provides a range of hosting solutions designed to meet the needs of users with varying levels of technical experience. Through its shared, virtual and dedicated server options, enables users to customize their web presence in order to maximize performance and reliability. The service also offers flexible server management that facilitates scalability and improves user control over their hosted services. This article examines’s offerings in greater detail and evaluates how these services can benefit businesses of all sizes.

The vast majority of websites now rely on reliable hosting solutions to ensure that they remain accessible at all times. While there are numerous hosting providers available, few offer the combination of flexibility, stability and support offered by This company has developed an array of tailored plans covering various aspects such as cost-effectiveness, speed, uptime and security – enabling customers to choose the best solution for their website or application requirements.

In addition to offering competitively priced plans for shared hosting, virtual private servers (VPS) and dedicated servers; also boasts an impressive selection of advanced features including automated backups, SSL certificates and DDoS protection – allowing even novice users access to enterprise grade technology with minimal effort required from them. In this article we will assess each option provided by in further detail and discuss how it may be able to help you create a secure online presence for your business or organization without breaking the bank.


Overview Of Services Offered is a web hosting provider specializing in shared, virtual, and dedicated solutions. It offers clients flexibility when it comes to server management, with tailored packages available to meet specific requirements. The company’s services are designed to ensure maximum reliability while delivering top-tier performance for websites of all sizes and types.

The shared hosting plans offer users the ability to host multiple websites on one account with unlimited storage and bandwidth. All plans include support for popular content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal, as well as email accounts and free SSL certificates. Additionally, customers can rest assured that their data is safe thanks to Snel’s robust security protocols.

Virtual servers provide businesses with more control over their hosting environment than shared plans do, allowing them to customize settings according to their needs without sacrificing scalability or performance. Dedicated servers are ideal for high-traffic websites or applications requiring specialized hardware resources; they come bundled with root access and full administrator privileges so customers have complete control over their installation environment.


Features And Benefits Of Shared Hosting

Shared hosting provides a cost-effective solution for businesses who need to create an online presence. This type of server is hosted on the same physical machine as other companies’ websites, thus sharing resources such as memory and processing power. The main feature that distinguishes shared hosting from dedicated servers is that it offers limited customization options due to its shared environment.

The primary benefits of shared hosting are scalability and affordability. It is more affordable than a dedicated server since users only pay for their allocated share of the server’s resources.

Shared hosting also allows clients to upgrade or downgrade their plan over time if they find they need more or fewer resources than initially purchased.

Additionally, with specialized control panels like cPanel, customers have access to advanced features such as website analytics and email management tools without needing technical expertise in web development languages. Furthermore, many providers offer around-the-clock support services which allow clients to quickly resolve any issues related to their hosting package.


Advantages Of Virtual And Dedicated Hosting

Virtual and dedicated hosting solutions offer several advantages for businesses. Virtual servers provide increased scalability, allowing for greater flexibility when it comes to resource utilization.

Additionally, virtualized environments enable more efficient use of server resources than traditional physical hardware-based hosting systems. This allows customers to quickly adjust their server configuration as needed in response to changing business needs with minimal effort and cost.

Dedicated hosting offers an additional layer of security that is especially useful for businesses handling sensitive data or financial transactions online.

With a dedicated server, all applications and services are provided on one secure platform which helps protect customer data from external threats such as cyber attacks. Furthermore, since the entire system is under the control of a single provider, service levels can be maintained consistently across different users and devices connected to the same network.

In addition, with dedicated servers there is no risk of interference from other users who might be sharing the same system, ensuring better performance for all clients using the service.


Server Management Options

At, clients have access to a range of server management options. These include shared hosting solutions that offer high performance and scalability with the ability to monitor resources in real-time. Customers can also choose from virtual private servers or dedicated hosting plans for optimal control over their environment, including full root access, configurable firewalls, and cloud storage services.

In addition, offers various monitoring tools such as system health checks and detailed analytics reports on resource usage which allow customers to make informed decisions about how best to manage their services and get the most out of their hosting plan.

Furthermore, customers are provided with 24/7 technical support should they require any assistance with managing or optimizing their servers. All these features combined ensure that clients can always remain up-to-date on the latest technologies while having total control over their own environments.


Pricing Plans

At, there are three different pricing plans available to customers interested in shared, virtual, and dedicated hosting solutions with flexible server management capabilities. Each plan offers unique features tailored for small businesses, growing companies, and large enterprises alike. The following is an overview of each plan:

  1. Shared Hosting Plan: This basic plan provides a single-server platform that is perfect for setting up new websites or blogs. It includes unlimited bandwidth, free domain registration, and 24/7 customer support.
  2. Virtual Private Server (VPS): Designed to accommodate the needs of medium sized businesses, this plan offers more control over resources than the shared hosting package while still providing flexibility through cPanel’s content management system (CMS). Features include root access privileges and guaranteed uptime levels.
  3. Dedicated Server Package: For larger organisations requiring full control over their server environment and data storage options, this comprehensive solution comes with advanced security measures as well as automated backups for added peace of mind. Additional services such as private cloud computing can also be included upon request.

With multiple packages to choose from and scalable services suitable for any size business, snel aims to provide reliable hosting solutions at competitive prices without sacrificing quality or service delivery times.


Security And Maintenance provides a secure and reliable hosting environment for all its clients. All services are secured with the highest standards of authentication, data encryption, and malware protection. Security features also include daily backups, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems to detect unauthorized access or any malicious attempts to compromise server security.

To ensure reliability and performance, maintains its servers on a regular basis by monitoring the system’s health status and checking for potential problems. This includes maintaining up-to-date software versions, ensuring that all components are running smoothly, and troubleshooting any issues as they arise. The table below summarizes some of these maintenance activities:

Maintenance Activity Description
Software Updates Installing new version releases of operating system (OS) patches & service packs regularly in order to keep our servers updated & secure from vulnerabilities.
System Monitoring Regularly analyzing logs for errors & anomalies to identify potential issues before they become critical problems.
Performance Optimization Maximizing availability & throughput by optimizing configuration settings such as memory utilization & caching mechanisms across multiple layers of hardware infrastructure.
Troubleshooting Issues Identifying technical glitches promptly & resolving them quickly in order to minimize downtime for customers’ websites & applications hosted on our platform.


Overall, ensures that their hosting solutions remain safe and performant at all times through comprehensive security measures and proactive maintenance protocols.



The hosting services offered by are comprehensive and reliable. Their shared hosting provides users with an array of features and benefits, such as unlimited bandwidth and storage, free website migration tools, and a web-based control panel for easy access to all the available options. For those requiring more robust solutions, virtual or dedicated hosting can be tailored to their specific needs.

Flexible server management options provide scalability for businesses that require it. Furthermore, reasonable pricing plans make these services affordable for any budget. Finally,’s commitment to security and maintenance ensures customers get the highest levels of protection from malicious attacks and other threats while keeping their websites running smoothly and optimally at all times.

In conclusion, is committed to providing its clients with quality hosting solutions backed up by excellent customer service they can depend on anytime they need assistance or have questions about their account settings or setup.

Whether you’re looking for basic shared hosting or need something more complex like dedicated servers, has got you covered with competitively priced packages that fit your individual requirements perfectly.