In the modern world of technology, data centers are becoming larger and more complex than ever before. As such, it is increasingly important for organizations to have reliable access to their network devices in order to ensure that their operations remain safe and uninterrupted. Opengear provides out-of-band access to these network devices via console servers and remote management gateways. This article will discuss how this system works as well as its benefits for businesses.

Out-of-band access refers to a method of connecting with server consoles or other types of equipment remotely by using an alternative communication channel instead of the same physical connection used for normal user traffic. By providing out-of-band connections, Opengear allows users to securely connect with their network devices without having to be physically present at the device’s location. Furthermore, they can also monitor any changes made on the device while still controlling it remotely from any place in the world.

The use of console servers and remote management gateways provided by Opengear brings many advantages over traditional methods of managing IT infrastructure.

These include increased security due to strong authentication protocols; improved scalability thanks to redundant solutions; faster response times when dealing with unexpected issues; cost savings since less personnel is needed onsite; and greater flexibility when configuring networks across multiple locations.

All these features make Opengear a great option for those looking for secure and reliable out-of-band access solutions for their network systems.


Definition Of Out-Of-Band Access

Out-of-Band Access (OOB) is a network architecture that allows for the remote management of connected devices. It enables access to systems and resources even when there are connection issues or other disruptions between them. OOB provides an alternate channel for managing networks, servers, and other equipment without relying on the standard in-band communication path.

The advantage of using out-of-band connections is they give administrators the ability to manage their networks remotely while maintaining full control over their IT environment. This helps reduce downtime by allowing maintenance tasks to be carried out quickly and efficiently regardless of any external circumstances such as power failure or internet connectivity problems.

Additionally, these connections also offer increased security since data does not have to travel through public channels which may be vulnerable to interception or manipulation.


Benefits Of Out-Of-Band Access

Out-of-band access is a critical tool for managing network devices in an efficient, secure manner. By utilizing console servers and remote management gateways to gain out-of-band access to these devices, administrators can troubleshoot problems without disrupting on-going operations or requiring physical presence at the site of the device. This results in time and cost savings as well as improved uptime for connected applications.

In addition, by using out-of-band access with OpenGear solutions, administrators have control over who gains access to their network resources through authentication and encryption tools such as Kerberos and Secure Shell (SSH). These features help protect against unauthorized users accessing the system which reduces risk that comes with traditional in-band access methods.

Furthermore, since data traffic is diverted away from production networks via serial lines or dedicated VPN tunnels provided by OpenGear products, they provide increased security compared to other forms of access.


Overview Of Opengear Products

Opengear provides a range of out-of-band access solutions that enable users to securely manage and monitor their distributed IT environment. These products include console servers, remote management gateways and cellular failover routers. Console servers are designed to provide secure remote access to network devices such as routers, firewalls and switches through serial ports or virtual media over IP.

Remote management gateways allow administrators to remotely connect into corporate networks with low latency connections over private WANs or public Internet services. Cellular failover routers offer an alternative connection in the event of a primary link failure, providing reliable back up connectivity when needed most.

Opengear’s solutions help businesses reduce downtime by quickly troubleshooting issues, enabling fast resolution and reducing the need for onsite visits. They also feature advanced security measures including authentication protocols used for encrypted communication between local devices and external systems; this helps protect against unauthorized access attempts from malicious actors.

Additionally, Opengear’s products come with comprehensive monitoring capabilities that can detect any faults in the system before they become major problems.


Technical Specifications For Console Servers And Remote Management Gateways

Moving forward, technical specifications for OpenGear’s console servers and remote management gateways are as follows:

  • Console Servers provide secure out-of-band access to serial consoles on network devices, allowing an administrator to monitor, manage, upgrade firmware and troubleshoot remotely. They come equipped with a range of features such as environmental monitoring sensors, dual power inputs with failover redundancy, SSH/SSL encryption support and automated alerts via email or SMS.
  •  Remote Management Gateways offer resilient in-band and out-of-band networking capabilities along with advanced security functions like VPN technology, intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS), port filtering and more. These products also feature network address translation (NAT) which allows administrators to securely connect multiple networks together over the Internet while keeping their private IP addresses hidden from public view.
  •  Additionally, both product ranges include models that can be rack mounted into standard 19” racks for data centers or server rooms as well as desktop versions suitable for smaller networks or home offices. All OpenGear solutions are compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems ensuring easy integration into any existing IT infrastructure.

OpenGear is designed to meet the stringent requirements of modern enterprise networks by providing reliable out-of-band access to critical equipment through its comprehensive selection of console servers and remote management gateways capable of meeting the most demanding challenges faced by today’s organizations.


Case Studies Showcasing Successful Implementations

OpenGear’s out-of-band access solutions have been successfully implemented in a variety of industries and applications. One example is the implementation of OpenGear console servers for remote monitoring and management of multiple network devices at a major U.S. university.

The organization required secure, reliable, and cost-effective out-of-band access to enable technicians to quickly diagnose problems with the school’s IT infrastructure. By leveraging two different types of OpenGear console managers – an ACM5004C and an IM7100– they were able to easily deploy their solution while maintaining tight security protocols across all connected devices.

The success of this project was largely attributed to OpenGear’s intuitive user interface, scalability, reliability, and integrated support for both SSHv2 protocol as well as Telnet authentication methods. As such, the university has since expanded their use of OpenGear products by adding additional consoles throughout campus that allow them to centrally manage hundreds of critical network devices from a single location.


Cost Analysis Of Out-Of-Band Access Solutions

Out-of-band access solutions provide a range of options for businesses to consider, as the cost and complexity can vary depending on their needs. OpenGear provides several out-of-band management products that are designed for both small and medium business networks. The following table outlines some of these products with associated costs:

Product Cost  Description
Console Server 8 Port RJ45 $589 USD 8 port console server with dual power supplies
V24 Console Server 4 Port USB 2.0/RS232 $1,092 USD 4 port USB 2.0 / RS232 console server with single AC power supply
ACM7004 Remote Management Gateway $1,079 USD Dual WAN or LAN ports remote management gateway


An important factor in evaluating an out-of-band solution is its support capabilities. OpenGear offers 24×7 technical assistance from Cisco certified engineers who have expertise in network connectivity issues and troubleshooting procedures.

Furthermore, many of the product offerings include a one year warranty at no additional charge which gives customers peace of mind about their investment. Overall, OpenGear’s offerings provide high quality products that meet customer requirements while providing value for money spent.



The use of out-of-band access technology is becoming increasingly popular as an efficient way to manage and maintain network devices. Opengear products provide secure, reliable solutions for remote management gateways and console servers that allow users to gain secure access to their networks from any location. The technical specifications of these products are in line with industry standards, providing the highest levels of security and performance.

Additionally, case studies have documented successful implementations of out-of-band access solutions provided by Opengear in a variety of settings. Cost analysis shows that organizations can save significant amounts on overhead costs when using out-of-band access solutions compared to traditional methods such as onsite visits or manual labor.

As a result, it is clear that investing in out-of-band access technology provides substantial benefits while also allowing organizations to reduce long term costs associated with managing their networks remotely. In conclusion, organizations should consider utilizing Opengear’s products when considering their options for gaining secure remote access to their networks.