Data-driven workplaces are essential for the safety of employees and customers. Fortunately, there is a modern technology tool that can help organizations facilitate safe and data-driven practices – SafetyCulture’s iAuditor. This hosted inspection app makes it easier for users to manage workplace inspections efficiently, ensuring that organizations remain compliant with health and safety regulations. In this article, an overview of SafetyCulture’s iAuditor will be discussed in detail, including its features and how organizations can benefit from using this tool.

iAuditor is a mobile platform created by SafetyCulture which allows businesses to perform digital workplace inspections anytime, anywhere. It enables users to create custom checklists, track progress over time and capture evidence through photos or videos while they inspect on site. Additionally, the app has powerful analytics capabilities so users can analyze reports quickly and easily identify trends or areas of improvement needed at their facilities.

Furthermore, SafetyCulture’s iAuditor offers various advantages for organizations looking to make sure their workplaces are as safe as possible. The app helps streamline workflows by automating tasks such as scheduling audits and creating audit reports more efficiently than ever before. Moreover, it provides access to real-time insights into organizational performance across multiple locations and departments which could help improve overall productivity levels within the organization.



Safetyculture’s iAuditor is a hosted inspection app that helps users to create safe, data-driven workplaces. It works by allowing organizations to manage their inspection process from anywhere and store results in the cloud for easy access anytime. The app can be used on any mobile device or computer with an internet connection. With its user friendly interface, it enables users to easily capture photos and notes during inspections as well as generate customizable reports at the end of each audit.

iAuditor also provides features such as analytics tools to help identify trends across multiple sites, integration with other third party applications for seamless workflow management, and 24/7 customer support. Additionally, its library feature allows users to save their templates so they do not have to recreate them every time they need one. This ensures organizations are always up-to-date with safety standards while streamlining quality assurance processes within their organizations.


Benefits Of Using Iauditor

iAuditor by safetyculture is a hosted inspection app that facilitates data-driven workplaces and provides users with an efficient solution for workplace inspections. This section will look at the many benefits of using iAuditor, such as:

Increased Efficiency:

  • Automated checklists save time on manually inputting data
  • Reduce paperwork and increase accuracy in reporting results

Better Data Capture:

  • Ability to capture photos, videos and audio recordings quickly
  • Create custom fields to gather additional information accurately

The application can also be used offline, allowing businesses to access their stored data without having to worry about being connected to the internet. User friendly features like drag and drop functionality make it easy to edit templates on the go. Additionally, real-time analytics enable teams to instantly identify areas where there may need improvement or changes are needed. The intuitive dashboard makes tracking performance over time effortless.

Overall, iAuditor offers users increased efficiency, better data capture capabilities, plus user friendly features all combined into one comprehensive package making it possible for businesses to create safe, data-driven environments for their employees.


Key Features

Safetyculture’s iAuditor is a hosted inspection app that enables users to promote safer, data-driven workplaces. It offers several key features which make it an attractive solution for businesses and organisations in need of efficient workplace audits. These features include the ability to create customised checklists; automated notifications when actions are due; real-time reporting capabilities with graphs, charts and maps; access to prebuilt industry templates; and secure cloud storage of audit results.

The user interface is intuitively designed so that creating inspections can be done quickly and easily. An array of functionality ensures that all relevant information such as photos, drawings, sketches and signatures can be included in reports. Additionally, safetyculture’s iAuditor also provides integration with other systems through its API library. This allows for seamless exchange of data between different parties involved in an organisation’s operations process.


How It Works

Safetyculture’s iAuditor is an app designed for users to easily facilitate safe, data-driven workplaces. With this in mind, it offers a range of features and tools that make inspections more efficient and accurate. This section will explore how the app works and its key features.

The core functionality of the iAuditor includes creating customised checklists; completing checklists with yes/no questions or rating scales; adding photos, videos and voice notes as evidence; tracking inspection results over time; generating reports; and sharing findings with other stakeholders. Users can also set up reminders so they don’t forget to complete inspections on time. Additionally, safetyculture’s library of ready-made templates provide industry-specific content which helps expedite audits while ensuring accuracy. The platform has several options available such as question libraries, branding options, integrations into existing systems, unlimited storage capabilities and exportable results. These features enable businesses to save money by reducing human error and increase productivity through automation. Furthermore, the platform ensures compliance with workplace health & safety regulations by providing insights from data across all sites.

In addition to these functionalities, the app allows teams to collaborate seamlessly within its secure cloud environment where all completed forms are stored automatically for easy retrieval later on. Through its intuitive design interface users can quickly access their past entries even when offline – making auditor visits easier than ever before.


Security Considerations

Safetyculture’s iAuditor is designed with security in mind, offering a secure platform that can be trusted to protect the data of its users. It employs advanced encryption technology and meets industry standards for security protocols. The app also allows administrators to control user access, set permissions and customize system settings. This ensures that only authorized personnel are able to view or modify sensitive company information.

The app is built on an open-source framework that supports auditing requirements and has been tested for compliance with security best practices. Additionally, it offers robust analytics capabilities which allow organizations to track trends over time and identify areas of improvement within their safety programs. All data entered into the iAuditor system is securely stored in cloud servers, allowing easy retrieval whenever needed.


Customer Reviews

The previous section addressed the security considerations for safetyculture’s iAuditor, a hosted inspection app. This subsequent section will discuss customer reviews of this inspection app.

Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive in regards to safetyculture’s iAuditor. The majority of customers praise its user-friendly interface and efficiency in enabling them to create detailed reports quickly and easily. Additionally, many customers have found that the automated workflow capabilities offer great assistance in managing their inspections more efficiently. It is clear from these numerous reviews that users appreciate the convenience of having access to all their data with just one click on the device they are using at any given time.

Reviewers also note that safetyculture’s iAuditor provides robust features such as customizable templates and branding options which allows organisations to tailor the platform according to their specific needs. Furthermore, customers regularly comment on how simple it is to share inspection results with colleagues or stakeholders without needing additional software or hardware resources. Overall, customer reviews demonstrate that safetyculture’s iAuditor offers a comprehensive set of tools and features designed to make workplace inspections easier, faster and more secure than ever before.



The use of safetyculture’s iAuditor has been widely accepted as a reliable and effective tool to facilitate safe, data-driven workplaces. This hosted inspection app provides users with an array of benefits such as improved compliance, increased workplace efficiency, and streamlined reporting capabilities. Moreover, key features such as real-time collaboration, customizable templates, offline access, and data export options ensure that each user is able to tailor their inspections according to their own needs. Additionally, the application also meets industry security standards in order to protect any sensitive data gathered by its users. From customer reviews it can be established that this product is highly regarded for its intuitive design and effectiveness in helping organizations adhere to safety protocols while collecting essential information on worksite conditions. Thus, iAuditor proves itself to be a valuable asset for businesses looking for ways to streamline their operations and keep employees safe.