HostingCon is an annual conference that focuses on the latest trends in the web hosting industry. The conference features a range of sessions, events and activities designed to provide attendees with valuable insights into current topics and best practices. This article will explore some of the hot topics discussed at this year’s event as well as other highlights from the show floor.

HostingCon brings together professionals from around the world for three days of education, networking and entertainment. It provides participants with direct access to experts in their field who can share their knowledge through interactive sessions and workshops. Attendees are also provided with opportunities to interact with vendors offering products and services related to web hosting.

At this year’s event, there were a variety of topics explored including security solutions, cloud computing, website optimization and more. Sessions ranged from keynote speakers discussing emerging technologies to panel discussions focused on specific issues such as server performance or customer service strategies. In addition to these educational opportunities, attendees had plenty of chances to network with peers while engaging in fun activities like game shows, karaoke contests and photo booths.


Overview Of Conference

HostingCon is an annual conference for the hosting industry. It serves to provide education, networking opportunities, and resources for those in the business of web hosting, domain registration, cloud computing, virtualization, security services, and more. The event includes a range of hot topics sessions featuring leading authorities from across the hosting industry as well as tracks devoted to each area of interest. Additionally, there are activities such as roundtable discussions and fun events that enable attendees to connect with peers and expand their knowledge base.

The goal of HostingCon is to equip its participants with best practices and increase awareness about important trends shaping the future of digital infrastructure technology. Attendees can expect lively conversations on cutting-edge topics like artificial intelligence (AI) applications in data centers; emerging regulations affecting online privacy; strategies for improving customer service experiences; leveraging analytics tools to optimize performance; and much more.


Speakers And Presenters

HostingCon brings together industry professionals from around the world each year to discuss some of the latest topics in hosting and cloud computing. This year, there will be a number of interesting speakers and presenters taking part in the event who bring their own unique perspectives on these topics.

The following are just a few of the many notable names that will be presenting at HostingCon 2020:

  • Bob Plankers, Senior Cloud Architect at VMware
  • Tim Brown, Chief Technology Officer for IBM Cloud
  • Chris Wahl, World Renowned Infrastructure Analyst
  • Tanya Janca, Security Advocate & DevOps Expert

These experts come from all over the world with experience in technology ranging from security to infrastructure and more. They’ll be discussing cutting edge trends such as AI-driven automation tools and distributed systems architectures. Attendees can look forward to gaining valuable insights into how new technologies might shape the future of cloud computing and beyond.

From networking sessions to thought leadership panels and keynotes, HostingCon is an excellent opportunity for attendees to gain knowledge about hot topics in this ever-evolving field. With so much information available from experienced professionals, it’s sure to be a great learning experience for everyone involved.


Key Themes Discussed

At HostingCon, attendees discussed a range of topics related to cloud computing and hosting services. Key themes included the need for improved data security measures, strategies for increasing customer engagement, and best practices for maintaining high uptime levels. Additionally, many sessions focused on ways to optimize existing infrastructures in order to reduce costs while still providing reliable service.

Speakers also presented information about developing trends in the industry such as artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions that are transforming the way businesses manage their digital operations. Attendees had an opportunity to gain insights from experts on how these innovations can be applied when designing new products or improving existing ones. Overall, there was much discussion around technologies that are reshaping the future of web hosting and cloud computing.


Opportunities To Network

HostingCon offers numerous opportunities to network with other industry professionals and build relationships. Attendees can take advantage of the one-on-one meeting service provided by the conference, which allows individuals to connect on a personal level through an online scheduling system. Additionally, the conference provides several social events throughout its duration including networking receptions, lunches, and dinners that are designed for attendees to meet new contacts and further cultivate existing connections.

The virtual platform also makes it possible for participants to join in on roundtable discussions hosted by prominent influencers and thought leaders from around the world. These interactive sessions provide valuable insights into current challenges facing the hosting community as well as potential solutions. Furthermore, attendees have the opportunity to explore different topics during informal conversations with peers or even visit exhibitor booths where they can learn more about products and services available within their field. In this way, HostingCon enables individuals to create meaningful connections while expanding their professional networks.


After-Hours Events

HostingCon provides many opportunities for socializing and networking outside of the typical sessions. After-hours events are scheduled throughout the conference, often taking place in offsite locations. These events provide a more relaxed atmosphere to meet other attendees, exchange ideas, and build relationships.

Event Location
Welcome Reception Onsite at HostingCon venue
Tech Night Out Offsite bar or club
Closing Party Offsite restaurant/bar


The welcome reception is usually held on the first evening of the conference and takes place on site at the event venue. This is an opportunity to mingle with speakers, exhibitors and sponsors as well as network with fellow attendees. The tech night out offers a chance to explore local hot spots while making new friends and contacts. Finally, the closing party celebrates all that was accomplished during HostingCon’s three days of collaboration and education. Attendees can enjoy food, drinks, music and dancing in a fun environment


Benefits Of Attending

HostingCon is an annual event dedicated to the hosting and cloud industry. It features seminars, tutorials, workshops, and keynote addresses from experts in the area. The event draws attendees from around the world who are looking to gain insight into cutting-edge trends and technologies as well as networking opportunities with fellow professionals in their field.

Attending HostingCon can provide many benefits for professionals within the hosting and cloud industries. These benefits include gaining knowledge about new developments in technology, discovering potential business partners or customers, staying up-to-date on legal issues that affect the industry, learning tips and techniques from experienced peers, and having access to tools used by leading companies in the sector. Additionally, attending provides a way for individuals to build relationships with likeminded professionals through networking events held during the conference. This creates a platform for exchanging ideas and promoting collaboration between colleagues across different countries or continents.



HostingCon offers an opportunity to learn and understand the latest trends in hosting, cloud computing and other related topics. Attendees gain knowledge from experienced industry leaders and benefit from networking with peers facing similar challenges. With sessions on a wide range of hot topics, HostingCon provides attendees with valuable insights into cutting-edge technologies such as virtualization, automation and security. The conference also features after-hours events that provide a more relaxed atmosphere for connecting with fellow professionals.

As evidenced by its strong track record, HostingCon is one of the premier conferences dedicated to hosting technology solutions. It has consistently delivered interesting discussions about current issues faced by those in the field, including scalability strategies, resource utilization optimization and service delivery improvements. By attending this event, individuals can stay ahead of their competition while learning best practices from renowned experts in the industry.

Overall, HostingCon is an invaluable experience for anyone interested in mastering modern hosting infrastructure solutions. Through various speakers and sessions, participants are presented with new ideas that can help them become better equipped to tackle today’s complex hosting problems. Additionally, they have the chance to network with like-minded professionals who share their same interests. For all these reasons and more, HostingCon promises to be an enriching experience for everyone involved.