edge technologies and networking opportunities that can help further their business goals. At HostingCon, one can expect to make valuable connections, learn about emerging trends in the industry, discover new products and services from vendors, and gain insight into how to better position themselves within the market. The energy circulating around this event is palpable as people anticipate making meaningful connections with potential partners or clients while gaining knowledge from expert speakers.

For those attending HostingCon, there are many advantages available that can be leveraged both during the conference itself and afterward. Attendees will have access to an extensive network of peers providing an opportunity to build relationships which may result in lucrative partnerships down the line. Additionally, exhibitors showcase their products and services at booths allowing attendees a chance to explore what they offer more closely while receiving discounts on select items. Finally, educational sessions feature knowledgeable leaders who provide unique perspectives on topics relevant to current events in the technology field thus giving participants actionable ideas they can use in their own businesses.

Overall, HostingCon offers tremendous value for all involved parties by creating avenues through which hosts, ISPs, telcos and VARS can come together under one roof and explore common interests while learning from each other’s experiences. This type of collaboration fosters innovation by bringing fresh concepts front and center allowing individuals a platform from which they can expand their reach within their respective fields of expertise. Whether it’s finding new customers or uncovering strategic investments or simply expanding ones network of contacts; HostingCon remains an invaluable resource for any individual looking for success in today’s ever-evolving technological landscape.