The security of websites and applications is increasingly important in the digital age. As a result, organizations are turning to automated vulnerability scans to proactively protect against cyber threats. Beyond Security™ Automated Engine and Testing Library offers free vulnerability scans for users looking for advanced protection for their websites and applications.

This article will discuss how Beyond Security’s Automated Engine and Testing Library provides an effective way to identify potential vulnerabilities on websites and applications quickly without breaking the bank.

Security experts agree that identifying security flaws early is key to preventing successful attacks from malicious actors. When it comes to website or application vulnerabilities, manual testing can be time-consuming, inefficient, and costly due to the labor involved in manually searching through codebase for potential issues. To address this problem, organizations have begun leveraging automated scanning solutions like Beyond Security’s Automated Engine & Testing Library.

This solution uses sophisticated algorithms to rapidly scan webpages or applications for any known critical security vulnerabilities as well as configuration errors which could lead to system compromise if exploited by attackers.

The library also contains detailed patches developed by top cybersecurity professionals that can help patch any identified issue with minimal disruption of services during implementation. In addition, Beyond Security’s solution is available at no cost allowing organizations of all sizes access state-of-the-art technology without having to break the bank.


Overview Of Vulnerability Scans

Vulnerability scans are essential for the security of any website or application. A vulnerability scan is an automated process that analyses a system to identify possible weaknesses and potential threats, such as those posed by malicious software, hackers, and other external sources.

It can detect vulnerable open ports and applications, errors in configuration settings, misconfigurations in systems, outdated software versions, missing patches, weak passwords, cross-site scripting flaws, SQL injection attacks, buffer overflow exploits and more. Vulnerability scans also help prevent data breaches from occurring due to vulnerabilities not being addressed before they become exploitable.

Beyond Security’s Automated Engine & Testing Library provides free vulnerability scans to protect websites and applications from cyberattacks. The library includes multiple scanning methods tailored to different types of assets including web apps and public internet facing nodes.

These tools allow users to easily assess their network environment with comprehensive analysis on vulnerabilities found in the scanned asset. With Beyond Security’s Automated Engine & Testing Library users receive detailed reports which provide insight into remediation plans needed to secure their website or application against future incidents.


Benefits Of Beyond Security™ Automated Engine And Testing Library

Beyond Security™ Automated Engine and Testing Library offers a variety of benefits to website owners and application developers. Utilizing this service allows for free scanning, which helps to assess the security risk associated with any website or applications that are being developed.

This tool also provides detailed reports on potential vulnerabilities within websites and applications, offering insights into how they can be addressed. Additionally, Beyond Security™ Automated Engine and Testing Library is designed to be user-friendly, allowing users to quickly scan their website or application without requiring extensive technical knowledge.

The automated engine and testing library provided by Beyond Security™ provides an extensive range of tests that help identify both known as well as unknown threats. This makes it easier for webmasters and developers to keep up with the latest security trends while ensuring their sites remain secure from malicious attacks.

Furthermore, the software is regularly updated in order to stay ahead of emerging threats, providing an additional layer of protection against ever-evolving cybercriminals.


How To Use The Automated Engine And Testing Library

Using Beyond Security’s Automated Engine and Testing Library is simple and straightforward. The automated engine enables users to scan their websites or applications automatically for vulnerabilities, while the testing library allows them to customize scans according to individual preferences. Here are the key steps for running an automated vulnerability scan:

  • Access the Beyond Security™ dashboard
  • Select a website or application to be scanned
  • Choose preferred settings such as which types of tests should be run on the system

Once these steps have been completed, the user can initiate a scan with one click. As scanning progresses, any security issues that arise will be flagged in real-time so they can be addressed immediately.

After all tests have been completed, reports summarizing results and suggested remedial actions are generated automatically. This process ensures that organizations stay ahead of potential threats by quickly identifying and addressing any problems before they become major incidents.


What Kinds Of Vulnerabilities Can Be Detected?

Beyond Security’s automated engine and testing library allows for a comprehensive vulnerability scan to detect various types of security flaws. This includes web application vulnerabilities, server configuration issues, misconfigurations in applications and services, and malware infections.

The engine also identifies weaknesses within software architecture such as cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection attacks, command execution flaws, buffer overflows, directory traversal issues, unauthorized access points, improper authentication protocols, weak encryption methods, brute force attacks and phishing attempts.

The combination of the Beyond Security engine with its extensive library provides a powerful tool that can accurately detect potential threats and identify any existing malicious activities on an organization’s network or website. Additionally, it enables users to quickly reevaluate their systems after patching or other changes have been implemented to ensure they remain secure against known attack vectors.


Tips For Keeping Your Website Secure

When it comes to website security, prevention is key. There are several steps that can be taken to ensure the safety of your website and applications from cyber threats. Firstly, use strong passwords which include upper-case letters, numbers, and symbols.

Passwords should never contain personal information or words found in a dictionary. Secondly, make sure all software on your system, including plugins and themes for websites and applications, is kept up-to-date with the latest versions of their respective programs.

Additionally, install an antivirus program on your computer to help protect against malicious code being downloaded onto your machine. Furthermore, consider using two-factor authentication to add another layer of protection for users when logging into accounts.

It is also important to keep backups of your data regularly so that any files lost due to a possible attack can be restored quickly without much disruption. Finally, take advantage of security tools such as firewalls and web application scanners that alert you if there are potential vulnerabilities within your system. By taking these simple yet effective steps you can better protect yourself and your website from cyberthreats


How To Get Started With Beyond Security™ Automated Engine And Testing Library

Getting started with Beyond Security™ Automated Engine and Testing Library is easy. The first step is to register for a free account, which allows access to the vulnerability scanning tools. After creating an account, users can begin testing their website or application by providing the URL of their site or application. Once the scan has been initiated, results will be displayed on screen in real time.

Step  Description 
1 Register for a free account
2 Provide URL of your website/application
3 View scan results in real-time


Users also have access to many other features such as scheduling scans, customizing tests, and generating reports quickly and easily. Additionally, they can benefit from automated updates that are released each week so they always have access to the most up-to-date security audit information available. With these features combined into one user friendly interface, it makes protecting websites and applications easier than ever before.

Beyond Security™ provides users with all the necessary tools needed to secure their online presence and protect their data from malicious attacks. It helps them identify any potential vulnerabilities within their environment before damage occurs and ensures that their systems remain secure against future threats. This comprehensive solution offers maximum protection for both webmasters and developers alike allowing them peace of mind knowing that their digital assets are safe at all times.



The use of automated vulnerability scanning tools is an essential component in ensuring the security and integrity of websites and applications. Beyond Security™ Automated Engine and Testing Library provides a comprehensive yet easy to use solution with free scans, making it an ideal choice for businesses that need to protect their digital assets.

This library offers users the ability to detect a wide range of vulnerabilities quickly and accurately, helping them stay ahead of potential threats. Additionally, as part of its commitment to providing secure solutions, Beyond Security™ also offers helpful tips on how to keep your website safe from malicious actors. By taking advantage of these powerful tools, organizations can ensure that their networks remain protected against cyber attacks and other online risks.

Beyond Security’s automated engine and testing library offer a fast and effective way for businesses to scan for vulnerabilities in their websites or applications. It is important for any organization looking to safeguard their digital assets from attack to have access to reliable vulnerability detection systems such as those offered by Beyond Security™. Furthermore, by following best practices outlined by the company’s experts, businesses can further enhance their security posture while continuing to benefit from this valuable service.