KnownHost is an online hosting service that provides managed hosting with a focus on robust security and responsive customer service. It offers a comprehensive suite of services to its customers, ranging from secure web hosting solutions for small businesses to virtual private servers for enterprise-level clients. This article explores the features offered by KnownHost and how they help meet the needs of users who are looking for reliable, affordable hosting solutions.

As cyber threats become increasingly common, companies must ensure their websites remain safe and secure while providing excellent customer service. KnownHost meets these requirements through its range of features designed to enhance user experience while minimizing risk.

These include two-factor authentication, malware scanning and removal, firewalls, daily backups, unlimited bandwidth and storage space, as well as 24/7 technical support. All these features come together to provide users with maximum protection against malicious attacks as well as quick resolutions should any issue arise.

By offering comprehensive yet affordable packages tailored for different types of customers, KnownHost ensures that all website owners have access to the tools necessary to protect them from potential cyberattacks while also ensuring smooth operation of their websites at all times.

In this article we will discuss in further detail why KnownHost stands out among other providers when it comes to managed hosting with a focus on robust security and responsive customer service.


Overview Of Managed Hosting Solutions

Managed hosting is a type of web hosting service that enables customers to access servers and resources without having to manage the underlying technology. It provides users with control over their websites while allowing them to benefit from an experienced technical team taking care of server maintenance, upgrades, and security. Knownhost offers managed hosting solutions that are designed to be reliable, secure, and cost-effective.

Knownhost’s managed hosting services include shared hosting plans, virtual private servers (VPS), dedicated servers, cloud hosting services, reseller accounts, domain name registration and renewal services. All of these options offer different levels of performance and scalability depending on customer needs.

The company also provides various additional features such as automated backups, SSL certificates, malware scanning and removal tools, website monitoring software, advanced firewalls and more. Customers have access to 24/7 support for any questions or issues they may have regarding their account or website.

For those looking for robust security coupled with responsive customer service at affordable prices, Knownhost is the perfect choice for managed hosting solutions.


Advantages Of Managed Hosting Services

Managed hosting services can provide a number of benefits to users. One key benefit is that managed hosting providers typically have expertise and experience in dealing with the technical aspects of running a website, making it easier for businesses or individuals to focus on their own areas of specialization.

Furthermore, many managed service providers offer enhanced security measures such as firewalls and other protections against cyber-attacks and hacking attempts. This helps ensure that websites remain safe from malicious activity and unauthorized access.

Another advantage of using a managed hosting provider is that they often offer additional features such as automatic backups, content delivery networks (CDN), server monitoring, etc., which can be beneficial in terms of cost savings and improved performance.

Additionally, most managed hosting companies also provide excellent customer support, ready assistance if any problems arise, and access to web development tools. All these advantages make managed hosting an attractive option for those who need reliable web hosting solutions.


Security Features Provided By Knownhost

KnownHost offers a range of security features to protect customers’ data and systems. All servers are stored in secure facilities with around-the-clock monitoring, providing protection from physical access attempts.

To further enhance security on the network level, KnownHost utilizes firewalls and intrusion detection/prevention software to monitor for malicious activity. In addition, backups of customer data is done regularly to ensure that any potential losses can be recovered quickly.

Besides these measures, KnownHost also provides additional services such as SSL certificates and DDoS protection. The company also has expertise in securing applications like WordPress and Magento, so customers can rest assured their websites will remain safe from hackers or other cyber attacks. Furthermore, support staff are available 24/7 to address any issues related to hosting security promptly.


Technical Support Options

In addition to providing robust security features, KnownHost also offers reliable customer support options. The company’s technical support team is available 24/7 and can be contacted via telephone or email. They have an extensive knowledge base of help articles that cover topics such as setting up domains, creating mail accounts, changing DNS records, and more.

If customers need additional help with complex issues, they can open a ticket for direct assistance from the technical staff. In some cases, remote desktop access may also be provided in order to troubleshoot any problems quickly and effectively.

The company also provides proactive monitoring services which alert their technicians about potential server issues before they become major problems. These comprehensive support options give customers peace of mind knowing that their hosting needs are being taken care of by experienced professionals who can provide prompt solutions if needed.


Pricing And Payment Options

Knownhost offers a variety of managed hosting plans and pricing options to meet the needs of customers. Plans range from basic shared hosting, VPS packages, Dedicated Servers and Cloud Hosting solutions. Prices are competitive and payment can be made in several ways including major credit cards like Visa or Mastercard, PayPal and Bitcoin. All payments must be submitted prior to service activation with Knownhost billing system.

The customer’s account will remain active until their subscription expires or it is cancelled by either party. Customers have the option to upgrade or downgrade their plan at any time without penalty.

The company also provides discounts for long-term commitments as well as volume purchase agreements for larger clients. In addition, Knownhost offers a 30 day money back guarantee on all its services which allows customers to test out their services before committing fully to them.


Benefits Of Choosing Knownhost

In addition to its competitive pricing and payment options, KnownHost offers a range of benefits that make it an attractive choice for managed hosting. These include:

  • Robust security measures designed to protect websites from malicious attacks and data loss.
  • Responsive customer service with knowledgeable staff available 24/7 via phone, email, or live chat.
  • Comprehensive server management services including updates, maintenance, backups, and more.

KnownHost provides reliable uptime with quick response times so customers can rest assured their website is always running smoothly. They also provide scalability options to accommodate growing businesses as needed and free SSL certificates for secure connections between clients and servers. Furthermore, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee should customers not be completely satisfied with the service they receive.



Managed hosting solutions provide a secure, reliable way for businesses to host their websites and manage their digital resources. KnownHost offers competitively priced services with robust security measures and responsive customer service. The company’s comprehensive technical support options ensure that any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently, providing peace of mind for customers.

The wide range of payment options makes it easy for businesses to choose the most suitable package for their needs, while the various benefits offered by KnownHost make it an attractive choice over other providers. These include high-end data centers, unlimited bandwidth, fast servers, low latency times and much more. All these features combine to create a reliable managed hosting solution at an affordable price point.

Overall, KnownHost provides a comprehensive set of managed hosting solutions designed to meet the needs of businesses and organizations of all sizes. With its focus on strong security measures as well as flexible pricing plans, efficient customer service and technical support options – coupled with.

Additional benefits such as unlimited bandwidth and low latency times – it is clear why many choose KnownHost as their provider of choice when looking for cost-effective managed hosting solutions.